Simware framework hello world: A webinar


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Know how to install SimWare Framework version 4.2.2. Instalation and configuration for Windows and Linux.

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Simware framework hello world: A webinar

  1. 1. SimWare Framework the full simulation What is HLA raised to the power of DDS?
  2. 2. SpeakersJosé Ramón Martínez José Carlos DíazMSc Industrial Engineering MSc ComputingPresales Team Leader International Sales ManagerNADS
  3. 3. AGENDA  Brief introduction to SimWare  Installation and hands on of SimWare on Windows and Linux  Questions Total time 45 minutes
  4. 4. What is SimWare?Three main pillars
  5. 5. SimWare: creating simulatorsSimWare is a simulation framework for creating new simulators from scratch• Create new simulators without seeing any code• Care only about data model• Simulation backbone is DDS
  6. 6. Modeler: Data modeling from the FOM MULATIONHLA data model Modeler is the tool for modelling data HLA-Style  Objetcs and interactions  HLA data types Data models can be saved and loaded The tool generates the data library automatically
  7. 7. SimDeveloper: Simulation models you can really reuseBased on Matlab/Simulink for making your simulation models inside SimWare framework Build your simulation modules with all the power of Matlab/Simulink Test your simulation logic Reuse your simulation modules You don´t need programming skills!
  8. 8. Simware PowerLink: Data bridge made easyHLA Mäk federation HLA PITCH federation No programming skills are needed!!!
  9. 9. NcWare SIM: Simple but powerful API Create simulator Create publisherncware::Simulation =ncware::SimFactory::createSimulation("1","airplane", ncware::SimPublisher<Vector3D> * dataPublisher; ncware::TransportType::DDS_OPENSPLICE ); dataPublisher=ncware::SimFactory::createPublisher<Vector3D>(simulationExample);simulationExample->Join(); dataPublisher->registerInstanceName (“Boeing747”); Vector3D * dataVector3D = dataPublisher->Declare( ); dataVector3D->x = 1; dataVector3D->y = 1; dataVector3D->z = 1; dataPublisher ->Send (“Boeing747”, dataVector3D );Nombre DescripciónDDS_OPENSPLICE Simulation over DDS using the implementation of OpenSplice. Create subscriberHLA13_DMSO Simulation using DMSO RTI ncware::ObjectListener<Vector3D> * listenerVector3D = new userListener(); with HLA13. ncware::SimSubscriber<Vector3D> * dataSubscriber =HLA13_MAK Simulation using MAK RTI with ncware::SimFactory::createSubscriber<Vector3D> (simulationExample, listenerVector3D); dataSubscriber->Declare(); HLA13.HLA13_PITCH Simulation using PITCH RTI void userListener::attribute_received (Vector3D * Data, std::string const & instanceName) with HLA13. { std::cout << “ Instance name = " << instanceName << std::endl;HLA1516_NEXTEL Simulation using SIMWARE std::cout << " Coordinate X = " << data->x << std::endl; std::cout << " Coordinate Y = " << data->y << std::endl; RTI. std::cout << " Coordinate Z = " << data->z << std::endl;HLA1516_MAK Simulation using MAK RTI with } HLA1516.HLA1516_PITCH Simulation using PITCH RTI with HLA1516.
  10. 10. SimWare: managing simulatorsSimWare is a simulation framework for managing new simulators and oldsimulators in joint simulation• Manage your new simulator • Control the instances of the simulation• Manage old simulators in joint simulations
  11. 11. eHost: Simulation management Configuration file eHost- <config> <EJEC nid="2" id="3" name="EJEC" HlaFed="Aislado"HlaSom="Som.xml" SchedFrec="25" HTime="5" GTime="3"TTime="0" UTime="3" NotIni="no" NotFin="no" NotCierre="no" SimulationCritico="si" NotGrab="si" />- <EHOST4 nid="2" id="4" name="MOTOR1" SchedSecuencial="si" engineNotIni="si" NotFin="si" NotCierre="no" Critico="si" NotGrab="si"> <Mod0 nid="2" id="16" name="Modulo_ModCIRCLE"type="Modulo_ModCIRCLE" SchedFrec="50" SchedOrden="0"SchedPrio="1" SchedOffset="0" NotIni="no" NotDisc="no"NotEstab="no" NotFin="si" NotCierre="no" Critico="si" NotGrab="si"/> </EHOST4> </config>- <!-- Scheduler ACS Simulation engine  Scheduler: Is an advanced scheduler for controlling the real time clock and the state machine. It coordinates and balances many Simulation Engines that are in different nodes.  Simulation Engines: Are the simulation engines, manage the Simulation modules in each simulation node.
  12. 12. ACS: Application to Control Simulations ACS—Application to Control SimWare simulations, is a GUI that allows to manage SimWare state machine and simulation assets’ parameters during execution
  13. 13. SimWare: joint simulationsWith SimWare you can manage joint simulator of existing HLAand DIS simulators• Connect and control • DIS • Pitch HLA • Mäk HLA • DDS• Add DDS live simulations
  14. 14. Hands onBelieving is good, seeing is better… doing it is even better
  15. 15. Hands On Agenda  Installation of the product  Structure of directories & documentation ETHERNET  Environment variables  License  Communication layer: QoS  Running the applications Windows  NcWare Sim and its API  Running the example  Modifying and compiling shapes; environment, compilers, etc.
  16. 16. QUESTIONS?
  17. 17. Please address any questions about this presentation to: José Ramón Martínez Salio Technical Presales Director @NADS_news /NEXTELADS jrmses Nextel Aerospace