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Report to Donors 2011


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Annual Report with a 120,000 circulation delivered to all households in the town of Markham near Toronto

Annual Report with a 120,000 circulation delivered to all households in the town of Markham near Toronto

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  • 1. MARKHAM STOUFFVILLE HOSPITAL FOUNDATION Report to Donors 2011 Building Your Hospital nOW!
  • 2. 2 BuildingF O U N D A T I O N > t o g e t h e r < It is hard to imagine that With the groundbreaking ceremony taking place in December 2010, it two decades ago, Markham has been a crucial year. This is our first major expansion project sinceH O S P I T A L we opened our doors more than 20 years ago. While the construction Stouffville Hospital had a is on track, it is the milestones we share with our families that are our surplus of inpatient beds and motivation for expanding. From celebrating the birth of a little one, there was no waiting line in to a visit to our emergency department, to the illness or loss of a loved one; we hope we have been here for you when you needed us. We the emergency department. know that you have been there when we needed you.S T O U F F V I L L E Today our beds are full and The next few years will be very exciting. We expect to complete our new there is usually a wait in building in early 2013 and then begin extensive renovations to our our emergency department, existing building. Our team has already started working to make our move to the new building seamless and safe and this will require the except for our most acutely ill expansion of our services to be carried out over a number of months. patients. We have grown and Just as our new building is going up, brick by brick, floor by floor, we changed while continuing to are also seeing the early results of fundraising efforts come together.M A R K H A M support the health-care needs None of this progress would be possible without the generous support from our community – the individuals, organizations, corporate of our patients and their partners and event sponsors who have come together to support families in a facility that is compassionate, patient-centered care at Markham Stouffville Hospital. simply not big enough. Our generous donors are the key to achieving our vision of providing excellent care to everyone who comes through our doors. As you read through this year’s report, we hope that you will share in our excitement and gratitude for those who have led the way with pace-setting donations, combined with the collective commitment of the thousands of other donors who have made gifts of all sizes. The stories in this report show that our donors have very personal reasons for supporting Markham Stouffville Hospital, but all share in their compassion and dedication. Your spirit of generosity is inspiring. On behalf of our physicians, staff and both the hospital and foundation board of directors, a heartfelt thanks for the difference you are making. With thanks and sincere appreciation, Janet M. Beed Suzette Strong P.S. You may notice QR Codes throughout the report. Scan the QR Codes with your smartphone to see videos related to the articles. scan to see a preview of the new Markham stouffville hospital. L to R: Janet M. Beed, President & CeO, MarkhaM stOuffville hOsPital suzette strong, CeO, MarkhaM stOuffville hOsPital fOundatiOn
  • 3. BuildingReport to > awa re n e s s < Donors COnquering mental illness contents Conquering a spiritual trip to the summit 3 Mental Illness Let’s Celebrate Building a Healthier 3 of Mount Kilimanjaro Community Now! 4 In July of 2011, a dedicated group of individu- als, community members and staff at Markham tHe spirit Of maC B. Was WitH me Stouffville Hospital began their journey to raise I took many things with me on my climb, but Diabetes is the awareness for child and adolescent mental illness the most significant was the spirit of Mac B. Least Interesting Mac was a young teen who committed suicide Thing About while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Emma 6 Africa. The group raised close to $500,000 to sup- port the expansion of mental health. This is an four years ago. I did not know Mac. I met his mom Donna in the community while fund- raising for the climb, and until then I did not The Healing excerpt from the diary of Margaret Mackie, RN at Power of Play MSH, and one of the climbers. know she had a son who had committed sui- & Imagination 8 Slowly and slowly, pole, pole (in Swahili). cide. Hearing a mother share the story of her son’s suicide was extremely moving. I cried Report to the That was the pace up the mountain. This was with her, sharing her grief, for a young person Community 10 not a race, there was no prize for getting to the top first – the reward was in the journey. that I had never met. The purpose of the climb became so clear to me. Mac’s spirit led me in Building Update 19 Throughout the climb, there were some won- derful moments spent with the other climbers the climb to openly discuss suicide and men- tal illness at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro; to - magical, transforming and reassuring. I was help kids feel as if they could have options in MSH Foundation their life as opposed to death; that they could Board of with people who understood mental illness, Directors 19 who were representing the people you and I feel support as opposed to stigma. Helping WHile tHe ClOuds pass When I was approaching Kibo Hut at the mountain’s base, I watched as dark clouds quickly moved in and shrouded a mountain that is 5,685 metres at summit peak. I was standing directly in front of it, yet could not see a trace of its craggy intimidating features. Had I told you it was there behind the clouds you might not have believed me. But the mountain hadn’t moved or changed, only the clouds. Mental illness works in similar ways. The clouds are like symptoms; our crisis of confidence, emotions, thoughts, actions and barriers – they all change and move through the Climb to Conquer team us. We all have a part to play or a way to partic- during their ascent to kibo hut. know and will come to know who have strug- ipate within our communities – to help one gled in so many ways. I was sitting alongside another, while the clouds pass. a group who cared and put this mission of awareness for child and adolescent mental This experience has been more profoundly health first before anything else in their lives. rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Coming back down the mountain and re- turning to my familiar life – I have kept the spirit of Mac with me. The motivation that I found on the mountain also stays with me. I have only one voice to support others but collectively, with the voices of others, I know we will accomplish great things for our young people. As a community we can remove the stigma of mental illness if we climb moun- scan to learn more about our tains together. climb to the summit of kilimanjaro.
  • 4. 4 CeleBrate Building > a Healthier Community Now! <F O U N D A T I O N On Saturday, September 17, the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation celebrated the expan- sion project and fundraising cam-H O S P I T A L paign. A large group of hospital supporters gathered including Mayor Frank Scarpitti who an- nounced that the foundation has successfully reached 70 per cent ($35 million) of the $50 million ex-S T O U F F V I L L E pansion goal! Michael Landsberg, Canadian Sports Journalist and Host of Off the Record on TSN, joined the celebra- tion and spoke of the importance of expanding facilities like MSH’s Mental Health Clinic to ensureM A R K H A M that families receive the care they need close to home. Guests took photos with construc- tion vehicles, signed a beam that will be used to help build the new hospital and learned from health and wellness experts. Kids also had the chance to visit the teddy hamat Bhana and his son aiden are making their mark on Markham stouffville hospital as they sign the beam that bear clinic and take home their will be installed on the 2nd floor west-facing wall. very own MSH bear. Mark lievonen, Chair of the foundation’s Board of directors, welcomes sarwin Parmar, hospital supporters at one of our donors. the donor Celebration on september 17.
  • 5. 5 Top Left: Jenny Yang and kevin Chen health for all Clinic nurse Brenda Wilson with their son ryder. takes Joan tunney’s blood pressure. Joan is a lifelong donor and volunteer at Markham stouffville hospital. keynote speaker, Michael landsberg, tsn host of Off the record, with suzette strong, CeO, Markham stouffville hospital foundation. Mayor frank scarpitti and Peter Mason, Co-Chairs of the $50 million Campaign for expansion.L to R:kellie stajer, suzanne vanderlip and sandi lofgrenfrom Markham stouffville hospital ProfessionalPractice leaders at the healthy heart-Blood Pressuretesting booth.
  • 6. Building >co n f i d e n ce<6 Diabetes pa e d i at r i C d i a B e t e s As a young mom, Shana Betz thoughtF O U N D A T I O N her daughter’s crankiness, restless sleep and constant thirst were normal. Then, one Friday is the Least Interesting afternoon, two years ago, 10-month-old Emma’s lips turned blue and her breathing became rapid. thing about Emma After several stressful hours in the emergency department at Markham Stouffville Hospital,H O S P I T A L a doctor put her arm around Shana and said, “Emma has Type 1 diabetes. It’s nothing you did. It’s not your fault.” “She wouldn’t have survived the night,” says Shana. “DoctorS T O U F F V I L L E Deepa Grewal explained every- thing so compassionately.” After spending some time in the hospital, Emma came home. The Betz family then began to learn how to live with diabetes. Since Shana and her husband ScottM A R K H A M had no experience with the condition - their four-year-old son Zachary does not have diabetes - they turned to the caregivers at Markham Stouffville Hospital. number continues to grow as the community “Dr. Robert Ehrlich was on speed dial,” she says of grows. Upon diagnosis, children like Emma and the founding Medical Director of the Paediatric their families have a series of visits where they Diabetes Clinic at Markham Stouffville Hospital. learn how to manage their condition, including “He checked in every day, and would call if he medication and nutritional education. This unique scan to learn more didn’t hear from me. Such a kind man. The most about how to service is very helpful to the families that need to “stand up to diabetes”. wonderful man alive.” make adjustments to their lifestyle to manage Longest Running Diabetes Clinic diabetes and ensure their child’s well-being. in York Region As part of the hospital’s redevelopment, the new The Paediatric Diabetes Clinic at Markham state-of-the art Diabetes Clinic will be relocated Stouffville Hospital is the longest running in our newly renovated facility following the diabetes program in the region. Currently the expansion. It will be named in honour of one clinic has over 1,450 patient visits a year, and that Dr. Ehrlich’s former patients, Tracey Rubinoff, marKHam stOuffVille HOspital patient CatCHment area markham 51.5% stouffville 11.0% uxbridge 10.5% durham (excluding Uxbridge) 10.3% York region (excluding Markham & Stouffville) 6.7% toronto 6.7% Other 3.3%
  • 7. pa e d i at r i C d i a B e t e s shana Betz, mother of emma 7 Today Shana and her blonde, curly-haired diabetes. There are about 7,000 kids in three-year-old walk over together for Ontario schools with diabetes, whose Emma’s regular check-ups and blood tests. parents, in some cases, have to come into “Her family physician, Jeff Weissberger, is the schools to test their levels and manage at the hospital, so we spend a considerable their insulin.” amount of time here. The care we get is personal. I’m not a number.” “I’ve thrown myself into the diabetes community to help myself and help “Diabetes is the least interesting thing others,” she says. about Emma. She loves to dance and listen to music. You’d never have a Inspired by the compassion and assistance clue she has a condition that needs of Markham Stouffville Hospital and managing,” Shana says, referring to the others, Shana is giving back. careful measuring and weighing ofwho battled diabetes throughout her Emma’s food, and the insulin pump shelife with determination and courage. wears on a strap around her waist.Tracey’s family and friends, through an Emma’s mother is also inspired to helpannual Family Skateathon, established others. She co-founded a grassroots YEAR 2010/2011the Tracey Rubinoff Foundation. So advocacy group committed to helpingfar they have raised over half a milliondollars toward programs for adolescents children with diabetes receive the support LAB & DIAGNOSTICliving with diabetes. In recognition of they require in schools, called Diabetes IMAGING EXAMS 1,593,313 in Ontario Schools. “We are about 500the generous support of our hospital, parents from across the province whothe new clinic will be named the Tracey lobby government for consistent policiesRubinoff Paediatric Diabetes Clinic. and support for children with Type 1 INTRODUCING OUR New Baby Wall Honour the special babies in your life on our new Baby Wall. Call 905.472.7373 ext. 6341 Email We’re Growing. Together.
