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Oem vestel 17_pw01-4_[sch]


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Oem vestel 17_pw01-4_[sch]

  1. 1. 3 ACDATA D897 D898 RS1008_SOD123 RS1008_SOD123 Off1 Q110 C940 10n 1kV VCC1 100n 50V R1002 10k R1001 10k R999 10k R1000 10k R998 10k R997 10k R996 10k PL800 C852 35V 1000u C967 35V 1000u C911 C850 35V 1000u 35V 1000u C971 C863 16V 470u 16V 470u C970 25V 470u C969 25V 470u C851 25V 470u R865 10k 33R 6 9 2k7 A D821 K 1 2 C929 100n 50V C930 100n 50V C853 1N4148_SOD123 +24_2_1 9 R878 C33_SOD123 R869 27R 100n 50V C841 C840 R867 8k2 50V 33u +12_2 R1016 1R 160V 1u 12 R1023 R891 4k7 R856 4k7 BC848B Q812 1n 1n 1kV 1kV C893 C842 R862 47k 4 5 CS1 D962 +33V 12 +12_1 PL816 S873 1 4 3 6 5 8 TRF_PFC_SAFE_TFT_EFD3130_100uH 4 1 7 ST_BY TR818 3 7 14 13 16 15 18 17 20 19 22 21 23 26 25 27 SOT23 Q849 +12V_1 +5VSTBY +3.3VSTBY_1 +33V +3.3VSTBY_1 2 R874 1k C849 47R R873 R1059 1k 8 R876 30k 2n2 50V R875 4k3 3 4 12 SW_SWITCH 6 +3.3VSTBY_1 VCC_3V3_ON +5V +12_3 5 +24V 9 L832 330R_100MHZ_3A C915 47n 50V +24_3_1 10 R505 2k2 Q850 BC848B +24V +24V CS1 PL804 S872 C980 R828 ST_BY 47k TRF_PFC_SAFE_TFT_EFD3130_100uH L819 +5VSTBY +12V 330R_100MHZ_3A L830 50V 50R_100MHZ_3A 0R47 Q851 BSH103 +24_3_2 VS1 12n 630V +3.3VSTBY_1 12n 630V C878 22k R833 R971 Q805 BC848B 100n C894 C979 47n 50V 11 24 +3.3VSTBY R1060 10k 2 3 11 1 +12V R872 10k R1061 47k 1 9 12 +12V_1 +24V C855 1n 50V R871 1k R877 33k 4 C846 1M 10 R1028 +24V_1 2k4 100V 27n R870 5k1 2 TCET110G R1067 L849 L844 IC806 3VFB 7 7 DR_2 2VCC +3.3VSTBY gnd3 S4 6 OCSET 5 C948 1u 25V 8 D862 R880 10R VCC 4 G1 3 3 4 D1_1 5 S1 2 G2 1R5 R509 1k C987 R1090 2k2 LGATE C5V1_SOD123 AO4842 gnd3 VAR-510V R510 D2_1 7 L845 1 S2 D2_2 8 60R_100MHZ_3A L846 gnd3 L851 50R_100MHZ_3A L852 L863 gnd3 50V 2n2 1R R1044 gnd3 gnd3 CSSD_2 C957 10u 16V gnd3 1 1k8 R887 C956 10u 16V 2 3 C973 10u 16V gnd3 gnd3 1k R1089 1u 25V 1u 25V C985 BAT54J Q852 BC848B gnd3 10k R882 10k 50R_100MHZ_3A L854 100n 63V 4 S870 C862 VFSTBY D899 R881 S868 C856 1n 50V D861 BL_ON/OFF_1 BL_ON/OFF L853 S871 D963 12V D867 R1085 10R C904 S882 C950 C951 470p 50V TR821 C8V2_SOD123 Opto VCC_3V3_ON 600R_100MHZ_200mA 330R_100MHZ_3A FIXED_COIL_TOROID_33u_3A_16x12 