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Policy standardsofbehavior

  1. 1. Jamestown Regional Medical Center Standards of BehaviorOur employees and physicians are team members at Jamestown Regional Medical Center andmust function together to reach the goal of providing excellent care to our patients. No matterour job responsibilities, each of us represents the hospital in the eyes and ears of our community.In order to provide consistency in our service, a set of Behavior Standards has been developedby a group of employees at Jamestown Regional Medical Center. Our team members areexpected to practice these behaviors at all times. They are non-negotiable. These behaviorsare founded on specific customer service behaviors related to the values of our organization. Theconcept is simple, consistency in practice means consistency in outcomes.These behaviors provide the core measure of our competency at Jamestown Regional MedicalCenter. They are the foundation for our evaluations, promotions, rewards and continuedemployment.We are blessed in health care. We get to do meaningful work that makes a difference inpeople’s lives every day. By practicing these standards together, Jamestown Regional MedicalCenter will achieve our goal of providing the best patient care in the nation.ATTITUDEI am Jamestown Regional Medical Center. I believe that I control my own attitude. What isimportant is not so much what happens to me, but how I choose to react to it. I believe I mustrecruit, retain and reward people who make a positive difference in people’s lives. • I will choose to have a positive attitude each day. I will demonstrate an attitude that every customer is important. Attitude is everything in creating a lasting impression. • I will be positive and supportive of new ideas and accept change. • I will lead by example in a calm, compassionate manner. • I will recognize that fun and laughter belong in the work place. I will laugh out loud, being mindful of appropriate areas. I will not be afraid to laugh at myself. I will remember that a smile is contagious. • I understand it is important to encourage and support a cheerful, pleasant work environment. • I will redirect negative behavior, recognizing by listening without action to stop it is the same as participating. • I will maintain an appropriate sense of urgency and not create crisis.
  2. 2. COMMUNICATIONI am Jamestown Regional Medical Center. I believe it is vital to communicate in a courteous,respectful and professional manner when interacting with our patients, guests and co-workersat all times. Great communication is the foundation to Great Customer Service. • I will practice the AIDET using the following: o A Acknowledge-smile, greet and maintain eye contact when culturally appropriate o I Introduce myself and my role in the patient’s care o D Duration (if appropriate) such as wait times or test times o E Explanation (if appropriate) use appropriate terms that can be understood by the customer o T Thank the customer • I will communicate and educate customers about processes and provide a comfortable atmosphere for customers waiting. I will inform the customer every 15 minutes when there is a delay and provide diversional activities. • I will always explain to a patient what I am doing to maintain their privacy. • I will ensure continuity of care by reporting to my co-worker when leaving the work area. I will practice SBAR using the following: o S Situation o B Background o A Assessment o R Recommendation • I will refrain from personal conversations when patients or customers are within earshot of my work area. • I will make eye contact and acknowledge each person I pass in the hall even if it is the 10th time today. I will practice the 5/10 rule, acknowledging anyone within 10 feet and speaking to any person within 5 feet. I will listen attentively, make eye contact and not interrupt. • I will remember that most of my message is communicated non-verbally, by voice, tone and body language. I will listen and respond to verbal and nonverbal cues to prevent a negative message. • I will actively seek information by asking questions rather than making assumptions.Telephone EtiquetteWhen placing and receiving phone calls I will: • use a pleasant, caring and sincere tone of voice • identify myself and my department • ask how I can help • ask permission before putting a caller on hold • thank the caller for holding • explain when I am transferring the caller and to whom • ensure that the caller has been transferred before closing the line
  3. 3. Voice Mail and E-mail EtiquetteWhen leaving a voice mail or sending an email I will: • keep messages brief, cordial and to the point • respond to messages in a timely manner • utilize “everyone e-mails” sparinglyCOMPASSIONI am Jamestown Regional Medical Center. I believe our patients and customerscan see my compassion and caring by the “smile in my eyes, the love in my voiceand the sincerity in my touch”. • I will always display compassion and empathy for every patient by listening thoughtfully and responding appropriately. • I will go above and beyond ordinary care, remembering it is the little things that provide comfort, safety and reassurance. • I will use words that show our patients and customers I care. • I will display kindness and offer help. I know that rudeness is never acceptable. • I will care for our patients the way I want my family members and friends to be cared for. I will treat guests as I would want my family treated. • I will listen thoughtfully, empathetically and responding appropriately.CUSTOMER SERVICEI am Jamestown Regional Medical Center. I believe that our reputation isdetermined by our service and work must be done with the intent of delightingour customers by exceeding their expectations. In order to provide great serviceto our patients and physicians, I must provide great service to my co-workers. • I will apologize if there is a delay and never imply that the customer is imposing on me. Patients are not an interruption of my work, they are the reason I am here. • I will escort customers to their destinations. I will look for people who need assistance or look lost as I walk through the halls. • I will anticipate patient’s needs. I will be proactive, not reactive. I will always ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you? I have the time.” • I will go out of my way to provide exceptional service and exceed the expectations of patients and co-workers. In the eyes of our customers we must be Simply the Best! • I will practice the customer service tool of HEAT: o H Hear them out o E Empathize
