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Oem vestel 17_pw06-2_[sch]


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Oem vestel 17_pw06-2_[sch]

  1. 1. 4 1N4937 2 AUX_24 6 12 7 D208 10 D202 D201 FERRITE_BEAD_FTZ 8 FB C200 100n 50V C201 47u 50V 7 SG6742HR NC SENSE 2n2 4kV C207 4 HV RT 5 R242 10k R265 22k C208 100n 50V D205 TL431SAMF2 Q207 BC848B R267 1k5 Q208 BC848B R262 1k2 R235 15k STBY_ON/OFF 100k R209 PL200 R234 1k 1 6 2 BC848B R318 10k 7 5 100k R309 8 22R R361 D306 VCC +5VCC S400 C6V8_SOD123 +12VCC D404 C411 1u 25V Q400 BC858B +3.3VCC 1k8 R328 C3V9_SOD123 50V 100n 1N4148_SOD123 A D311 K 1 2 R319 3k3 IC402 3 2 G2 1R5 R421 C422 1u 25V C430 1u S1 D1_2 6 AO4842 L413 1 S2 22R R346 70R R406 33R C309 3n3 50V R418 10k 3 BG 4 CSSD R412 1R5 3 D1_1 5 S1 2 G2 +5VCC D1_2 6 AO4842 FR402 L401 D2_1 7 70R FIXED_COIL_TOROID_33u_3A_16x12 C406 10u 16V R410 56R SW_SWITCH L303 330R_100MHZ_3A C328 47n 50V R382 2k2 10u 10V HEATSINK D103-Q204 HS300 Q318 BC848B M4 screw M4 screw M4 screw 1k R409 +5V_FB VESTEL 26"LED TV SLIM POWER SUPPLY M4 screw MD303 R379 1k C331 C327 10u 16V C407 10u 16V C335 C325 10u 16V C333 16V 10u R373 5k1 R407 D2_2 8 C419 S2 C402 50V 10n 1N4148_SOD123 D325 SOT23 Q316 1 +5VSTBY MD302 STBY_ON/OFF C321 10u 16V VCC GND 4 G1 70R MD301 R340 47k C319 10u 16V Q314 BC848B 16V 10u +12V +12V 5 NCP1579 2 FR403 MD300 Q304 BC848B R370 10k R384 10k sw_sig L302 D324 TL431SAMF2 R352 1k2 A D317 K 1 2 VCC_MAIN 330R_100MHZ_3A R355 15k FB TG R411 1R5 IC401 +5VCC S303 D322 6 C404 1u 16V C429 1u 16V C312 100n 50V COMP/DIS C405 10u 16V 1 1k5 R424 +5V_FB R429 100k 16V 1u C324 R368 1k5 C212 10k R344 BST FDC642P Q313 BC337 R353 1k A 1 VCC_MAIN_12 C304 R311 15R RS1008_SOD123 50V 100n R310 15R C22V 10u R261 100R D305 L300 Q315 VCC_AUDIO_1 D321 UF5402 C310 220p 50V D316 K 2 S300 RS1008_SOD123 STBY_ON/OFF S310 7 1000u D327 D302 R366 1k2 PHASE 16V 1000u 2 +12VCC R377 1k5 C427 1 3 +12V 10k R343 4 C8V2_SOD123 R337 15R R339 10k C8V2_SOD123 D314 C12V_SOD123 FB_12 2R2 R304 2R2 R303 2R2 R302 IC301 TCET110G S311 50V 3n3 D328 UF5402 S309 +400V 8 Q403 R437 20k 1 C301 R375 22k Q312 BC848B 2 Q311 BC848B 3 10 C326 13 sw_sig +12VCC C401 S301 R380 47k 5 CSSD L305 BC848B C5V6_SOD123 DRAIN2 