IC837 IC801 TCET110G RS1008_SOD123 10u 16V C922 C954 10u 16V gnd3 7 S869 50R_100MHZ_3A D1_2 6 100n 50V 1 L503 L848 60R_100MHZ_3A L847 1N4148_SOD123 VF_MAIN D866 C892 10u 50V D807 VFSTBY C801 33u 50V 11 2 R1042 1R5 R1043 5k6 2 GND 1 gnd3 R506 33R gnd3 VDDRS1008_SOD123 8 DR_3 GND 1 UGATE CAT7581 FB R507 VCC_3V3_ON 8 BOOT 330R_100MHZ_3A PHASE R1079 10k R508 15k 7 +12V 3 8 gnd3 12 VF_1 1 BP C949 C947 1u 25V R1086 5k6 UMB ISTEGI 26" EK OPSIYON C953 C860 220u 16V 1n 50V 6 BC858B BL_ON/OFF_1 16V 470u C818 220u 16V 50R_100MHZ_3A C830 100n 50V D892 D891 22u C6V8_SOD123 1 R1036 3k 2 4 IC831 STPS5L25B 25V 3 R503 20R R504 20R R1008 20R R1006 20R R1007 20R 6 DR_1 60R_100MHZ_3A L833 L804 S876 4 IC836 L834 5 R1088 +3.3VSTBY_1 1k S3 5 VSTR 9 1N4148_SOD123 C952 330R_100MHZ_3A Q841 50R_100MHZ_3A C955 NC 6 S1 FSDL321 IPK 4 Opto 5 R1045 10R +12V 16V 470u 2 IC832 S2 D 5 S875 50V 100n 1N4148_SOD123 R1080 10k 3 TNY266 C810 10n 630V +12V R1041 22R 4 EN/UV VF_1 R500 4k7 RS1008_SOD123 R502 D880 20R 10n 1kV C903 R501 10k VDD 10 CSSD_2 Q847 BC848C VCCSTBY 6 2 4 +5V TRF_SMPS_SAFE_42 D896 1 3 50R_100MHZ_3A L843 RS1008_SOD123 22u DIM_PWM_ANALOG D893 Opto L858 A/D_DIM_SEL R1026 390R R1068 1M C958 1000u 35V S874 +24_2_2 2 R1072 620R R1071 620R 3k3 3 Q845 BC848B 11 BL_ON/OFF_1 1N4148_SOD123 33k R832 C936 ACDATA +400V 10 A/D_DIM_SEL DIM_PWM_ANALOG SW_SWITCH BC848B Q804 C881 50V 10u 100n 50V D961 +24V 8 +12V_1 L839 1N4148_SOD123 1 5 1n 1kV C919 C814 IC811 4 R1039 30k VM L838 50R_100MHZ_3A 330R_100MHZ_3A 8 3 D876 BAV99 D857 R972 1k R868 6k8 C845 +3.3VSTBY_1 C12V_SOD123 R1066 2M2 1n 50V 6 1n 50V BD138 Q844 25V 100u 10k R893 R866 10k D819 TL431SAMF2 Q846 BC848B C12V_SOD123 R1024 2k4 VCC2 R822 47k VF_MAIN ON/OFF CS 6 28 ON/OFF VF_MAIN D886 4 5 2 VS1 R863 33k 100R R1048 C937 7 R1021 22R D910 BL_ON/OFF 10k R1025 GND 4 11 R1087 2k4 NCP1653 IN 3 +12V UF5402 7 Q838 BC848B 2 R838 DRV +24V SW2 VCC1 20R R953 D811 R858 4k7 1N4148_SOD123 Q810 R920 47k 2 L811 D909 TR817 10 D911 VCONT +12_2 +12V BC848B +3.3VSTBY_1 R1069 100R Q108 8 TRF_PFC_SAFE_TFT_EFD3130_100uH BC858B Q811 100n 50V C966 47u 450V BC848B R859 33k C839 C965 47u 450V A D826 K 1 2 100k R855 SW_OFF2 1 +12V_2 UF5402 1N4148_SOD123 Q807 PL802 5 1 BC858B 50V 100n 1n 50V C933 50V 100n VCC1 2 3 C934 2 1u 25V C928 R836 47k C964 47u 450V D908 UF5402 C981 47n 50V TCET110G VCC +24_1_2 +12_3 VCC2 FB Q814 MTP6N60E/SSP7N60A R861 10R C3V9_SOD123 R144 330k 1 1 10 10 +24_1_1 TCET110G IC838 IC830 100n 50V C932 C935 R1038 470k PL845 LO GND IC809 1 2 FAN7711 9 VCC1 R857 12k Freq R145 330k R142 1M PL844 IC500 6 6 +12_1 R1070 1k C963 47u 450V R1065 18k C977 47n 50V D114 R149 33R D113 R1040 10k BC858B Q107 R1047 100R R1037 3k9 R141 1M R143 330k +400V 1N4148_SOD123 R148 33R R1010 0R47 R1013 2n2 50V R973 15k C898 R1014 Q109 R1011 0R47 C962 47u 450V C927 470p 1kV 10k 1N4148_SOD123 10k 7 VS R852 10k Off1 1N4148_SOD123 +400V 10u STPS745 HO CPH C833 470p 1kV C982 S883 Freq R1063 6k8 C974 47n 50V D878 BSH103 Q837 10n 1kV STP20NE06LFP R1012 0R47 1n 1kV C925 2n2 4kV BAV70 R1064 6k8 C986 R1009 STP20NE06LFP 0R47 RT 3 8 9 7 D906 6 5 4 3 2 450V 1u C112 1u 450V 1u 450V C983 ACGND VB STPS_3P_10L60CFP 1N4148_SOD123 C975 1u R1062 16V 6k8 L867 D110 R140 1M +12V C105 1 RS1008_SOD123 RELAY_SAFE_OJE-SS-112HM 4 3 RL5 2 D890 S811 VDD 8 +12_1 5 D901 L501 S810 12 Q813 4 6 +24_3_2 Q816 7 R860 10R GNDCAP VCC1 10 9 12 8 TR820 7 11 ACGND +24_3_1 4 D902 1N4148_SOD123 2 S880 S881 3 MTP6N60E/SSP7N60A Off1 R970 47k L500 R1027 1M 8 +400V R976 470R 5 +24V 2 R952 470R 1 D905 L821 L816 Freq TH1 DCREG 1u 25V C899 VAR-510V R801 150n 250V C917 C501 PL837 1 GNDCAP 1 6 5 4 3 2 TRF_PFC_SAFE_TFT_EFD3130_100uH 10 8 2 10R TRF_PFC_SAFE_TFT_EFD3130_100uH L865 S841 4 +24V_1 +24_2_2 2n2 4kV AC2 11 1 D914 3 GNDCAP STPS_3P_10L60CFP Q828 +24_2_1 BA159 2 Off1 AC6 AC2 S821 1 FUSE_RADIAL BC858B R864 10k 220k R979 PL809 22u S867 11 C945 L860 1 S820 1n ACGND1kV 1 L817 3 2 4 1 F800 22u 4 C944 C800 250V 150n 1 2 2 250V 150n 3 2 4 1 4 3 3 L866 C990 1n 1kV 1n 1n 1kV 1kV ACGND L818 L861 C994 C993 C989 KBPC1010 2 +24V Q839 D959 1n BR810 1kV D960 DCREG 1 +24_1_2 STPS_3P_10L60CFP R1029 680k GNDCAP3 2n2 4kV AC5 AC1 C918 4kV 2n2 S819 7 Q815 1 Freq 1k5 R978 +24_1_1 RL2 +24V PL801 TR816 3 AC1 TR819 7 2 S822 1kV C992 9 3 ACGND 1 4 ACGND 1n 12 5 4 1 2 6 8 7 GNDCAP3 TR823 TRF_PFC_SAFE_TFT_3814QM_250UH C991 1 C873 1 D900 R1052 VCCSTBY PL812 RELAY_SAFE_G5CA-1A RL4 330R GNDCAP1 RS1008_SOD123 VCC1 PL846 4 2 1 