  • 8. Building >co n f i d e n ce<8 CHild and adOlesCent serViCes The healing power ofF O U N D A T I O N play&imaginationH O S P I T A L Every two weeks, seven-year-old Josh walks into a room at Markham Stouffville Hospital, selects figurines from a shelf and arranges them in a sandbox. WithS T O U F F V I L L E miniature people, animals, trees and other objects, he is telling a story to the therapist with him. Quietly, Josh reveals his anxieties and fears as a child with Asperger’s Disorder, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. “When Josh was three, he suffered from severe anxiety,” says his mother, Claire.M A R K H A M “Crowds and noise upset him. He started to scratch and hurt himself. After one of his panic attacks, he even passed out. I didn’t know what was happening, but I knew he needed help.” Claire came to Markham Stouffville Hospital where Josh was diagnosed with Asperger’s. Children with this mild form of Autism can begin to show signs of isolation and social impair- ments by the age of three. They will find social interaction difficult for the rest of their lives. image has no reference to patient mentioned in this article. Through the hospital’s Child and Ado- lescent Mental Health Services, Josh be- “Our kids create a three dimensional Maria realized he was not reflecting gan Sandplay Therapy. This is a relatively scene or draw in the sand,” says Sand- feelings toward his sister, rather he was new therapy in Canada that recognizes play Therapist Maria Iosue. “These pic- acknowledging his new role as an older that by playing in the sand and using tures help us understand their concerns, brother. Josh was no longer the baby in their imagination, young kids bring their strengths, potential outcomes and how the family. inner and outer worlds together. It is a the child is progressing with this treat- Lately, Josh plays with a figure of him- creative and effective way for Josh to ex- ment.” Maria is one of Canada’s top Sand- self in a kayak, all alone. As he begins press what he can’t express with words. play Therapists who is training others in to overcome his difficulty interacting this specialized form of care. socially, Claire expects he will eventu- Just after his sister was born, Josh chose ally move the kayak to shore where he a baby figurine from the shelf and bur- has placed other figures. Some other scan to learn more about ied it in the sand. By talking to him, programs available to support Josh and our Child and adolescent Mental health services.
  • 9. 9 CHild and adOlesCent serViCesother children with anxiety through the with children like Josh. Recently, to help dr. rustom sethna, Chief of Psychiatry (left) with some of the team in the Mental health department.Mental Health Clinic are yoga, creative raise awareness for Markham Stouffvillearts and other group therapies. Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Programs and Services and en-“Josh will always face challenges and find courage others to reach out for help, asocial interaction difficult. We’re fortu-nate to have this specialized care at our team of dedicated community members, Year 2010/2011 hospital physicians and staff embarkedcommunity hospital,” says Claire. “He’s on their own journey to the top of Mount patients treated 286,941very articulate, but his inner feelings are Kilimanjaro (see page 3).hard for him to understand and express.” Proceeds from the Climb to Conquer sup-Josh is working hard at the therapy he port the construction currently underwayis doing at Markham Stouffville Hospital at Markham Stouffville Hospital. Specifi-and has come a long way. Recently, when cally, the event helped raise funds for the 235 Claire reminded him that it was sand day, hospital’s Mental Health Departmenthe said, “Thank goodness. I need it to- that will have an entire floor dedicated today. I need to work through a few more patients and families suffering with men- Bedsthings.”It’s been a journey for Josh and Claire to tal illnesses. The new area will include in- viting spaces where children and adoles- 1,446 VOlunteers 366get where they are today. cents are supported, not judged. Kids like Josh, who deal with mental illness eachAt the leading mental health treat- and every day, will be better able to fight pHYsiCiansment facility in York Region, MarkhamStouffville Hospital staff empathizes past the stigma of mental disorders and reach their own peaks. 1,821 staff Where There’s a Will THERE’S A WAy! make a difference. leave a Bequest. support markham stouffville Hospital. Jan Black at 905.472.7394 or visit: We’re Growing. Together.
  • 10. 10 Campaign fOr expansiOn. Building Our future! Celebrating our most recent Campaign donors (L to R): F O U N D A T I O N Joyce & elson Miles, Brendan Murphy, latif fazel and fred darvish of liberty development, rosina & sam Cesaroni, Peter Gilgan of Mattamy homes and friends presenting to Msh team. Your Hospital. Our Future. Building a Hospital is a Partnership Your enthusiasm is vital to the hospital. Thanks to our donors who have given Your dedication and support are the pillars of our success. between $10,000 – $99,999. The Stollery Family $5,000,000 Dan & Barbara Amadori Dr. Christyne & Mark Peters The Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation $2,500,000 Asif Ameer Denise & Andrew Pickett Liberty Development Corporation $2,000,000 Andrew & Sarah Arcand Dr. Cristina Popa H O S P I T A L Carlo & Angela Baldassarra Family $1,000,000 Mohammad & Samina Ashraf Vivienne Poy Canadians of Pakistani Origin $1,000,000 Dr. David Austin Patricia Preston John Kaptyn $1,000,000 Evelyn Bailey-Semeniuk Dr. Michal Selucky Mattamy Homes $1,000,000 Nigel Barton & Mary Jane DeKort Dr. Rustom Sethna Doug & Johanna Meharg $1,000,000 Janet Beed Dr. Hemant Shirali Elson & Joyce Miles $1,000,000 Dr. Mark Berber Dr. Gita Singh S T O U F F V I L L E PowerStream Inc. $1,000,000 Donald Brodie Gerry & Anita Smith Deborah Rotta-Loria & Family $1,000,000 Neil, Martin, Mitchell & Aaron Brown Frank & Freda Spain TACC Contruction Ltd. $1,000,000 and Family David & Cynthia Stead York Region Breast Cancer Friends $1,000,000 Carruthers Family Suzette Strong Kathleen P. Carrick $535,000 Michael Chan & Elaine Yu Belinda Tang Fieldgate Group of Companies $500,000 Dr. Neil Chang Eric & Susanne Tappenden John & Diane Gibson and Family $500,000 Dr. Joan Cheng Dr. Michael J. Taylor Herman & Marya Grad $500,000 Jose Danobeitia Dr. Brian Ticoll M A R K H A M Great Wall Fundraising Group $500,000 Dr. John A. Di Costanzo Khalid & Dr. Abida Usman H&R/Lindvest Developments $500,000 Tom Ehrlich John & Tess Van Netten HealthWithCare Medical Centre $500,000 Richard & Lynda Evans Dr. Phillip Wade Howard & Muriel Fairty Neil E. Walker RBC Foundation $500,000 Dr. Bertram & Zarina & Dr. Zul Wallani Scotiabank Group $500,000 Dr. Monique Forse Dr. Ron & Dawn Wallman TD Bank Group $500,000 Dennis & Ruth Fortnum Dr. Ralph Watt Times Group Corporation $500,000 Margaret M. Frith Ernst & Ilona Welmers Tracey Rubinoff Foundation $500,000 Dr. Caroline Geenen Dr. Jeffrey Werger Marc & Ashley Wade $500,000 Karen & Drew Gerrard Dr. P. J. Whelan Gale & Graham Wright $500,000 Janice & Gerard Gervais Whiteside - Henderson Family Ken & Carol Wildgoose and Family $350,000 Dr. Jeffrey & Alison Gilmour Sam & Rosina Cesaroni Family $250,000 Larry Grove Astellas Pharma Canada, Inc. Carman Lewis $250,000 Dr. Jerry J. Halik CIBC World Markets Inc. - Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation $250,000 Dr. Robert Hall & CIBC Children’s Foundation Fred Wang $250,000 Herbert Charles Dr. Shahida R. Khan Medicine Tom & Irene Shadlock $222,800 John & Bill Hollings Professional Corporation The Frank Scarpitti Charitable Foundation $200,000 Mollie Hood Ellesmere Fabricators Ltd. York Downs Golf & Country Club $200,000 Dr. Alan F. M. Ing Flato Developments Inc. North Markham 404 Partnership $150,000 Dr. Wendy Iseman Greenpark Group of Companies Monarch Corporation $125,000 Ronald & Mildred James Haladner Family Russell Beare $107,000 Warren & Deborah Jestin Mandarin Box Grove IBM Employees’ Charitable Fund $107,000 Scott & Jennifer Lawrence Metrus Development Inc. Alex Chiu Golf Tournament $100,000 Mark & Lori Lievonen MSH Directors & Clinical Directors Islamic Foundation of Toronto $100,000 John Livey National Homes Laurier Homes and Paradise Homes $100,000 Peter & Dorothy Mason Sherman Foundation Markham Radiologists $100,000 George McCowan The Rockport Group Primont Homes $100,000 David & Sanysa Merkel The Village Grocer Altaf Soorty & Family $100,000 Carole Moore & Peter van den Berg Unionville Ladies Golf Tournament Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. $100,000 William E. & Willa Norton Welfoods Ltd. York Region Media Group $100,000 Dr. Andrew & Ruth Patterson
