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  • Pace of demand for new products has never been greater Pressure to operate and perform at low cost is fierce Risk of not staying relevant and progressive in competitive market space is real … all the while, we’re in the American Idol age… crowds like employees, consumers, partners or the public are exhibiting a profound appetite to directly participate in and influence the products they buy, the companies they work with and support The way that enterprises need to innovate and operate is in a state of profound change. The crowd wants in. There is no going back….. How can BT seize on this shift for business advantage? First it needs to deeply understand the power of crowdsourcing… then apply it to your business needs Reducing product and marketing costs and risk / offering new services for revenue / adopting systems that will help you outperform that’s what we’re here to discuss. Let us introduce ourselves….
  • We help organizations call their crowds to help them better perform Flexible platform for open innovation Custom branded Enterprise integration Secure & Scalable A Cambrian House business: Founded in 2006, thought leader in crowdsourcing Created and managed 50,000 member crowdsourcing community for software ideas Several crowdsourcing businesses spun off


  • 1. Introduction to Crowdsourcing and Chaordix For February 2010
  • 2. The Wisdom of Crowds
    • “ Under the right circumstances, groups are remarkably intelligent, and are often smarter than the smartest people in them..”
    • “ Even if most of the people within a group are not especially well-informed or rational, it can still reach a collectively wise decision.”
    • James Suroweicki
    • The Wisdom of Crowds, 2004
  • 3. About Us - Crowdsourcing Leadership Chaordix – Crowdsourcing Engine for Innovation
    • Chaordix delivers:
    • SaaS Technology
    • Expert Services
    • Thought Leadership
  • 4. Chaordix Brief History
    • A Cambrian House business:
    • Founded in 2005 as “pure play” crowdsourcing company
    • Created technology and managed 50,000 member crowdsourcing community for software ideas
    • Several crowdsourcing businesses spun off
    • 2008 began offering Chaordix
    • Recognized thought leader
    “ Cambrian House “shaking the world”” Mob4Hire
  • 5. Original Cambrian House Crowdsource Community Business Purpose: Crowdsource promising New online business ideas 50,000+ members, over 7,000 business ideas
  • 6. Intuitive and Rich Idea Submission Guided Submit Idea Enhancement and Refinement
  • 7. Easy edit Promote through major social networks Idea Promotion and Voting Multi -dimension voting – also support thumbs up/down, prioritization etc.
  • 8. Profiles w/ tagging Incentives And Awards Community Flexible community capabilities to build “persistent crowds”
  • 9. Messaging Threaded Commenting/Comment Rating Comment Rating Flag inappropriate to moderator
  • 10. Chaordix supports Multiple –tier voting with ‘showdown rounds” Limited-time, vote only sites, drive higher participation Rich media commenting
  • 11. At a glance Activity monitoring Statistics Rich Reporting/Community Management Console Member Management Showdown Round Management
  • 12. Other Example: Crowd Production Site Analysis of US Healthcare Legislation
  • 13.