PL813 1 PL814 1 R1051 330R 60R_100MHZ_3A R879 gnd3 1k D851 TL431SAMF2 50V 100n IC800 47k 12k R933 R964 100k C913 Q831 BC848B +12V +12V_2 D912 gnd2 1N4148_SOD123 22k R965 D854 Q834 BC848B BAV70 +5V A D847 K 1 2 R824 3k3 +5V C6V8_SOD123 R919 PL847 PL848 PL849 PL850 PL851 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 1M R1078 VCC1 +400V R1053 1M R1054 1M C5V6_SOD123 D904 1k R1057 1M R1055 D903 D881 1N4148_SOD123 TL431SAMF2 L862 SW_OFF2 10u C976 10u 10V VCC_3V3_ON A D895 K 1 2 R1049 3k3 1k8 R1050 1M R1076 D888 2 1M R1074 1N4148_SOD123 1N4148_SOD123 2 1 AC6 C3V9_SOD123 FB 5 CAT7581 VCC C988 GND LGATE R811 1R5 3 4 4 G1 3 gnd2 R812 1R5 D1_1 5 S1 2 G2 50R_100MHZ_3A C503 10u 16V D1_2 6 AO4842 D2_1 7 L826 1 S2 D2_2 8 gnd2 VAR-510V R814 60R_100MHZ_3A L827 gnd2 L822 50R_100MHZ_3A L803 L864 gnd2 100n 50V gnd2 gnd2 IC803 1R R1032 gnd2 600R_100MHZ_200mA 330R_100MHZ_3A FIXED_COIL_TOROID_33u_3A_16x12 50V 2n2 C942 C943 470p 50V +5V CSSD C938 10u 16V gnd2 C939 10u 16V gnd2 C972 10u 16V gnd2 gnd2 L823 50R_100MHZ_3A L824 gnd2 C22V_SOD123 C809 2 60R_100MHZ_3A R1030 6k8 D887 2k2 R1031 2 1 R1077 1M R1084 10k 2 1 R1075 1M R1056 150k 2 1 1M 100n 50V 1 R1073 C961 AC5 UGATE L502 60R_100MHZ_3A L820 D894 D907 PL852 PL853 PL854 PL855 PL856 R804 R1091 2k2 OCSET R809 1k 5k6 +24V 1 6 C807 1u 25V BOOT C811 Q820 BC848B VCC1 Q833 BC848B R1083 5k6 R802 33R 1k8 R831 ST_BY R944 47k D865 R945 100k R959 100k 100n 50V BC848B Q830 R942 560k R1003 120R 1N4148_SOD123 AC2 1M R940 1N4148_SOD123 56k R947 gnd2 D885 PHASE 7 gnd2 BC848B R966 10k R982 1M 1M R912 1u 16V R981 1M 1M R980 TL431SAMF2 1u 16V C887 1M D850 D842 Q802 R826 1k8 R932 R941 100k C886 AC1 C868 R918 10k BC858B Q822 R962 6k8 +24_3_1 R917 220k VCC1 1M RS1008_SOD123 R921 1k 16V 10u AC1 1N4148_SOD123 R915 R914 1M R892 10k C874 R946 10k R913 1M 1N4148_SOD123 1u 16V 2n2 4kV GNDCAP3 D832 +24V D913 8 R1081 10k SW2 1N4148_SOD123 C803 1u 25V R810 22R +12V_2 S886 1n 50V C804 R808 15k D964 C813 D802 D801 C6V8_SOD123 R800 3k R960 4M7 R1033 10R 16V 470u 1N4148_SOD123 +12V 50R_100MHZ_3A 16V 470u +12V 1N4148_SOD123 C946 L801 2n2 4kV R1082 10k S885 L825 D889 CSSD Q800 BC848C S884 22R R884 C847 330R_100MHZ_3A 3k3 R883 +400V 17PW01-4 +24V RESONANT MODE SLIM TFT PSU