R436 330R_100MHZ_3A L402 16V 1000u C317 100n 50V IC400 C408 C316 1000u 16V 50R_100MHZ_3A CSSD C315 1000u 16V C314 R403 1k 22R R419 50V 2n2 16V D320 UF5402 DRAIN1 +3V3_FB 1R R414 UF5402 7 12 4 C420 10u 16V C400 R417 10k 6 AUX_12 +12VCC 100p 50V 2 1000u 50R_100MHZ_3A BC858B 100n 50V C428 D319 1kV 470p R435 5k1 1u 8 L304 C334 R333 1M 4 D401 C403 1u 16V Q402 S302 L301 UF5402 50V 100n 1N4148_SOD123 +12V 9 C332 10V 10u 14 C313 1n 1kV 50V 100n 6 D318 6 NC C311 1n 1kV 11 +12VCC 5 CS 3 1N4937 R332 1M R326 1M 5 4 3 R325 1M 1 S401 C329 ICE3BR1765J 7 R331 1M C418 10u 16V CSSD 22R 50V 100p VCC C303 C300 100n 50V FB 50V 47u 2 R330 1M R324 1M 22R R351 FR401 R376 10k R323 1M VCC_MAIN_12 22R R349 FR400 D2_2 8 70R TR300 R342 C302 4n7 FB_12 50V R350 22R R372 22k C307 D313 R348 22R +3.3VCC D2_1 7 R422 1R R345 22R C416 10u 16V 10n 50V 4 D1_1 5 CSSD_2 C421 BG 4 G1 3 R427 1k5 VCC 2 GND +12V C426 2k2 R314 D309 TG NCP1579 +12VCC 50R_100MHZ_3A 5k6 5 +3V3_FB R400 33R FB L414 R420 1R5 5k6 C22V_SOD123 R316 6k8 COMP/DIS 6 BC848B 1 R401 7 +24V BST C417 D308 PHASE C423 D301 8 R434 20k 16V 1000u ST_BY sw_sig 16V 1000u R374 47k C22V_SOD123 R315 6k8 47k R371 1kV 470p C306 28 2n2 50V Q401 BAV70 CSSD_2 +12V 22R 8 26 A/D_DIM_SEL C413 10k R369 R341 GND 25 27 IC403 BA 24 C412 R426 10k 10k R367 BC848B 1 22 CSSD_2 Q310 IC303 +5VCC +12VCC VCC_AUDIO CSSD_2 A D312 K 1 2 2 TCET110GQ309 BC848B 250V 12n S210 20 23 D307 680R R365 R364 680R 1 18 21 R428 100k R358 47k R356 390R 4 17 19 +12V IC302 3 Q305 BC848B D323 16 S219 R425 10k Q300 BC848B R362 +5VSTBY 15 +12VCC ST_BY R320 3k3 10k R359 C12V_SOD123 R354 2k4 VCC S218 +5VSTBY ST_BY +24V S213 S209 R336 47k BAV70 Q308 BC848B 10k R357 14 +12VCC +5VSTBY R246 1k 47k R327 C320 470n 25V 3k3 VCC_MAIN 12 +12VCC +3.3VCC BC848B Q303 RS1008_SOD123 C318 47u 50V 10 13 330u STBY_ON/OFF Q205 BC848B 100p 50V VCC_MAIN 22k R308 9 11 6V3 C216 100n 50V C425 Q306 BC327 150u L306 D326 +24V DIM_PWM_ANALOG S208 R433 AC4 Q302 BC848B R360 22R 1N4148_SOD123 R432 5k1 R260 100R 10k R317 NC3 16V 1u 1N4148_SOD123 NC2 +24V_AC D315 R393 6k8 56k R322 C215 3 BL_ON/OFF +5VSTBY 22k R243 GNDCAP1 2n2 4kV 47u 50V 6 Q301 D304 4 2R2 R301 4 5 ST_BY +24V 1k8 R329 D2_2 R312 100R 1 270p 50V 2n2 4kV 4 10k R335 