Project leadership


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A short presentation about “how to manage geeks”… It was part of the academic course “Project Leadership”. You can see the team members in the cover.

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Project leadership

  1. 1. Article by Russ Mitchell Frans Presented & Jingyan Q Visualized by Matthews Group 14 Ricardo Stevie Heru
  2. 2. …definition of geeks … Geek: an unfashionable or socially inept person // a person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest // Origin late 19th cent.: from the related English dialect geck “fool”, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gek´mad, silly” // Oxford American Dictionary
  3. 3. …why geeks are important ?… •The geeks control limits of the business and drive innovation. innovation •They also help figure which strategies to follow. •They help find which partnerships to form.
  4. 4. …different type of geeks … Crave their individuality Test authority quieter Eccentric work style & more subtler Enjoy behaving Work on their eccentric ti Less interaction priorities Tend toward Has followers ? Under achievement impatient eccentric disorganized withdrawn arrogant know it all Too brilliant to be Excellent problem Disorganized junks told twice solving skills and chaos Quick understanding Flout authority Don’t want to spend Get bored quickly Challenge time on organizing No complain managerial and filing Leave because of decisions publicly d ii bli l being bored
  5. 5. …you ve …you’ve got to have your own geeks … Why? Innovation drives any business y you don’t want to outsource your innovation. Recognize & accept them…
  6. 6. …get to know your geek community … They form groups that get well, and all of them fights the management together. Know what each of them needs as Individuals They’re antisocial by societal definition But social within their own community They have huge ego s and enjoy the ego´s limelight
  7. 7. …learn what geeks are looking for … learn Expect to share in the wealth that they create through their innovations. They are interested in having an impact. impact Believe in their ideas ? Like to win
  8. 8. …create new ways to promote your geeks … Provide forward career path (without turning them into managers) Recognition •More Money •Awards •Stocks •Non financial compensation •Temporary title (selected by peers)
  9. 9. …either geeks are part of the solution eithe a e pa t sol tion or they are the problem … They love to solve really hard problems Tell them what to do, not how to do it Give a problem or set of objectives Provide sufficient resource for them to work Engage them in a dialogue
  10. 10. …the best judges of geeks the are : other geeks !... Create peer group pressure within project teams by requiring them to present each other ( A team approach) They Th can also be asked to send progress lb k dt d reports to each other at predetermined intervals along a project. This way teams are not just judging each other but also supervising each other.
  11. 11. …look for natural leader among your geeks … look Not necessarily official project leader Should be based on, who gets the job done ? Once id tifi d O identified; Provide resources and direct access to top management
  12. 12. …be prepared for when the geeks hit the fan … be There are 2 categories of project team: 1. Absolutely brilliant (preferably) 2. Strong opinion, but on a wrong trek (their priorities detached from company´s plans)
  13. 13. …too many geeks will spoil the soup… too soup Keep the teams small, for more productivity Smaller team – a shorter schedules No t N team should be bigger than the h ld b bi th th largest conference room. Create easy – to understand communication among team members
  14. 14. …how they react if we give them task… a simple task… …please help me to l hl install this bulb…
  15. 15. …”arrogant” Einstein’s reaction… arrogant Einstein s reaction I did not go to g TUDelft to install light bulbs. Give me a rocket engine Or something Tolerate Tole ate a small amount – amo nt doesn’t affect other performance Listen to them then improve Listen with intention of doing
  16. 16. …”know it all Einstein’s reaction… know all” Einstein s reaction He told me to install this stupid bulb… This was not in my job description! Next time I wont do it. Control them indirectly Show appreciation Make them exposed so that they can’t work on their own priority
  17. 17. …”impatient” Einstein’s reaction… impatient Einstein s reaction … hey… I just wanted you t jt td to install this simple bulb… Let them do their assigned tasks as long as they are in the expected directions
  18. 18. …”eccentric” Einstein’s reaction… eccentric Einstein s reaction Encourage healthy expression of eccentricity … I think this is the most innovative, efficient and easiest way t install bulb… to i t ll b lb
  19. 19. …”disorganized” Einstein’s reaction… disorganized Einstein s reaction … Ok … and now.. now Where the hell is that stupid little bulb ?.. Assign an individual to keep track valuable assets Be careful with valuable assets Be careful to put them in charge of important assets and information
  20. 20. …”withdrawn” Einstein’s reaction… withdrawn Einstein s reaction Help them to be more visible and involved Help them to release their potential Overcome resistance Get them to stick to an action plan that brings out the best in team
  21. 21. Questions The End…