Understanding todays tech savvy buyers


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Understanding todays tech savvy buyers

  1. 1. Understanding TODAY’S Tech Savvy Buyers
  2. 2. You are 100 TIMES more likely to connect with a lead if you respond within 5 MINUTES!
  3. 3. They are still thinking about real estate! They probably haven’t found another agent yet to answer their question!
  4. 4. …of leads will not leave a voicemail! Answer your phone!
  5. 5. Voicemail to text conversion (save for future access in email) Route calls to multiple phones or team members Can use a custom phone number specifically for marketing
  6. 6. Get reminders when no one responds or push unimportant emails to display at a later date Send emails at a later date Track who opens your emails, when, with what device, did they click the links
  7. 7. Today’s customers want you to connect with them in the same manner they connected with you!
  8. 8. Template Texting? Message Templates SMS Templates
  9. 9. How do you respond to your leads? “I have some important information about the home at 123 Main Street. Call me as soon as possible.” What if they simply sign up on your website, but don’t request any information? Here is a great example! “…..are those the features you are looking for?’ “…..is that the area you were looking in?’ “…..I’m sorry but that home is already under contract, but we have others with similar features, what specifically made you call about this home?”
  10. 10. Understanding Today’s Buyers
  11. 11. Real Estate is still a Face to Face business Technology can be a BAD thing! • Don’t get lazy • Risk management issues
  12. 12. Real Estate is still a Face to Face business Building Relationships • Don’t avoid the buyer consultation • Get them in the car
  13. 13. Buyers have access to so much information today online! What added value can you bring to them? What do you do to provide “SERVICE EXCELLENCE” that they can’t get from other agents?
  14. 14. The Buyer Consultation Promotes you as THE expert, you’ve done this before! Help you understand what the buyer REALLY wants! Saves time in the searching, showing and offering process! If they won’t even commit to a buyer consultation, will they commit to you?
  15. 15. Technology with Your Buyer Presentation • Keynote (iOS) • SlideRocket (Android and iOS) Long distance presentations • Skype • Join.me • Google Hangouts
  16. 16. Auto-Drip Emails • Today’s consumer understands how this works, makes you look lazy • There are hundreds of places online they can do this themselves HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU! • Personalize the drip, drip to yourself, then forward with a note on why this home fits the buyers • Follow up with a phone call to set an appointment!
  17. 17. “Some video, even if it is lower quality is better than no video at all.” Gen Y will search YouTube BEFORE they search Google!
  18. 18. Video Tips What to shoot • When shooting a house, don’t walk around the house, pan the rooms Camera moves • Always shoot horizontally • Shoot like you drive a car, slow start and stop Lighting • Face the light, set camera on the window sill • Watch for shadows
  19. 19. Video Tips Smile • Before you start the camera and through the stop • Step up the energy Talking Points • Don’t describe where you are, explain HOW they could use the sapce • You are the expert, tell them an interesting fact about the flooring, roof, siding, etc. • Add your own personality, tell them why you love the space or feature
  20. 20. Tools for Video Photojojo.com wide-angle lens $20 Videolicious.com Easy video building $5/mo bombbomb.com Video that plays in the email, free trial
  21. 21. Summary • Response time is critical! • Set an appointment with ever incoming lead • Don’t lose the face-to-face of real estate • Buyer consultations/presentations ARE important • Stop the auto-drip listings • Include video in your marketing plan
  22. 22. Thank you John Ringgold President / CEO Would you like a copy of this presentation? Just visit… REBR.com/presentations Also get weekly real estate technology ideas, sales tips and more!