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  • 1. Australia Section 1 notes
  • 2. 1.      Where is Australia located?
    • Lies between the Indian and Pacific Oceans
  • 3. Why is Australia considered a continent and not an island?
    • It is too large to be considered an island
  • 4. Australia is the _________ largest country in the world.
    • 6th
  • 5. Describe the physical landscape of Australia.
    • It does not have a wide variety of physical features.
      • Mostly deserts
      • Dry grasslands
      • Low mountains
      • Coastal plains
  • 6. ______________ and ___________ have worn the continent to the lowest and flattest in the world.
    • Wind
    • Time
  • 7. Describe the Great Barrier Reef.
    • It is a chain of island created from coral formations
  • 8. Describe some of the characteristics of the Great Dividing Range.
    • It divides the flow of water toward the Pacific Ocean or inland
  • 9. Define outback.
    • Island parts of Australia
  • 10. Define stations.
    • Australian Sheep and livestock ranches
  • 11. Why is the Great Artesian Basin important to the people in the Central Lowlands?
    • For many people in the Central Lowlands the artesian wells are their only source of water
  • 12. Describe the climate of Australia.
    • Northern Australia: tropical climate
    • Coastal areas of the south and southwest:
    •   warm summers and mild winters
    • Southern Mountains: are the only areas of Australia where the temperature falls below freezing
  • 13. Define marsupials
    • Mammals that carry their young in a pouch
  • 14. Why do they only live in Australia?
    • Because Australia is an isolated country.
  • 15. What economic activities are important in Australia?
    • Mining, Agriculture, and Tourism
  • 16. Where do most Australians live?
    • Most people live along the coasts
  • 17. Who were the first Australians and when did they arrive?
    • The first Australians were and are known as Aborigines
  • 18. Describe some of the positive results of the one hundred years of British rule.
    • Style of Government
  • 19. Describe some of the negative results of the one hundred years of British rule.
    • Many Aborigines died from disease
  • 20. Name and describe two of Australia’s largest cities and Australia’s capital city.
    • Sydney : cultural and commercial center
    • Melboune: cultural and commercial center
  • 21. Define bush.
    • Rural areas of Australia