5 Ways to Endlessly Tweet Your Blog Post

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Every hack must now be his own flack.

Every hack must now be his own flack.

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  • 1. TWEET YOURBLOG POST ENDLESSLY Jonathan Rick @jrick
  • 2. Summaries,excerpts, &teasers
  • 3. My new post for @Mashable: How to Optimize YourHeadlines for Google and Humans - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 4. Done right, a #headline will stop a mouse-moving, page-scrolling, attention-deprived user in his pixels -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 5. In addition to writing for eternity, or for one’s mother, today’swriter must also write for Google - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 6. With this foundation, you’ll be able to pull off one of theweb’s hardest acts: you’ll be able to make Google laugh -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 7. New Blog Post: How to Make Google Laugh: SEO YourHeadlines - http://j.mp/K9HGOK
  • 8. RT @Mashable: How to Optimize Your #Headlines forGoogle and Humans - http://j.mp/Jes1ZZ #SEO
  • 9. Algorithms don’t appreciate wit, irony, humor, or style -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 10. The secret of stellar #SEO is that you can have your cakeand eat it, too - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 11. Why bother with a meta description? - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 12. Google, SEO and Writing a Great Headline -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 13. How the Mainstream Media Are Optimizing Their Headlinesfor Google - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 14. 3 Ways to Make Your Headlines Catnip for Search Engines- http://j.mp/JWfPAv #SEO
  • 15. Shout-outs(aka kiss-ups)
  • 16. @DeadlineDiaries Your post, “Google Doesn’t Laugh,”inspired me to write this for @Mashable -http://j.mp/K9HGOK
  • 17. @SteveLohr Remember when you wrote, “This BoringHeadline Is Written for Google”? At @Mashable, I offer asolution - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 18. @yoast Today on @Mashable, I praise your WordPress plug-in for SEO - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 19. @SEOmoz @RandFish In a just-published post forMashable, I quote heavily from your guidance on metadescriptions - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 20. @GeneWeingarten Remember “Gene Weingarten ColumnMentions Lady Gaga”? In fact, you can have your cake andeat it too - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 21. Thankyous
  • 22. @PardonMyFrench Thanks for helping me take this from anidea in an email to a 1,000-word post for @Mashable -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 23. @lyontef Thanks for helping me take this from an idea in anemail to a 1,000-word post for @Mashable -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 24. @ChuckDefeo Thanks for helping me take this from an ideain an email to a 1,000-word post for @Mashable -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 25. FYIs
  • 26. TO THE MEDIA@JackShafer Some news organizationsare optimizing their headlines for Google.Others are not. Curious? -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 27. TO THE MEDIA@HowardKurtz This may interest you: HowNews Outlets Are Optimizing TheirHeadlines for Both Google and Humans -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 28. TO THE MEDIA@poynter @abeaujon @juliemmoos Here’san easy way that editors of news websitescan SEO their headlines - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 29. TO THE MEDIA@NiemanLab Which news organizationsare optimizing their headlines for Google?The results may surprise you -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 30. TO THE MEDIA@zseward If you have a minute, I’d loveyour thoughts on this: How News OutletsAre SEO-ing Their Headlines -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 31. TO THE MEDIA@JeremyStahl @KGeee This may interestyou: How News Outlets Are OptimizingTheir Headlines for Both Google andHumans - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 32. TO THE MEDIA@AntDeRosa Any thoughts on this? HowNews Outlets Are Optimizing TheirHeadlines for Both Google and Humans -http://on.mash.to/JdigwG
  • 33. TO THE MEDIA@nxthompson Over at @Mashable, Isuggest how the @NewYorker can betterSEO its headlines - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 34. TO THE MEDIA@pilhofer @sashak @lexinyt I laud the@NYTimes’s SEO strategy in Mashabletoday - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 35. TO THE MEDIA@lheron Over at @Mashable, I suggesthow @WSJ and @NYTimes can betterSEO their headlines. Whaddya think? -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 36. TO THE MEDIA@Ckanal The @HuffingtonPost’s SEOprogram was recently featured onMashable - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 37. TO THE MEDIA@rajunarisetti Over at @Mashable, Icommend the @WSJ’s SEO strategy -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 38. TO THE MEDIA@ethanklapper No doubt, you could havewritten this in your sleep: How NewsOutlets Are SEO-ing Their Headlines -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 39. TO THE MEDIA@JenNedeau I recently knocked @TIME’sSEO strategy—or lack thereof. Anythoughts? - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 40. TO THE SEOers@JaredBKeller Do your @TheAtlanticWireresponsibilities include SEO? If so, here’ssome unsolicited advice -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 41. TO THE SEOers@MattCutts I’d love to know what you thinkof this: How to Optimize Your Headlines forGoogle and Humans - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 42. TO THE SEOersHey @SEOSteve Is this Mashable post onSEO accurate? - http://on.mash.to/JdigwG
  • 43. THE WORDSMITHS@Plain_Language Where do plainlanguagers come down on the issue ofwriting for Google vs. writing for humans? -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 44. THE WORDSMITHS@JesseSheidlower Are you as troubled asothers by the need today to write for Googlerather than humans? - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 45. ICYMIs
  • 46. @laureni @1bobcohn Here’s the counterargument on whywriting to attract Google’s algorithms still matters -http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 47. @cmoffett Why they should - http://j.mp/JWfPAv
  • 48. Let Me Know What You Think hi@jonathanrick.com jonathanrick.com @jrick slideshare.net/jrick