  • 11. Dr. Daryl Lougheed Dr. Monique Villanueva Elaine Goulbourne Dr. Eileen Lougheed Arquint Jo-Anne Gray Dr. Charles & Dr. Michael Virro Dan Greene Dr. Beverly Lynde Dr. Phillip Wade Debra Grove Dr. Gopal Makan Zarina & Dr. Zul Wallani Mim Harder Dr. Jeff & Gila Martow Dr. Ron & Dawn Wallman Christina Hazell Dr. John M. Maxted Dr. Jeffry Wang Craig & Natalie James 11 Dr. Michael McLennan Dr. Patrick Wat Mary-Lou & John James Dr. Mitesh Mehta Dr. V. Moss Weinstock Christine Joe & William LewCampaign fOr expansiOn Dr. James Meindok Dr. Elaine Meinig The Weissberger Family Dr. Jeffrey Werger and Family Lisa JoycemarKHam stOuffVille David Milovanovic & Dr. Cinda Dyer Dr. P. J. Whelan Dr. Jennifer Wilson Melanie Kaplanis & Robert CookHOspital familY Dr. Lorraine Mingie Dr. Joseph Minkowitz Dr. Yishai Wise Dr. Richard Wong Anne Kennie Sharon KennyOur heartfelt thanks to the members of our Markham Stouffville Dr. Bernice Mitelman Dr. Allan J. Yee Gail KnaggsHospital family. Thanks for building our future together. Dr. Gail Morris Dr. Sheila Yuen Dwaine & Debbie Knight Dr. Patricia Jonathan KwanHospital and Young Park Dr. Terry Chung Mousmanis-Tsotsos Dr. Syed Haider Medicine Marjorie Lyn Denise & Andrew Pickett Dr. Elizabeth J. Cryer Dr. Vijay Nandal Professional Corporation Winnie MaFoundation Frank Pinguet Dr. David Dancey Dr. Bill Newton & Sharon Deepti Pasricha Medicine Joanne MacKenzieBoard Members Dr. Cristina Popa Dr. Carlos DeSequeira Omotani-Newton Professional Corp. Margie MackieSusan Acton Patricia Preston Dr. John A. Di Costanzo Dr. Ken & Emily Ng Markham Radiologists Gay MagrathDan & Barbara Amadori Frank & Nancy Scarpitti Dr. Anand Doobay Dr. Ronald & Norma Oda Markham Stouffville Sandy MarangosMohammad & Samina John & Michelle Scott Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Dr. Crystal Pallister Anesthesia Association Shellyna Moledina Ashraf Dr. Rustom Sethna Esterbauer Dr. Larry & Pat Pancer McLaren Medicine Carole Moore &Dr. David Austin Bob Shepherd The Faulds Family Dr. Andrew & Ruth Professional Corporation Peter van den BergEvelyn Bailey-Semeniuk David & Cynthia Stead Dr. Catherine Feuer Patterson David Morris Cailey Stollery Dr. Thomas & Vanessa Filosa Dr. Emmanuel Persad Justin MusclowPhil BannonPeter Bar Suzette Strong Dr. Monique Fitch Dr. Christyne & Mark Peters Our Staff Family Fernando & Catherine OrtizNigel Barton & Belinda Tang Dr. Bertram & Dr. Jane Philpott Ruth Allen Timothy Pemberton Mary Jane DeKort Eric & Susanne Tappenden Dr. Monique Forse Dr. Cristina Popa Cheryl & Dain Andrews Nadia RamloganJanet Beed Lisa & Mark Tomjenovic Dr. Caroline Geenen Dr. Colette Pyselman and Clayton Antliff Joachim RavothMario Belanger David & Elaine Tsubouchi Dr. Jeffrey & Alison Gilmour Dr. Peter Haw Brian & Jane Barrow Simone RealiBrian Bentz Khalid & Dr. Abida Usman Dr. Rusty Goodman Dr. Menaka Rajasingham Melissa Beauchamp & Reshma RegoMaria Bosnjak Whiteside - Henderson Dr. Deepa Grewal & Family Dr. Sonia Sabir Andrew Dow Magda Rigo and Fred,Christopher Bratty Family Dr. Jerry J. Halik Dr. Obodai Sai Janet Beed Courtney & JeffreyCarruthers Family Ken & Carol Wildgoose Dr. Robert Hall & Herbert Dr. Gweneth Sampson Allan J. Bell MottashedSilvio DeGasperis and Family Charles Dr. Leonard Schwartz Jan Black Tira RoilosJack Eisenberger Dr. Karen Held Dr. Michal Selucky Robert & Sian Bull Maureen Rose Dr. Roberta Hood Dr. Rustom Sethna Lynne & Bob Campkin Eileen RussellWayne EmmersonRichard & Lynda Evans Our Physicians Dr. Elhadi Hussein Dr. Anoosh Sharif Emma Castro Julia ScottDennis & Ruth Fortnum Dr. Michelle Allain Dr. Alan F. M. Ing Dr. Hemant Shirali Aileen Chan Susan SheffieldTyrone & Hilda Gan Dr. Isabel Alvarez Dr. Wendy Iseman Mr. Samy & Dr. Phoebe Jean-Marie Chan Kin Don ShieldsKaren & Drew Gerrard Dr. Shobana Ananth Dr. Douglas Jang Shokry Jennifer Chen & Keith SimmsJanice & Gerard Gervais Dr. Neil Applebaum Dr. Julio Kan Dr. David Shulman Joseph Gan Julia SmithHerman & Marya Grad Dr. Andrew & Sarah Arcand Dr. Vimal Scott Kapoor & Dr. Irving & Isabel Siegel Diane Chin Yee Kari SmithWarren & Deborah Jestin Dr. George M. Arnold Dr. Brij Mohan Kapoor Dr. Sara Sigal Schwartz Tracy Clegg & Tim White Michael SteirmanDebora Kelly Dr. David Austin Dr. David H. Kim Dr. Gita Singh Jennifer & Mac Cosburn Suzette StrongJoseph Lebovic Dr. Sarah Barclay Dr. Barbara King Dr. Munesh Singh Suzanne Couture Julie SullivanDanny Leung Dr. Luke Bearss Dr. Felice Lackman & Dr. Astrid Sjodin Madeline Cuadra Kathy TallidisMark & Lori Lievonen Dr. Mark Berber Sheldon Caplin Dr. Crystal A. Smith Danef Family Melissa & Alessandra TucciJohn Livey Dr. Avidis Boudakian Dr. Ho-Yin Lau Dr. Henry Solow Nancy Day Neil E. WalkerPeter & Dorothy Mason Dr. Hedy Boutros Dr. Khoa Le Dr. Michael Steirman Donna & Wayne Doherty Joshua & Esther WestBlair McArthur Dr. Margaret Bugdahn Dr. Ambrose Lee Dr. Christopher Stephen Adam Erwood Jenny T. YangGeorge & Carolina Moretti Dr. Shehbaz Butt Dr. T-Y Joseph Lee Dr. Sam Sue Natasha & Mark Fieldman Sharon & Sander YiuNikola Mracic & Family Dr. & Mrs. James Carson Dr. Anastasios T. Leventis Dr. Kenneth Tang Cheryl Flaherty Facilities & Support ServicesGerri Lynn O’Connor Dr. Neil Chang Dr. Jody Lewtas Dr. Michael J. Taylor Nancy Fletcher Maternal Child LeadershipAvo Oudabachian Dr. Kelly Chapman Dr. Janice Li Dr. Joseph Telch Julie Gauthier GroupJane E. Pagel Dr. Lily Chen Dr. Edith Linkenheil Dr. Brian Ticoll Cathy Gell MSH Directors &Dr. Crystal Pallister Dr. Joan Cheng Dr. Paul Lokoff Dr. Padmini N. Turlapati Denis Godbout Clinical DirectorsOur COmmunitY COming tOgetHer tO Build Our HOspitalOur thanks and appreciation to those who have given between April, 1 2010 and March 31, 2011.Brick by Brick Saeid Aghaei Dr. Mark Berber Dr. Bertram & Dr. Jerry J. Halik Peter & Dorothy Mason Dan & Barbara Amadori Donald Brodie Dr. Monique Forse Dr. Robert Hall & George McCowanOur Hospital is Asif Ameer Carruthers Family Dennis & Ruth Fortnum Herbert Charles Dr. Andrew &Growing Andrew & Sarah Arcand Michael Chan & Elaine Yu Dr. Caroline Geenen Mollie Hood Ruth Patterson$10,000 – $99,999 Mohammad & Samina Dr. Neil Chang Karen & Drew Gerrard Dr. Alan F. M. Ing Dr. Christyne & Mark Peters Ashraf Dr. Joan Cheng Janice & Gerard Gervais Dr. Wendy Iseman Denise & Andrew Pickett Evelyn Bailey-Semeniuk Angela Chiu Hashem Ghadaki Warren & Deborah Jestin Dr. Cristina Popa Nigel Barton & Dr. John A. Di Costanzo Dr. Jeffrey & Alison Gilmour Dr. Barbara King Patricia Preston Mary Jane DeKort Tom Ehrlich Herman & Marya Grad Paul Lai Dr. Rustom Sethna Janet Beed Richard & Lynda Evans Larry Grove Danny Leung Dr. Hemant Shirali
