Building your first WordPress plugin

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  • 1. Building your first WordPress plugin● Justin Foell● Developer at 9seeds●● @justinfoell
  • 2. I found some sweet code, where does it go?● Lets look at an example: admin bar● Pitfalls of adding it to functions.php
  • 3. When should code go in a themes functions.php?● One question: Would you still want the feature if the theme was changed?● If YES, put it in a plugin● If NO, you can put it in functions.php, but consider renaming the theme or creating a child theme to avoid upgrade issues
  • 4. Holy crap! Plugins sound hard!● Writing a Plugin Documentation● Lets start with the bare minimum● Who knows how to type?● You can build a plugin!
  • 5. myplugin.php<?php/*Plugin Name: My Plugin*/
  • 6. Going beyond WordPress basics● I cant upload a certain file type● Theres a fix for that: upload types
  • 7. Plugins can be as big or small as you want● If you have a feature that you might want to turn on/off independently of others: Put it in its own plugin Example: Disable upgrade notice
  • 8. Getting Advanced: shortcode● “Snippets” are a gateway into WordPress customization● Advanced example: PayPal donation shortcode
  • 9. Other Examples● Shortcodes in widgets Im not sure why the “Text” widget doesnt do this already – how to fix● Audience Examples?
  • 10. Be careful out there!● But dont be afraid to experiment● Create another WordPress instance to test● I havent (yet) seen a “malicious” WordPress code snippet● Some examples may be out of date, overly complex, or blatantly wrong
  • 11. Knowing your limits● Copying & Pasting will probably only get you so far● If an example is very long, theres a chance it might already be a plugin – look there in stead● Consult you friendly local developer – a local WordPress meetup (and/or mailing list) is probably your best bet
  • 12. Thank You!● Justin Foell - Developer● – professional WordPress development●● Code examples:● Slides: