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  • 1. Magazine front cover production
  • 2. Photoshoot – Test shots This was one of the first images I took on the Photoshoot. My main aim was to get images that reflected the bands fun personality; seriousness was out of the question! This image isn’t busy enough, the expressions are too plain and the overall image just doesn’t work for me. This image is a completely different approach compared to the image on the left. This is more the style I was aiming for. Busy, fun, adventurous. I decided that I wasn’t too keen on having one member ‘out of the group’ as it seemed to break up the busy atmosphere below.
  • 3. This was a follow up of the previous image., however this time I got all of the members on the sofa, which made the photo look really cramped and overall, uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable for the band and a good image couldn’t really be achieved. Before this image I had completely ignored the background! The plain blue background is defiantly an improvement to the image.
  • 4. This image is the start of my more successful images. The layout of the members gives a more professional effect. The added props add fun, along with the expressions. I had another play around with the layout of the band. I decided to stick with this layout as it looks slightly more professional.
  • 5. Photoshoot – final image
  • 6. I chose a typeface which would be easily related to rock music. The decaying/urban style of this font was the perfect example. I was influenced by Kerrang!’s use of a skyline and decided to use one in my final product. I feel it again, helps to draw in the audience.
  • 7. I decided that the blue background was not conventional of a rock magazine, and did not work very well. I did want to have some colour on my front cover, to help increase it’s appeal. The blue is neutral and is a very bright, eye catching colour, which also contrasts with the yellow.
  • 8. I wanted the cover lines to be very bold, so I dramatically increased the size.
  • 9. Front cover- final.