  • 12. Dr. Najmul Siddiqui Gustav Boehringer Brian Johnston Magda Rigo and Fred, William Webb Larry Kinlin & Gerry & Anita Smith Nick Borgh Walter Jones Courtney & Jeffrey Peter & Lucienne Weeks Associates Inc. Altaf Soorty & Family Maria Bosnjak Jean & Denise Joubert Mottashed Whiteside - Henderson Leung Lam & Company Frank & Freda Spain Deborah Bouchard Samira Kanji Bruce & Isabel Risebrough Family Chartered Accountants Belinda Tang Bernice Bowers Dr. Vimal Scott Kapoor & Dr. Lloyd & Nancy Robertson Dr. Mitchell Whyne Lillian & Leroy Page Dr. Michael J. Taylor Michael Browne Brij Mohan Kapoor Jan Rogers Kent & Judy Wideman Foundation12 Dr. Brian Ticoll Peter Browne Yash Kapur John & Marcia Rosenthal Peter Williamson Mandarin Box Grove John & Tess Van Netten Robert & Sian Bull Joan Kaufman Lucille Ross George & Leone Wilson Manor Hill Fine Art Dr. Phillip Wade Howard Burkholder Nancy Keays Michael J. & Sandra Rozario Markham Fair Ron Wilson Neil E. Walker Robert W. Campbell Debora Kelly Gary Rubinoff Markham Stouffville F O U N D A T I O N Dr. Allan J. Yee Zarina & Dr. Zul Wallani Lynne & Bob Campkin Anne Kennie Mel Rubinoff Anesthesia Association Sharon & Sander Yiu Dr. Ron & Dawn Wallman Dr. James & Denise Carson Dr. James & June Kerr Carl Rush Mark’s Choice Ltd. Stella Yusko Ernst & Ilona Welmers Malcolm Carter Khalid Khokhar Reginald Russell McLaren Medicine Dr. Jeffrey Werger Allen Cawfield Harry Kleingeld Dr. Sonia Sabir Professional Corporation Dr. P. J. Whelan Linda Chambers Marla & David Korman and Larry Saltsman Allstate Insurance Moses & Temara Tobe Joan Whittaker Kwok Ming Chan Family Robert & Beryl Sanderson Company of Canada Foundation Inc. Gwen Cheung Gene & Cathy Kosmyna Joan & George Sands Ansar Financial Group Northbridge Financial Corp. Alex Chiu Golf Tournament Jeff & Shawna Citron Jonathan Kwan Maryann Schiml Aspen Ridge Homes Novo Plastics Inc. CIBC World Markets Dr. Michael Clarfield Ting Nam Lau Harold Schmidt Atlantic Group OPG Employees’ & Inc - CIBC Children’s Jeffrey Cohen Philip & Loretta Lavell David Schwartz BEA Transit Solutions Pensioners’ Charity Trust H O S P I T A L Foundation Terry Coughlin & Dr. Khoa Le John & Michelle Scott BMO Employee Charitable Partnership Holdings Ltd. Dr. Syed Haider Medicine Marlene Storry William & Hazel Leal Julia Scott Foundation Precise ParkLink Professional Corporation Bill Crothers Danny Leung Greenpark Group of Dr. Elizabeth Cryer Dr. Anastasios T. Leventis Companies Ken Crystal David Lever Grote Industries Danef Family Mark & Lori Lievonen H&R/Lindvest Dr. Shahnaz Dar R. & C. Lillie Developments Glenn Daurio, Rhonda Dr. Edith Linkenheil S T O U F F V I L L E Haladner Family Franklin & Family John Livey Interlynx Relocation Raymond & Irene Davies Dr. Eileen Lougheed Management Joanne Davis-Greenlaw Hazel M. Ludlow Krylov & Company Jean Deverill Eddie & Gladys Mak Barristers Mehboob Dhalla Robert Mandel Laurier Homes and Mary Francis Drudge Sandy Marangos Paradise Homes Norman & Mary Drudge Mohan Markandaier Longo’s Family Charitable Margaret Elliott Paul & Avril Martin Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Peter & Dorothy Mason Metrus Development Inc. Esterbauer Roy & Barbara Megarry M A R K H A M Monarch Corporation Peter & Margaret Faye Dr. Elaine Meinig National Homes Dr. Thomas & Vanessa Peter Menkes Scotiabank Group Filosa Joanne Mercer Sherman Foundation Dr. Bertram & Mr. Ali Mesgarzadeh Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. Dr. Monique Forse Evelyn Metcalfe The Rockport Group Glenn Fortin Philina Milanczak William & Mary Ann Scott Box Grove Community RE/MAX Realtron The Toronto and Region Nick Foster Carol Miller & Dr. Shivani Sharma Centre RegalCraft Homes Conservation Authority John & Susan Francis Graham Knope Susan Sheffield Brookfield Asset SIOR Welfoods Ltd. Mario Frocione Shellyna Moledina Mildred Sherwood Management Inc. Spring Air Sommex Corp. York Region Breast Cancer Faith Futter James & Dianne Monnot Dr. Munesh Singh Canada-HK New Horizon St. Augustine C.E.S. Friends Kevin & Delma Gaffney Louise Ferri & Brian Monti J. Grace & Allan Singleton Lions Club St. Brother André C.H.S. Tyrone & Hilda Gan A. George Moreton Sharon Smith Carson & Weeks Insurance Steeles Memorial Chapel Pat & Rogers Gardham Miles Nadal Julia Smith Brokers Inc. TELUS Corp. Stephen & Paula Gardner Omar & Yasmin Nazir Barry Smith Casino Rama The Garden Basket Madeline Gibson Dr. Bill Newton & Sharon Dr. Crystal A. Smith Conceptwave The Manchee Foundation We’re Building. Dorothy Gilbert Omotani-Newton Gerry & Anita Smith Cora Marham The Naomi and Gerald Together Bill Goold Ruth Nichols Dr. Henry Solow Cover-All Computer Goldenberg and Family $1,000 – $9,999 Elaine Goulbourne Joan Nishikawa Shirley Sommers Services Corp. Charitable Foundation Gaetan Gravel Kaz & Sachi Nishio David & Cynthia Stead DST Output Canada Inc. Tyco Electronics Mrs. Donald B. Acton Reginald Gray William E. & Willa Norton Gary Stern Father Michael McGivney Canada Ltd. Marcel Aitoro Bram Green Ruth Ogino Suzette Strong Catholic Academy Upper Canada Sajid Alimohamed Dan Greene Charles & Lore Ormrod Dr. Sam Sue FCT Specialty Hardware Dr. Michelle Allain Lloyd & Helen Ham Dr. Crystal Pallister Susanna Tang Flato Developments Inc. 707371 Ontario Ltd. Othmar & Gloria Altmann Ione Hardcastle Naren & Pravina Patel Eric & Susanne Tappenden Goodmans LLP 843772 Ontario Ltd. Jeanette Anbinder Garry & Antonia Harding Ed & Sherilyn Pearce John & Michelle Tidball Guild Electric Charitable Shirley Ashurst Maura Harrington Dr. Jane Philpott Anne & Matthew Foundation Annette Atkinson Dr. Karen Held Frank Pinguet Tomljenovic Havana Nights Supper Club Dr. David Austin Robert & Marie Henderson Craig & Adela Pinnock John Troyer Industrial Alliance Phil Bannon Timen Ho F. W. & Judy Powell Khalid & Dr. Abida Usman Insurance and Financial Robert & Carolyn Barber Jackie Hodgson Tsolmon Purevjav Robert Vallee Services Inc. Michael Barrack Mary Holloway Dr. Colette Pyselman & Dr. Zul & Almas Verjee J & J Shared Services - Russell Beare Christina Holmes Dr. Peter Haw Ralph & Valerie Viegas A Division of Greg Beehler Douglas & Nancy Hortin Yahya Qureshi Dr. Monique Villanueva Janssen-Ortho Inc. Mario Belanger Maxwell Jackson Dale Rae Arquint Jasco Holdings Ltd. Stephen Belgne Mary-Lou & John James Annie Rafferty Fred Wang JustLabour Temporary Help William & Margaret Benson Warren & Deborah Jestin Vennila Raja Trevor Watson KPMG Enterprise Dr. Paul & Cathy Farzana Jiwani & Aly Virji Bernard Reesor Dr. Ralph Watt Binhammer Christine Joe & William Lew John Reesor Dr. Donald & Elizabeth Way Korman Associates, Dr. Bob & Julie Boadway and Family Robert & Susan Reid Donald J. Way Barristers & Solicitors
  • 13. Every Penny Glen & Elizabeth Christie Day Richard Henwood Jilly Lee Brad & Lara Morris Brubacher P. Jane De Guerre Donald & Sandra Hewson Dr. Joseph Lee Bernice & Cyril MoxleyCounts Urah Bryan & Gerald & Andrea De Waal John & Joyce Hiatt Phyllis Lee Nikola Mracic & Family$250 – $999 Sharon Williams Wilbert Dean Ken Hillcoff Susanna Lee Anita MuiThank you. Darshan Bugeaud Joseph DeMarco Craig Hind John Lehman Herbert MurrayDue to space limitations Richard Burkholder Lionel DeMercado Joanna Ho Nancy Leonard John Mussowe could not list everyone Marianne & Bob Burrell Rick & Linda Dennis Norbert Hoeller Royle Leung Edward & Audrey Mynahan 13who gave under $250. Arnold & Phyllis Burton Chris & Paula DeNure Lorna Hogg Gordon & Joan Lever Amtul Nadirsheikh Michael Cammalleri Guang Di & Jueqiang Cai Nancy Fung Yee Hui Dean Levitt Betty Nelson-FrenchTerence Akerman Jack Campbell John Di Poce Ronald Huisman Joseph Levy Linda NesbittJeff & Catherine Albin Walter & Yvonne Campbell Arthur & Susan Dickinson Lorne & Yvonne Hurst Robert Lewocz Donald NewmanBrian & Helen Allen Douglas Cannon Carmen Di-Paola Dr. Irene Hussain Yvonne Li Hoa NgoDustin Allen William Carnaghan Tara & Robert Donaghey Nuzhat & Maha Hussain Mei-Na Liao Robert & Carolyn NicholsonPeter & Coleen Allum Nancy Carroll Dan & Petra Donnelly Donald & Helen Huxtable Cecile Lillie Norman NighDr. Shobana Ananth Gordon & Betty Case Gilles & Dolores Dore Bao Minh Huynh & R. & C. Lillie Kin Bing Ellayne NipJohn & Carol Ann Anderson Joanne Cermak Ronald Dornan Loan Tran An Yuan Lin Rick NishikawaPeter Anderson Alan Chan Baris & Evelina Dortok Ralph Hyatt Fraser & Marijan Lindsay Greig Nishio &Jean Andrews Sui Chau Chan Ronald Duckworth Corrado Iacono Joyce Liu Carolynne MoriAsif Ansari Charles Chang Maureen Dudley Arlene Ide Kevin & Teresa Liu Ruby NortonAtif Ansari Brent Chapman Cynthia Duncan Ahmed Ijaz Sam Lo Dr. Ronald & Norma OdaIrina Antipova & Fonda Chau Deborah Dunphy Maria Ilari Frank & Sylvia Loewen Ian Oliver Serge Holmberg Iftikhar Cheema Robert Durnford David & Myrna Ingalls Dr. Paul Lokoff Hyman Orfus Larry Durst Ranny Ip Jackson Loong Stephen and Megan Orr Henry & Shirley Edamura Maurice & Dawn