C308 D1_2 R305 3k3 OVP R105 20R 3 AUX_12 2 3 4M7 C206 IC300 TCET110G L104 50R_100MHZ_3A R334 120R L103 50R_100MHZ_3A 2k2 R313 7 1N4148_SOD123 D2_1 C305 D1_1 C119 D310 2 CAP002DG OVP Q209 FDC642P SW_SWITCH R104 20R R101 20R S220 10k R232 +24V 8 C220 100n 50V 220p 50V R229 R102 20R VCC_AUDIO UF5402 2 3 S221 +24V_AC 1 100R R212 C202 470p 50V 6 4 +24V R233 1k2 IC101 VDD D204 VCC 3 R103 20R GATE R228 10R C225 GND FB_24 C118 R100 20R FB_24 D209 R230 10k C224 10V 10u 1 S106 2 NC4 VCC_AUDIO_1 S105 GNDCAP1 +24V S204 IC200 TCET110G Q203 AC4 NC1 mounted on HS1 6 PL101 1 2 IC201 AC1 1 BC858B 50V 100n C107 2n2 4kV S101 C101 2n2 4kV R211 100R FERRITE_BEAD_FTZ S110 FUSE_RADIAL C121 27u 400V 1 S100 PL100 C117 27u 400V PL201 +24V_AC 5 L102 2 4 C116 39u 450V L100 3 1 C205 220p 1kV Q204 R210 4R7 2 1 S109 F100 AC4 4 2 D103 GBU8K 50V 3n3 C111 47n 275V UF5402 FQPFN50C C213 C109 10n 630V 1N4148_SOD123 +400V 35V 1000u 275V mounted on HS1 3 4 10k R231 3 47n C12V_SOD123 630V C104 R222 2R2 4 10n 10k R220 C108 2 R213 2R2 1 630V275V L105 1 R221 2R2 VAR-510V R106 2 10n47n R215 2R2 C113C105 R241 10k R240 10k R239 10k R238 10k R237 10k UF5402 5 Q206 BC848B 1k R245 C223 S108 TH103 275V 275V +24V BL_ON/OFF_1 3 TH100 630V 630V L101 UF5402 47n 6 R244 1k L200 D207 +24V 13 C100 2n2 4kV BL_ON/OFF 50V 100p 47n R236 10k UF5402 C103 C102 10n 7 8 R266 10k 10n 8 D206 C222 C112 C110 S104 9 C218 1n 1kV 16V 1u S103 10 R264 22k C106 2n2 4kV AC1 C217 1n 1kV 1N4148_SOD123 C214 AC3 S107 14 11 DIM_PWM_ANALOG S212 9 11 +400V C204 D203 A/D_DIM_SEL C221 R263 1k5 TH102 R226 1M R252 5 3k3 R255 D213 2 AC3 GNDCAP1 R225 1M R219 1M TCET110G R224 1M R218 1M OPTION OF L105 1 3 R223 1M R217 1M 2 3 RL100 1 R216 1M C18V_SOD123 3 4 TH101 C203 50V RELAY_TRCD_12V 1kV 470p 3k3 R254 12 S211 50V 100n 1 100n R251 3k3 3k3 R253 3k3 R250 3k3 C211 10k R110 4 +24V D102 R249 3k3 3k3 TR200 250V 12n +400V C226 10n 50V IC100 R111 10k BC848B Q210 C33_SOD123 C33_SOD123 C219 R109 10k R248 R259 100R 35V 1000u D217 C210 10u D216 C209 35V 1000u AUX_24 +24V RS1008_SOD123 R257 15R 35V 1000u L201 R108 D101 RS1008_SOD123 BL_ON/OFF_1 D214 VCC 330R Q100 BC858B RS1008_SOD123 D100 OVP R107 330R S102 17PW06 DATE Ver. GNDCAP1 02 SMPS Group 04-03-2011 Sheet 1/1