Cellular Manufacturing (Flexible Operations)


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A few concepts on cellular manufacturing; A Lean approach to "One-piece-flow" (Small batches).

Cellular Manufacturing (Flexible Operations)

  1. 1. Topics on Quality, Lean Manufacturing and Productivity Improvement CELLULAR MANUFACTURING (FLEXIBLE OPERATIONS) Presented by JORGE ROS
  2. 2. Cellular Manufacturing Cellular Manufacturing is an approach in which equipment and workstations necessary to produce a product are arranged closely together to facilitate small lot continuous flow production. The goal is to have the necessary flexibility to produce a variety of low demand products, while maintaining the same productivity obtained with a large scale production. Picture from Wikipedia
  3. 3. Traditional Batch Processing
  4. 4. One Piece Flow Handling items one at a time eliminates wastes inherent in batch production and enables a balanced flow of work.
  5. 5. Multi-Process Handling
  6. 6. Multi-functional Workforce
  7. 7. Zero Op-to-Op Transfer Times All the operations necessary to produce a component or subassembly are performed in close proximity. Near zero operation-to-operation transfer times are achieved.
  8. 8. Cellular Manufacturing Cell designers achieve this through modularity in both process design and product design. The biggest challenge when implementing cellular manufacturing in a company is dividing the entire manufacturing system into cells. The issues may be conceptually divided in the "hard" issues of equipment, such as material flow and layout, and the "soft" issues of management, such as upskilling and corporate culture.
  9. 9. Flow in a U-Cell Equipment and Workstations used to produce are arranged to facilitate a continuous production flow in small lots. OUTPUT Finished Station 5 Station 4 Goods Station 3 EXAMPLE Work Flow INPUT (Components Station 1 Station 2 and Materials)
  10. 10. Example – Single Cell
  11. 11. Several Operators in Series In a process with several operators, work is divided in small operations, so that a group of operators team together to work at the same speed, dividing the work load among them.
  12. 12. Cellular Lay Out
  13. 13. Combined Cellular Manufacturing
  14. 14. Pitfalls to avoid
  15. 15. Integrating Subassembly into Main Assembly
  16. 16. Implementing Flexible Operations