Jack James & Isabel Lyle Ferat Osmani Thomas & Kathleen Karim & Shehnila Jadavji Jeanette Lynch Jane E. Pagel Edgerton Werner & Verena Jaeger Dr. Charles & Charles & Mary Painter Darryl Edwards Eric Jaffer Dr. Beverly Lynde David & Jean Painter Colleen Evans-Lavadan Wenqing Jiang H. E. Lyon Julie Pang Robert & Barbara Everist Neil & Noreen Johnston Elaine Ma Doreen Parker Ytske Eyre Ian & Sandra Joiner John MacDonald Sarwan Singh Parmar Jiang Jing Fan Cal Jones Murray Macfarlane Rick Pasternac Grant & Joyce Farrier Violet Jones Charles MacInnes Ashvin & Hansa Patel Elizabeth Fevreau Tom & Indu Joseph Joanne MacKenzie Elwood & Audrey Pattenden David & Sharon Fieghen Robert Kam & Phyllis Major Roy & Anne Pearce Natasha & Mark Fieldman Sharon Cheung Constance Mak Timothy Pemberton Dr. Gerald W. Filgiano Muhunthan Kanagaratnam Yu Sun Mak Domenic & Antonietta Petta Sally Filosa Akira Kawai Terry Malone Jacques Philosophe William & Elizabeth Fitz Colin Kelly Linda Marr Alan & Arlene Pink Paul Flexman Alexander Kelman Bruce & Patricia Marshall George Plumb Patricia Forrestall Donna Kemp Joseph & Elizabeth Michael Polzler Vince Forrestall Melanie Kendal Marshall Dr. Carl Porter Dr. Anne Forsythe Moore, Patrick Kennelly Cristine Martin Russell & Margaret PorterGordon Armstrong Jennifer Chen & Ph.D. Michael & Lorraine Kenney Ronald Mattacott Elizabeth PriceNirmala Armstrong Joseph Gan Marc Fortin Abdul Khan Dr. John & Louise Maxted Jill PriorLisa Atkinson Lily Chen Thomas Fox Eldred & Beulah King George McCowan John PrsaLila Bain Bob & Claire Chester Martin & Joyce Fredricks Patrick & Alison King Blair McCreadie Peter PuhlSivanandachelvan Ellen Cheung Jack Frieberg John Klecker Robert & Betty McCulloch Peter Quinn Balaraman George Christoffer Wayne Gambell Walter & Margo Knecht David McGill Preemesh RanaElizabeth Baldaro William Christofilos Keith & Debbie Gammie Ranbir Kohli Bill McGilvray Clifford & Diane RandallJordan & Faith Banks Victor Chu Sugumar Ganesan Richard & Rita Kong Frederick McGuire Serafino & Rosa RaponiErnest & Wilma Bardocz Donald Chubbuck Joseph Gariup Dr. Mark & Frances Sylvia McGuire TharmalinghamLesley Barnett Elaine Chung Edward George Kortschot Anne McIntosh RasaratinamReal Bedard & Ka Liung Chung Ted & Lillian Given Stephanie Douglas & Cathy McIntosh Joachim Ravoth Elizabeth Blakley H. Chung-Chum-Lam Lynn & Larry Glazer Koufes-MacMillan John & Kathleen McKay Stanley & Myrtle RaynerJames & Eileen Beierl David & Dorothy Clark Roger & Kathleen Glazin Joseph & Zlatica Kozich Bonnie McMaster Margaret ReaumeDoris W. Bell Tammy Clements Marty & Avra Goldhar Dr. Steven Kranc Jean McNab Dr. Carol RedmondJean & Alexander Bell Dennis Cline Kathryn & Chris Goldsmith David & Irena Kurtz Colomba Melino Peter ReesorJoe & Isobel Bell Paul Clinton Alan Goldstein Sig Kusatz Patrick Meneley Joanna Reesor-McDowellDr. Ron & Gail Beveridge Erma Collins William & Mary Graber Cliff & June Labbett Michael Meras Diana RegendanzJan Black Ann Conely Doreen Graham Dr. Felice Lackman & Mel Mezzarobba Donald & Linda RegierJohn & Melanie Boscariol Murray Conrad William & Darlene Graham Sheldon Caplin Ugo Micone Ursula ReiterDr. Russell & Jean Boyd Lorne & Jean Cook Richard & Victoria Grant John Ladouceur Donald & Debra Miller Brian & Ellen RelphWilliam & Ruth Boynton Jennifer Cook-Spanton Dennis & S. Lillian Green Kitty Lai Jim Miller Herb & Janice RempelVincent & Karen Brady Jennifer & Mac Cosburn Gordon & Alice Greig Connie Lam Leonard Miller Jerry & Shirley RenwickRuth Braithwaite Bram Costin Anne & Bruce Grubbe Kitty Lam Edgar & Dorothy Mills Phyllis RitchieFrank Braun Robert Cressatti Kassim Haji Rowena Lam David Milovanovic & Victoria RitchieDavid & Shirley Brennan Reg Crozier John & Alice Hamilton Katherine Landell Dr. Cinda Dyer Colvin RiviereBruce Brocklebank Cosimo Crupi Jim Handy John & Marjorie Lang Risa Mintz Richard RobbinsArt & Carol Brooker Madeline Cuadra Elmer Harding Ted & Lynda Langdon Farooq Mir Neil & Nancy RobertsCharles Brown Mark Cucco Lois Harris Gary Langlands Evagelos & Magda Lise RobertsonLaura Brown John Currie Averil Harvey Al & Anne Lanning Mitskopoulos Brian Roman &Margery Brown & Patricia Czetyrbok Betty Hastings Barbara Lanys Yiu-Hing Mok Carol Trattner Richard Higham Victor D’Alfonso Don Haynes Phil & Loretta Lavell John & Margaret Moment Bruce RoseNancy Brown Dr. David Dancey David & Barbara Hencher Ray Lavitt Kenneth Moon Reg & Nancy RoweSari Brown Satya Dash Robert Henderson Catherine Lee George & Kay Morishita Ernest & Jean Ryman
  • 14. Norma Salivan George & Agatha Wang Hunter Douglas Your Loyalty Keith & Nancy Clark Gordon & Alice Greig Mitchell Sanders Harry Wanless Hydro One Employees’ Dennis Cline John Greig Gord & Linda Sato Brenda Wareham and Pensioners’ Charity Means Building Charles & Janella Clubine Betty Grove Patricia Savage Dr. Siek Wassenaar Trust Fund a Healthier George & Anna Maria Herb Guttman Zonie Schmidt Patrick Wat J & R Tax and Community Cocchi George & Audrey Haley George & Lori Schnarr Barbara Watson Accounting Services Our heartfelt thanks to our William & Janet Cockwell Dr. Jerry J. Halik14 Eric Schofield Ruth Watson J11 IT Solutions loyal donors who have given Douglas & Sydney Conant Lori Hall & James Stevens Ruthven Seepersad Lester & Bonnie Weatherill Jack Filled Foreign to our hospital every year for Margaret Conner Lloyd & Helen Ham S. Seon Diane Weaver Exchange Inc. the last 10 years. Murray Conrad Maura Harrington Giancarlo & Nicoletta Soma Weerasinghe JL Pound Consulting Jennifer Cook-Spanton Herbert & Janet Harris F O U N D A T I O N Serrafero Victor & Lorraine Wells John Hurlburt Holdings Ltd. Terence Akerman Wayne & Vicki Copp Betty Hastings Ben Seto Waltraut Weprajetzki Johnny Bistro Robert & Sylvia Alexander Jose & Dardanella Coquia Allan & Nadia Hawkins Wa On Seto John & Elizabeth Kisko Products Peter & Coleen Allum Roger & Patricia Correia Art & Donna Hayden Shelley Sewell Westbrook Knights of Columbus, Elfrida Alves & Monica Alves Terry Coughlin & Gordon & Agnes Hemms Mohammad Shaharyar Chris, Tracey & Council No. 11708 John & Carol Ann Anderson Marlene Storry Lindsay Hemms Mary Shank Syndey White Lafarge North America Inc. Jean Andrews Bruce & Mona Hilda Herdman Willis Shank Eileen Wideman Lipton LLP Gordon Armstrong Couperthwaite James & Isabel Hewlett Cory Sherman Stephen & Jackie Wilkinson Mackenzie Financial William Avis Ernest Cozens Dan & Sherri Holden Francis Sherman Michael Wilson Charitable Foundation Michael & Elizabeth Baillie J.A. Craig Douglas & Nancy Hortin Hartley & Millie Shkolnik Ronald Wilson Markham District H.S. Elizabeth Baldaro Reg Crozier Sylvia Houghton H O S P I T A L Mohd Azam Siddiqi Melanie Winter & Masters Insurance John & Juanita Balmer Don & Lynn Crymble William & Helen Ilott Qamrul Siddiqui Neal Baker Company Steven & Maria Bankovich Margaret Curtis Frank Jago Raymond Simmons Gerald & Joan Winters Mazda Canada Inc. Douglas G. Barnes Jack & M. Elizabeth Daniels N. C. James Irene Sin Andrew Wiseman Michael-Angelo’s Donald & Frances Bartlett Jewan & Nirmattie Datt Audrey Johnson Michele Singleton Chi Wang Wong & Market Place Inc. Edward & Ellen Batten Violet Datzeff Henry Johnson Panos & Anneta Skamis Cho Har Ng Mitsubishi Electric Sales Fred Baxter Dorothy Davidson Ray & Irene Johnson Larry & Barbara Skelton Kam Wong Canada Inc. Russell Beare Joanne Davis-Greenlaw Eva & Adam Johnstone Roy Smiley Monita Wong Mohammed Kanwal Robert & Rosemary Beckett William & Cynthia Dawson Ian & Sandra Joiner S T O U F F V I L L E Albert & Jean Smith Stanford & Joyce Wong Family Foundation Gordon & Maryanne Gerald & Andrea De Waal Cal Jones Alaeddin & Farideh Robert Woods Nadeem Irfan Architect Inc. Beddome Wilbert Dean George Jones Soltanzadeh Ross & Carol Worthylake Northern Technologies Corp. James & Eileen Beierl John Delic Violet Jones Catherine Helen St. John James & Joanne Wright Northwood Developments Jean & Alexander Bell Joseph DeMarco Barry & Alice Kant Teresa Wu Inc. William & Margaret Benson Penny Dempsey Yatishkumar Karia Kathryn Stephens Primrose Wylde Margaret Bertrim Pasquale & Anna Di Ruscio Joan Kaufman D. E. Stephenson Old Firehall Confectionery Janet Bessey Norma Kennedy Robert Stephenson Tzu-Mei Yit Onwood Industries Inc. James & Nancy Dickin Dr. Ron & Gail Beveridge Dr. James & June Kerr Anna Stern Choon-Shik Yoon PACE Savings & Credit Raul & Celeste Dionisio Pamela Bird Ehsannullah & Parveen Khan Nancy Storton Lois Young Union Ltd. Lawrence & Alice D’Mello Arnheit Blauert Trevor Kimpton Metro Styba Peter Young Perlane Construction Lloyd Dodgson M A R K H A M Nelson & Betty King Julie Sullivan Pinnacle Transport Ltd. Marion & Lorne Boadway Tara & Robert Donaghey John Klecker Mits Sumiya Acco Financial Groups Ralph & Maureen Phillips Gustav Boehringer Robert & Pat Dorey Walter & Margo Knecht G. Suthaharan Adalan Development Corp. Family Foundation Imre & Elizabeth Boroczi Velma Douglas Gerald & Margaret Knee Andrew Sylvester Alcorn & Associates Ltd. RSM Richter Milton & Solange Boyle Mary Drewery A. David & Irene Kneeshaw Thomas & Ruth Talbot Ventex Inc. S & H Realty Corp. William & Ruth Boynton Mary Francis Drudge William & Miriam Knowles Fu Hoi Tan Anden Bath Centre San Lorenzo Ruiz C.E.S. Leigh Brain Ronald Duckworth Lau Ying Kong Stephen & Gabriele Tar AstraZeneca Canada Inc. Shahzad Siddiqui Frank Braun Wilfred Dupuis Emmie Koon A. David & Barbara Taylor Bell Canada Employee Professional Corporation Edmund & Alice Bredin Adrianne Easton Armin & Christa Kratel Betty Taylor Giving Program Sinclair-Cockburn Financial David & Shirley Brennan Byron & Marie Edney Rudolf & Brigitte Kroen Elizabeth Taylor Forese A Bertoia Litigation Group Margaret Briggs Dr. Ronald & Maria Sangarapillai Kumarasamy Ruth Taylor & Business Valuation Ltd. Skelton Truck Lines Ltd. Audrey Brown Esterbauer Sig Kusatz Edwin Ter Horst Bisceglia & Associates Soncin Construction Corp. Eleanor Brown Robert & Barbara Everist Gordon & Doreen Lak Rajbinder Thandi Professional Corp. Southwire Canada Inc. Earl Bulger James Fehr Robert & Agnes Langille Ruth Thiessen Brinel Interiors St. Brigid C.E.S. Chris Burchell Urich & Eulice Ferdinand Al & Anne Lanning Ray & Helen Thornton Canada Computers St. Mark C.E.S. Marianne & Bob Burrell Elvira Ferrari John & Jennifer Lanyon Scott & Heather Tippin The Canada Life Stewart Allen Arnold & Phyllis Burton David & Sharon Fieghen Angelo & Francesca Lauretta Harry Tonogai Assurance Co. Strategies 4 IMPACT! Inc. Bryan Burton Ronald Field Philip & Loretta Lavell Cang Vuong Tram Canadian Mar Thoma Structform Central Corp. Louis Cagnin Robert & Dianne Fisher William & Hazel Leal Doreen Trifiletti Church Toronto Suncor Energy Foundation Audrey Cain William & Elizabeth Fitz Dr. Avrom & Susan Lebovic Myra Truscott Cesaroni Management Ltd. Supremetronic Inc. Antonio & Maria Cammisuli Andrew & Joyce Fordyce Peter & King Cheung Lee Po Chor Tse Charlton Family The Benjamin Foundation Robert W. Campbell Robert & Rosie Forget Phyllis Lee Melissa & Alessandra Tucci Charitable Foundation The CableShoppe Inc. Walter & Yvonne Campbell Floyd Forsyth W & A Wan Wah Lee Norman Tucker Coledale P.S. The Sam Sorbara Ida Cariglia Thomas Fox Laura Leger Gwendolyne Turnpenny Comteq Instruments Corp. Charitable Foundation Malcolm Carter Martin & Joyce Fredricks John Lehman Earl Tyndale Cragg Dentistry Unique Contractors Ltd. Kevin & Susan Cash Anna Fretz Robert & Diane LeMottee Joy Valeny Professional Corporation Valecon Properties Kenneth & Mary Chalk Judith Friedl Alvine Lestal Alfred & Magda Veltmann Delmark Financial Inc. Partnership Jimmy Chan Keith & Debbie Gammie Helen Leung Sergio Vettese Ehsan C.A. Vedic Cultural Centre- Barbara Chang Pat & Rogers Gardham P. & L. Leung Eric Vilensky Professional Corp. Toronto Arya Samaj Fonda Chau Stephen & Paula Gardner Joan Lewis John & Betty Vilimas Financial Planning Viking Shrine Club Basil & Inez Cheong Edward George Fraser & Marijan Lindsay Franco Villa Standards Council 1375051 Ontario Ltd. Ben & Maggie Cheung Lloyd & Dorothy George Cameron Linton Maria Volpe Fontaine Source For Sports 617224 Ontario Inc. Jeremy Cheung Karen & Drew Gerrard Bob & Judy Liptrott Hitesh Vyas Gerry Lee and Associates Albert Chin D. Gilbert James & Ilene Lyall Frank Vysoki Gord’s No Frills David & Irene Chiu Ted & Lillian Given Raff & Eleanor Lynch Raja Waheed Great Gulf Homes Ernest & Ruby Chong Roger & Kathleen Glazin H. E. Lyon Dr. Ron & Dawn Wallman Charitable Foundation George Christoffer Andrew Gledhill Dorothy MacAloney Gord Walter Harbridge & Cross Ltd. Cecelia Chung John & Alice Gordon Gordon MacBride Ip-Sum & Wai Fong Wan Himelfarb, Proszanski LLP Richard Chung Loraine Gore Domenic & Guiseppina David & Alice Wang Barristers & Solicitors David & Dorothy Clark William & Darlene Graham Maduri
  • 15. Rajeshkumar & Maya Joan Nishikawa Aldine Sinclair John & Elizabeth Community Estrellita DeGuzman Magan Greig Nishio & Edward V. & Renate Westbrook Joseph DeMarcoChris & Anastasia Mak Carolynne Mori Skrabek Lena White Angels Making Arthur & Susan DickinsonStephen & Joanne Marino Kaz & Sachi Nishio Dorothy Smith Walter & Shirley Whitham a Difference Agoritsa DigiovanniFrank Marshall Innis Nolan Harold & Gwen Smith Joan Whittaker Month by Month Mildred DixonJohn & Kathryn Marshall Bruce & Ruth Nord Russell & Audrey Smith Jacqueline Wilfert Thank you for building a Donna & Wayne DohertyDavid & Bianca Mason Ruby Norton Pat Solary Stephen & Jackie Wilkinson healthier community, month Dan & Petra Donnelly 15Jean Mastin William E. & Willa Norton Shirley Sommers Beryl Williams by month, brick by brick. Robert & Pat DoreyPeter & Judy Mateer Emily Oates Adriana Spaargaren Paul & Edith Williams Jim & Eleanor DornanBarbara McBride Toshi Oikawa Frank & Freda Spain Reta Williams Savitri Ahuja Velma DouglasAlastair McCallum Tony Omotani James & Doris Spencer Douglas & M. Phyllis Rafia & Azma Akhtar Cynthia DuncanGeorge McCowan Karen Owen Kenneth & Eva Spiece Willson Jeff & Catherine Albin Faith DunlopJohn McCreight Wayne Owen Catherine Helen St. John Earl & Marie Wilson Ivan & Bette Ann Amery Robert DurnfordClifford & Nancy McGill Catherine Paglialunga Pier & Susan Steffan Ronald & Phyllis Wilson John & Carol Ann Anderson Hilda DwyerHugh & Lois McGinn Murray & Jean Painter Cecilia Steirman Gerald & Joan Winters Peter Anderson Thomas & KathleenJohn & Kathleen McKay Perry Pang Evelyn Stephens Anton & Maria Wolf Michael & Elizabeth Baillie EdgertonJeffrey McKechnie Patricia Pantin Kathryn Stephens Frank & Nina Wolfe Ala Baker Edna EdmondsonJohn & Noreen McKenna Doreen Parker Constance Stephenson Anne Wong Lois Baker Carole & Maurice ElliottMary McLean Alicia Parry D. E. Stephenson Fung-Ling Wong Elizabeth Baldaro Arch & Shirley EvansWinifred McLeod Ashvin & Hansa Patel John & Joyce Storey Josephine Wong John & Anne Bandorf Ytske EyreBonnie McMaster Harold & Nellie Pearson A. Milne Stouffer Marina Wong Ernest & Wilma Bardocz Raafat FaragJean McNab Patricia Peterkin Perry & Janet Stover Peter Wong Hilda Barrett Linda Farrier John Stradling Carl & Eleanor Wride Melissa Beauchamp & James Fehr Ralph Strutt Teresa Wu Andrew Dow Robert Ferguson Wilfred & A. Sukhnandan Daniel Wusatiuk James Belanger Gordon Ferns Daniel & Kay Sum William Philip Yarn Doris W. Bell David & Sharon Fieghen Ernest & Terezija Svetanic Dorothy Young Joe & Isobel Bell Lorna Fischer Eric & Susanne Tappenden Peter Young David Bialik Lorne Ford John Tattle Wah Chang Yu Bruno & Beverley Bigioni Dr. Anne Forsythe Moore, Elizabeth Taylor Stella Yusko Richard & Clare Boire Ph.D. Ruth Taylor Christos & Maria Zanis Roberta Bonathan Joyce France Herman & Diena John & Melanie Boscariol Anna Fretz Allstate Insurance Ten-Donkelaar Ross & Wendy Bowser Judith Friedl Company of Canada Joy Tetlaw William & Doreen Brant Wilma Gariando Angus Glen Golf Club Donald Thomas Art & Carol Brooker Maria Gaspar AstraZeneca Canada Donald & Nora Thompson Eleanor Brown Edward George Ballantry Homes Douglas & Helen Thompson Jan Brown Madeline Gibson Bazil Developments Inc. Mary J. Thompson Margery Brown & Florença Gillanders BMO Employee Charitable Victor & Isobel Thompson Richard Higham Maureen Gough Foundation Jim & Fran Thomson Glen & Elizabeth Brubacher Robert