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  • 趣遊碗將台灣各地的人文與風景,濃縮在直徑十二公分的青花瓷碗中,碗內是引人入勝的魚眼鳥瞰圖,慢慢地轉動觀看這個碗,就像在當地上空翱翔遊歷;著名景點與店家都標示其中,讓遊客可以將這趟旅程帶回家再三回味,是個有趣又實用的旅遊紀念品。趣遊碗呈現了印花或手繪無法達成的細緻度,用放大鏡瞧瞧裡頭的風景,你會同意它是個精緻的工藝品。從創意到燒製、從產品到外包裝,這都是個百分百台灣製造的作品!各地主題的趣遊碗只在當地店家銷售,希望遊客能去到當地遊歷碗中的真實世界,讓「趣遊碗」帶你「去遊玩」!
  • 汽车的安全气囊内有叠氮化钠( NaN3 )或硝酸铵( NH4NO3 )等物质。当汽车在高速行驶中受到猛烈撞击时,这些物质会迅速发生分解反应,产生大量气体,充满气囊。
  • 汽车的安全气囊内有叠氮化钠( NaN3 )或硝酸铵( NH4NO3 )等物质。当汽车在高速行驶中受到猛烈撞击时,这些物质会迅速发生分解反应,产生大量气体,充满气囊。
  • 汽车的安全气囊内有叠氮化钠( NaN3 )或硝酸铵( NH4NO3 )等物质。当汽车在高速行驶中受到猛烈撞击时,这些物质会迅速发生分解反应,产生大量气体,充满气囊。
  • Famuze 20130511 bronze&ceramic

    1. 1. Ceramicsfamuze.com
    2. 2. "Blue and white wares” designate whitepottery and porcelain decorated underthe glaze with a blue pigment, generallycobalt oxide. The decoration is commonlyapplied by hand, by stencilling or bytransfer-printing, though other methodsof application have also been used.famuze.comBlue and white porcelainCeramics
    3. 3. famuze.com
    4. 4. famuze.comCeramics
    5. 5. The famous ancient Chinese philosopherChuang-tzu interpreted the concept of“Useless” as in “to deny allocation of anobject, hence to give it greater function.”In his perception, the truthful meaning isto pursue the utmost functions/purposesof an object and not to limit itself in onesingle task. Therefore, to jump out theperception of “function”, and to banishthe preconceived of “form”, this couldhave brought to a higher confines, andwould transfer “Useless” becomes“Usefulness”. Design by Jacky Wu.famuze.comUsefulessCeramics
    6. 6. Trip View Bowl compresses the view of aspecific Taiwanese landscape in a 12cm-in-diameter blue and white porcelainbowl. The three-dimensional panoramamap is amazingly painted inside the bowl.Rotating the bowl will virtually take youinto the sky looking down at thislandscape. All famous sights and storesare also labeled in this interesting andpractical souvenir so tourists could takeall wonderful memories of the tour home.tripviewbowl.comfamuze.comTrip View BowlCeramics
    7. 7. De Porceleyne Fles B.V. (Royal Delft) isthe leading producer of authentic DelftBlue ornamental earthenware andmodern earthenware. The company isnot only active as a knowledge centrefor ceramics but also receives over140,000 visitors annually from all overthe world who come to view thetraditional production process of Delftearthenware.www.royaldelft.comfamuze.comRoyal DelftCeramics
    8. 8. 青花瓷famuze.comCeramics
    9. 9. 青花瓷famuze.comCeramics
    10. 10. Bronzefamuze.com
    11. 11. Sets of ritual bronzes were produced foran individual to use in ritual offerings offood and drink to his ancestors in familytemples or ceremonial halls over tombs,or rather ritual banquets in which bothliving and dead members of a familyparticipated; early literary records speakof these. On the death of the owner theywould be placed in his tomb, so that hecould continue to pay his respects in theafterlife; other examples were castspecifically as grave goods.famuze.comRitual bronzesBronze
    12. 12. The project has two goals- first, let otherdesigners or companies know thecraftsmen in this bronze village have greatskill and production ability. Second, thereare about 200 companies in this villagedoing and selling very similar objects atthe moment; to avoid the ruinouscompetition, we can bring different typeof orders to them, then create diversity ofbusiness environment. In the aspect ofdesign, this project investigates thematerial of wax and copper alloy, and diginto every single process with the localcraftsmen. In the end we create fiveobjects - lamps (2 types), mirrors (3 sizes),door stops, plates, and the containers.famuze.comBronze ChinaBronzeDesign by Shi kai, Tseng
    13. 13. 擷取「洋彩黃錦地八卦交泰轉心瓶」瓶身曲線為茶器外形輪廓,並將腹瓶的如意雲紋與其內鏤雕八卦紋飾,轉化成茶器濾水孔,底部則以不鏽鋼製成球狀,放置欲沖泡之茶葉,當轉動茶器的瞬間,不但能透過鏤空的紋飾濾水孔,靜靜品賞茶葉緩慢而清香的舒展,更能在古典與現代交融的設計中,享受如乾隆皇帝般優雅自得的生活情趣!Design by 徐崎翔 .famuze.com泡茶趣Carved
    14. 14. 鼎famuze.comCarved
    15. 15. Thank youfamuze.com