  4. 4. o A Apologize o T Take action • I will “manage up” my co-workers by emphasizing their skills and experience and thus, decrease the anxiety of patients, family members and guests. • I will never discuss staffing issues with patients or customers. I will never use the words, “we are understaffed today,” in front of a patient. • I will knock before entering. I will close curtains or doors during exams and procedures. In doing so, I will explain that: “We are doing this for your privacy.” I will provide a robe or a second gown if the patient is in a wheelchair. • I will recognize and respect differing cultures, viewpoints and beliefs. • I will make sure patient information is kept confidential. I will never discuss patients and their care in public areas.RESPECTI am Jamestown Regional Medical Center. I will treat our customers, internal andexternal, and my colleagues with the utmost respect, dignity, courtesy andconfidentially. • I will coach in private, I will commend in public. • I will assume only the best and speak positively about others. • I will respect my co-workers by adhering to policies on attendance, tardiness and usage of company time. • I will respect the privacy and confidentiality of the people we serve, our physicians and fellow employees. • I will keep silent if my words may tarnish someone’s reputation.TEAMWORKI am Jamestown Regional Medical Center. A team is comprised of individuals notnecessarily equal in talent, but equal in commitment. I believe that there must be acommitment to our co-workers in order to provide the best patient care. Thecommitment of helping each other results in a higher quality of care. • I will be flexible and show a willingness to pitch in and help my co-workers when needed, always setting each other up for success and never state, “It’s not my job.” • I will go out of my way to make team members feel welcome and support our team members at all times. I will provide support to team members so they can participate, learn and grow.
  5. 5. APPEARANCEI am Jamestown Regional Medical Center. I believe that first impressions arelasting impressions. Every employee has the opportunity, at some time, to makethat first impression a lasting one. Always view your appearance through the eyesof your customer.Personal AppearanceYour appearance says, “I respect you and I respect myself,” I will: • actively support the dress code standards of JRMC • adhere to department dress codes • dress in a professional manner wearing clothing that is neat and fits appropriately and shoes that are neat and clean • wear ID badges above the waist where they can easily be seen • practice good personal hygiene • refrain from wearing distractive jewelry, perfume, cologne and/or body lotion/spray • project a positive, welcoming appearanceFacility AppearanceOn the JRMC campus, I will: • pick up and dispose of litter properly • return equipment to the proper place • keep work and meeting areas clean and free of clutterSAFETYI am Jamestown Regional Medical Center. I understand our patients, visitors andco-workers trust that when they come to JRMC, they will be in a safe environment.Therefore, safety is everyone’s responsibility. • I will know and practice standard precautions. • I will report any safety hazards, accidents or incidents immediately. • I will correct unsafe conditions if I can do so myself or report to the appropriate person. • I will keep my work area and hallways free of clutter. I will take responsibility to maintain a safe environment throughout the facility’s grounds. • I will protect my back when lifting, pulling or carrying by asking for help and utilizing available equipment. • I will dispose of needles, syringes and sharps properly.
  6. 6. • I will understand the safety and disaster codes and how to respond. I will know where safety manuals are located. • I will follow proper hand washing guidelines. • I will take the time to check my patient’s identification prior to providing any treatment and/or procedure. • I will properly rinse and bag linens as appropriate. • I will practice vehicle safety and standards while driving for work.ACCOUNTABILITY/OWNERSHIPI am Jamestown Regional Medical Center. I will take pride in acting as an owner,accepting accountability for that ownership. I will represent JRMC positively in thework place and in the community. • I will represent JRMC with compassion, integrity and excellence. Behaviors such as criticizing, condemning and complaining about JRMC in public are not consistent with these Standards of Behavior and are not acceptable. • I will represent JRMC positively in the workplace. I will take concerns first to the individual (not the entire department) involved and then to my leader if the issue is not resolved. • I will treat JRMC property with care and respect. • I will hold myself and my co-workers accountable (in a respectful manner) for upholding our Standards of Behavior, policies and procedures. • I will accept responsibility for my actions, not placing blame on others. • If I make a mistake, I will admit and learn from it so it is not repeated and move on. • I will take credit for a job well done and celebrate successes. • I will take pride in JRMC and actively work to achieve the goals of the hospital and my department. • I will act as a teacher and role model to others. I will act as a resource to solve problems and promote cooperation. • I will eliminate waste and keep costs down. I will be a good steward of the resources of JRMC. • I will arrive to work and meetings on time. • I will refrain from personal conversation among employees in patient areas. • I will address every request or concern until it is resolved or until someone else accepts responsibility for its resolution.