Halasz Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Alma Timbers Joanne Bruyea Lori Hall & James Stevens Buckley Insurance Brokers Ltd. Eileen Tobin Susan R. Budinszky Saeed Hamidi Cattanach Hindson Sutton Lisa & Mark Tomjenovic Jane Campbell Linda Hannan VanVeldhuizen BarristorsMelvin McNeil Domenic & Antonietta Harry Tonogai Mazlyn Campbell Elmer Harding & SolicitorsThomas Meacock Petta Richard Tranquada Edward Canning Garry & Antonia Harding Dale’s PharmacyRoy & Barbara Megarry Louis Phillips Andre Tremblay Heather Cartwright Jack & Theresa Harrington DST Output Canada Inc.Jasper & Mary Megelink Maurice Pilkey Helen Treml Claudette Chadwick Allan Harris Emerson Electric Canada Ltd.Doug & Johanna Meharg Dora Poon Ralph & Lois Trimble Issa Chamoun Kathleen Harrison Honeywell LimitedJoseph & Vonda Melanson Dr. Robert & Shirley Price Louise E. Trott Lennie & Cecilia Chang Betty Hastings Invar Building CorporationMichael Meras Aladino & Maria Quilici Florence Tsai Fonda Chau Donald & Sandra Hewson Markham FairEleanor Mercer Gordon & Virginia Ramsay Robert & Marilyn Tunnicliff Patricia Chen & Aik Lee Robert Hoppe Markham Lions ClubEvelyn Metcalfe Brian & Lynn Randall Geraldine Turner Kathy Cheng Nancy Fung Yee Hui Markham RadiologistsStephen & Marilyn Michna Jim & Shirley Rehill Gwendolyne Turnpenny Woo-Sen Cheung Ronald Huisman Miller Thomson LLPElson & Joyce Miles Lothar & Renate Renters William & Eileen Underhill Joanne Chow Jeanne Hulse Morley, Sanderson,Frank Miller Bruce & Isabel Risebrough Kalju & Lea Vahi Donald Chubbuck Lorne & Yvonne Hurst Millard & Foster LLPRena Mingay Michael & Christina Dr. Zul & Almas Verjee Tzu Chi & Yen Fang Chung Imtiaz Hussain OPG Employees’ &Michael Mione Roseman Ralph & Valerie Viegas Cecelia Chung Donald & Helen HuxtablePeter & Helen Mitchell Reg & Nancy Rowe Franco Villa Pensioners’ Charity Trust Hermann Clausen Donald & Gail JacksonAlfred & Bertha Mohl Reginald Russell Frank Vysoki Paracom Realty Tracy Clegg & Tim White Michael & Elaine JacksonJohn & Margaret Moment Ernest & Jean Ryman Margaret Wade Corporation Tammy Clements Karim & Shehnila JadavjiJames & Dianne Monnot Mounir Sahyoun Josephine Wagner Paradise Homes Elizabeth Cochrane Werner & Verena JaegerRienk & Dora Monsma Fred & Eva Salb Albert Wai Keung & Robins, Appleby & Taub LLP Paul & Eileen Cockburn Eric JafferAlan & Leona Moore Siu Ying Sam Hilda Wong Schaeffer & Associates Ltd. William & Janet Cockwell Craig & Natalie JamesEric & Doreen Moore Malcolm & Joelle Mary Walker Scotiabank Group Gayle Colangelo Peter JanetosA. George Moreton Sanderson Laura Wallace Skelton Truck Lines Ltd. Nino Colangelo Seema JavaidBrad & Lara Morris Marjorie Sayeau Doris Wallen Stantec Inc. Nancy Colbourne Kumuthini JayanthanLionel J. Mousseau George & Lori Schnarr Al & Grace Wallis TACC Contruction Ltd. David Conway Stanley & Suzanne JeffreyBernice & Cyril Moxley Roy & Dianne Schreyer Gord Walter The CG&B Group Jennifer Cook-Spanton Baldip JhawarEmily Mulholland Albert & Eileen Schwartz Helen Walton The Manchee Foundation William & Sylvia Cowls Audrey JohnsonIan & Lynne Munro Ghulamsabir & Hadia George & Agatha Wang The Village Grocer Mark Cucco Violet JonesEdward & Audrey Mynahan Shakeel Dr. Siek Wassenaar Town of Markham Scott Currie Dr. James & June KerrLinda Nesbitt Muhamad & Bebe Shariff Robert & Alma Watt Town of Whitchurch Patricia Czetyrbok Daljit KhairaJames & Doreen Nevison James & Sandra Sharples Constance Weaver - Stouffville Victor D’Alfonso Ehsannullah & ParveenGerald New Mildred Sherwood Robert Webber Welcome Wagon Ltd. John & Lillian D’Amato KhanDonald Newman Joan Shorey Victor & Lorraine Wells Yorkwood Homes Dorothy Davidson Patrick & Alison KingKen Nicholls Laurence & Marion Short Ernst & Ilona Welmers Joan Davidson Eythimia KiraleosNorman Nigh Irene Sin Waltraut Weprajetzki Beryl Dean Ranbir Kohli
  • 16. Anna Kohlmann Edward O’Beirn Solay Sun Yee Yin Yin Fung Lottie Hemingway Celebrating Richard & Rita Kong Michael O’Rourke John & Anne Sutton Doreen Gibbins William L. Hood Dr. Mark & Frances Eugene Ortuso Dimitre Tachev & June Griffin Edna Houck Precious Lives Charles Robert Ivey The following individuals Kortschot Julie Pang Violeta Tacheva Mollie Hood Maria Ivey inspired generous gifts to Connie Lam Perry Pang Mo-Ki Tai Willibald & Margaret John Kaptyn the Hospital between April Gary Langlands Patricia Pantin Barbara Tang Iraschko16 Alan M. Keith 1, 2010 and March 31, John & Jennifer Lanyon Hareshkumar Parikh Andrew Tavchar Violet Jones Kenneth Kirby 2011. Kathy Lau Donald Parkes Betty Taylor Nancy J. Keays Ray Lavitt Sarwan Singh Parmar Laura Terry Mac Keith Kathleen Knox Donald Acton Philip & Loretta Lavell Ronnel Kwok Ching Lam Basthiampillai Anthonypillai F O U N D A T I O N Margaret Lee Roya Pashmineh-Azar Patricia Thompson Philip Lee Ashvin & Hansa Patel Ray & Helen Thornton Hazel M. Ludlow Carman Lewis Sidney Applebaum Robert Lee Elwood & Audrey Evelyn Timberlake Jeanne Manchee Aileen Lunau Brian Atkinson Lori Lennon Pattenden Scott & Heather Tippin Jack & Lorraine McBride Hazel MacDonald Deborah Bailey P. & L. Leung Nicole Pellerin Angela Yuen Fun Tom Hugh McConkey Jean Mary Mann Hazel Bayes George McCowan Cyril R. Matthews Russell Benn Royle Leung Irene Phillips Dana Tsui Doug & Johanna Meharg Vera McDermott Amy Bernaldez Gordon & Joan Lever Louis Phillips Joan Tuckwell Paula Mills Margaret McKay Maria Bodor Joan Lewis George Plumb Donald Turner Louise Ferri & Brian Monti Otto McQuay Jennifer Borgford Luella Lewis Jill Prior Gwendolyne Turnpenny Brad & Lara Morris Marie Miller Oleg Borkowitchenko Ka Yin Li Lawrence Proctor Dr. Mariam Vania Barrie Pearson Myrtle Isabel Milligan Sarkis Boudakian H O S P I T A L Yit S. Lim Peter Puhl Dorothy Van-Lane Carrie Newman Maurice Pilkey Robert Bowen Cameron Linton Blaine Putnam Franco Villa Lois J. Nobbs Margaret Reaume Marie Boxall Loretta Lo Inocencio & Adelina Que William Walker Florence Penny Eileen & Gerry Rees Arthur and Iola Bradley Phyllis Lyn Kamala Rajakumaran Albert Wallace Harold Percy Brenda & John Robson Alex Bregman Raff & Eleanor Lynch Tharmalingham Doris Wallen Karen & Barry Rockliff Kathleen Powell Edna Brown Winnie Ma Rasaratinam Don Walton Jan Rogers Frank D. Pringle Harold Burnell James MacDonald Margaret Reaume Xiao Yang Tina Wang Mark & Susan Salusbury Alice Reesor Terry Burrell Charles MacInnes Dr. Carol Redmond Brenda Wareham Peter & Rosalie Schaefer Russel Nelson Reesor Betty Burrows S T O U F F V I L L E Larry & Lynne MacInnis Eileen & Gerry Rees Mary Watson James & Nancy Scott Norman Rae Reid Bob Busato Robert & Marilyn Mackenzie Diana Regendanz Robert & Alma Watt Marion I. Scott Joyce Eleanor Reynolds Doreen Campbell Dr. Gary & Susan Magee Michael & Maria Diane Weaver Dorell Shadlock Ross McFarlane Risebrough Sandra Carson Chris & Anastasia Mak Reinprecht Glenn & Phyllis Webb Tom & Irene Shadlock Edith Georgena Ritchie Mary Elizabeth Chambers Steve & Peggy Mallinos Ursula Reiter Elaine Wedlock Dennis & Jean Smith John Edgar Rodick Charlotte Chan Terry Malone Brian & Ellen Relph Soma Weerasinghe Russell & Audrey Smith Haralambos Sarros Yoke Chan Anthony Mandle Thelma Rickard Waltraut Weprajetzki Joanna Solyom Harold Schmidt Chiu Tak Chee Giovanni & Anna Marinelli John Rippon Joshua & Esther West Shirley Sommers Joyce Shadlock Wai Lin Cheung Mary Mark Barbara Rodger Florence Whaites Mary J. Thompson Harvey Spang Randip Chhiba Jim Markos Jan Rogers Paul & Laura Wilkinson Louise E. Trott Howard Francis Stiver Neville Chittick M A R K H A M Vaughan & Lillian Marks Bruce Rose Stephen & Jackie Wilkinson Dr. Donald & Elizabeth Way Frank K. Templeman George Cho-Kee Emil & Virginia Marx Michael & Christina Beryl Williams Joan Whittaker Barbara A. Thomas Lorne Clodge David & Bianca Mason Roseman Paul & Edith Williams Beatrice Whynott Elva Tiffin Audrey Cooper Marlene Mason Mario Rossi Alan & Nancy Wolfe Leueen Willoughby Donald H. Way Shirley Cooper H. & Petronella Massop Bruno Ruberto Frank & Nina Wolfe Donald J. Way Augustine Coulahan Cecil & Lucille McBeth Marilyn Rushton Carol Wong Mary Harriett Whetstone George Crisp Dorothy Edwards Wicks Beverley McColl Sharon Sablotni Paul & Patricia Wood A Legacy Bernice Young Jim Crowley Dave McCrossan Chester & Carol Sadecki Ross & Carol Worthylake Thomas Dalgleish Calle McDonald Jasodra Saith Elizabeth Wyatt of Caring Harry Denzil Young Burton Daniels We are so grateful to Jean Dawson Tom & Jane McLellan Thirunavukkar William Philip Yarn If you would like more the following individuals Gerry De Koning Don & Barbara McNicol Sanmugasuntharam Noriuki Yoshida information about the who made generous Salvatore De Muzio Doug & Johanna Meharg Matena Saros Dorothy Young tax benefits of making contributions through their Bernhard Derksen The Melluso Family Stephen & Ann Saunders Lois Young estates. a gift of marketable Regina Meoko Patricia Savage Peter Young securities, life Dorothy Dorman Michael Meras Derek Sawyer Robert & Brenda Young insurance or including Andrew Dow Eleanor Mercer Dorothy Saya-Whitmore Jim & Kiriaki Zettas Stewart Anderson Markham Stouffville George Dufton Pearl Violena Barkey Hospital in your will, Madeleine Dutkiewicz Thomas Millar Salvatore & Paula Scala Pei Zhang Anne Barootes please contact Jan Anthony Eaton Mohinder Minhas George & Laurie Schnarr Isobel Ann Audrey Black at 905.472.7394 Harvey Egli Peter & Helen Mitchell Joan Seely Billingsley or George Elliott Evagelos & Magda Ruthven Seepersad Giving Beyond William J. Blainey Mitskopoulos Victor & Philomena Harjit-Kaur Mohendroo Sequeira Your Lifetime Evelyn Blunt YEAR 2010/2011 Thank you to those who Jean M. Brillinger Alan & Dianne More Ghulamsabir & Hadia Kathryn Marcella care to make a gift through George & Nancy Morgan Shakeel Brookman a bequest or life insurance. Brad & Lara Morris Kunigal Shariff Russell Burr Lionel J. Mousseau Arti Sharma Othmar & Gloria Altmann Jean Louise Crosby Fred & Penny Moxon Joan Shorey Dan & Barbara Amadori Lucile R. Davies Amar Mukherjee Raymond Simmons Joe & Isobel Bell Vera Elizabeth Davis Emily Mulholland Marvin Singer Jan Black Donald Demontmorency Herbert Murray Roy Smiley William & Ruth Boynton William Hugh Devlin Amtul Nadirsheikh John Smit Glen & Elizabeth Brubacher Anne E. Diller neWBOrns 2,996 Betty Nelson-French James & Doris Spencer Malcolm Carter Evelyn Mildred Dishley Dorothy Nesbitt Andrea St. Hill Jimmy Chan Nora Ethel Elliott Bruce & Francette Dianne Stedman Jean & Keith Clark Margaret B. Fockler Nethercott John & Mari Stoneman Mary Francis Drudge Hazel Marion Graham Gerald New John & Kathleen Strachan B. E. Edwards & Family Frederick Lorne Grove Robert & Carolyn Nicholson John Stradling William & Elizabeth Fitz Helen Heaney Ruby Norton Wilfred & A. Sukhnandan Betty Foster Roy E. Heise
  • 17. Isobel Evans Joseph Liu Kenneth Soules Dr. Bertram &Colin FabianDaniel Filgiano Joseph Lorik Eddie Luther Koula Stamadianos Bill Starling Dr. Monique Forse Dr. Anna Fu maKing a Quin FilgianoKathleen Forty Chotta and Gulnaz Mahboob Patricia Stedman Kenneth Stephenson Morgan Gaffney Glen Garlock differenCe Jack FrameMargaret FrameRoy Futter Dan Maloney Mel Marcus Lorenzo Martin Gordon Stevenson Dora Stewart Eleanor Stewart Janice & Gerard Gervais Duncan & Lynda Giles Dr. Susan Gillis & Dr. tOgetHer 17Anna GarsoneSushil Gei Werner Maslowski Jean Massena Marcia Stober Noel Storry Gordon E. Lawson Don Gracey eVerY eVent COuntsMrs. Geuzebrock Loreti Mauti Anne “Varma” Styles Dr. Jerry J. HalikIrene Gibson Michael Mayard Danica Svilar Michael & Lisette Harding CommunityMonika Giffin Janet McBride John & Evelyn Temple Dr. Karen HeldPatricia Gilmour Judy McCartney Joy Tetlaw Dr. Elhadi Hussein EventsHarold Glass Helen McGilvray Paul Thomas Tristan Irwin Our thanks to the hard Manor Hill Fine Arts SilentJohn Glass Mae McGuire Jim Thomson Dr. Wendy Iseman working organizers and Auction FundraisingAlice Gott Martha McIlwrath Aurora Toma Warren & Deborah Jestin participants who make ProgramFrank Gough Frances McIntyre Nhi Thuc Tran Karen Johnson our Community Events “Markham Classic”Dr. David Gould Eileen Meretsky Myrtle Troyer Reena Kainth possible. These events took Slo-Pitch TournamentHarley Gray Bhanuben Mistry Phuong Truong Roger & Jill Keeley place from April 1, 2010 to Markham DistrictHelen Ham William Mitchell Muriel Tunney Jim & Mary Kellock March 31, 2011. Thank you High School AuctionWilliam Harding Ruth Moffatt Violet Misaye Ui Joshua Lam for making us your charity Markham FairMichael Harris Elizabeth Moore Marium Mohammed Ussein Dr. Gordon E. Lawson & of choice! Markham Green Golf SalesBob & Helen Hassard Lois Moore-Dube Venancia Valledor Dr. Susan Gillis 13th Annual Markham JazzRobert Henderson David Murphy Dishaw Vevaina Dr. Jody Lewtas Amici Spa Breast Cancer Festival GalaMarjory Hodgins Grace Murray Antonio Volpe Jackson Loong Fundraising Gala Markville Shopping Centre Yvonne Vysoki Dr. Eileen Lougheed Amici Spa Package Sales in Gift Wrapping Program Violet Weeks Albert G. Lyons Hospital Lobby Markham Village Music Ralph Weston Siu-Tang & Suk-Lan Ma Angus Glen Canada Day Festival Jim Williams T.J. Marotta Five Miler McDonald’s McHappy Day June Williamson Dr. Jeff Martow Angus Glen Half Marathon Mission for Health EMS Bella Wong Peter & Dorothy Mason Angus Glen Harvest Ride Bike Ride Bryan Wong Dr. Stephen McLaren Angus Glen Ten Miler Old Firehall Confectionary William Wootton Dr. Stephen McMahon Care to Wear Pink Coin Box Program Marlene Yake Doug & Johanna Meharg CIBC Miracle Day Event Paul Calandra Community Wai Har Yee Joginder Minhas Clubs4Cancer Crooners Christmas Concert John Zimmer Dr. Joseph Minkowitz at Coppinwood RBC Children’s Mental Christine Miokovic 3rd Annual Clubs4Cancer Health Project Megan Moore Golf Tournament Rouge Fairways Residents’ Honouring Very Brad & Lara Morris Cora’s Friends & Family Association 11th Annual Javid Movasselli Grand Opening Summer Festival Auction Special People Mr. Paul Park Culinary Arts Golf Classic San Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic These individuals were Dr. Andrew Patterson Eleven Joseph Spring Elementary School celebrated with a gift madeCharles Howes Joyce & Ian Nishio Dr. Christyne & Mark Peters Fashion Show Shoppers Drug Mart in their name betweenCheryl Hrivnak Victor Ohm Len Pierce Father Michael McGivney Tree of Life Campaign April 1, 2010 and MarchHarry Idenouye Yung Chung Pak Louise Pogue Catholic Academy School Smart Guides Coupon 31, 2011.Kanella Iliopoulos William Palmer Jennifer Porteous-Muller Fundraiser Book SalesLance Ingleton Mario Pedro Pamela Anderson Kahren Richardson Form and Function Health, Smiles for Life - Dr. KevinHarold Inouye Dimitri Pinoudis Dr. George M. Arnold Jacob Salem Performance Wellness F. BrownPhyllis Ireland Victor Posa Leonila & Sofia Aileen Leila Salem Centre Grand Opening St. Augustine Catholic HighKenneth Iwai Kawarpatti Ramblarat Batilaran Nadia Salem Garden Basket Calendar School Marketing Fair &John Janson Sheila Rayner Russell Benn Bibi Shaymun Give-Away Program OSAID FundraiserVernon Johnston Nancy Reid Shannon Bertuzzi Chi Cheong Shek GE Employee Fundraiser St. Brother André CatholicGwendolyn Jones Sean Renahan Victor & Sandra Bocking Dr. Hemant Shirali Grote Industries Employee High School 25thSheila Jones Maria Rigo Murray Bozniak & Lau Yong Shun 50/50 Fundraiser AnniversaryDr. Brig Mohan Kapoor William Riordan Ruth Wheelwright Georges & Jane Simard Homes for the Holidays St. Brother André CatholicDorothy Kemp David W. & David C. Ritchie Suzanne Bradshaw Heather & Ian Simpson Howcroft Family Stampede High School StudentKyle Kent David Robinson Michelle Byrne Po King Sit Charity Event Council FundraiserSalme Kerna Jim Robson Marijol Calpito Dr. Henry Solow Irene Davies Garage Sale St. Brother André CatholicGeorge Kerr Alan F. Rogers Dr. Kelly Chapman Gus Tertigas Jason Palter’s Mystivate High School’s Band AidJohn Kessel Rodrick Ross Christine Charbonneau Khloe & Paige Thomas Gill - An Evening of St. Robert Catholic HighAlan Knight Ernest Ryman Dr. Joan Cheng Dolath Kanu Kassamali Virji Magic & Comedy School Civies DayFrederic Knight Rev. Emmanuel Makari Bob Chester Dr. Michael Virro Jock Stein Memorial The Village Camp Car WashViolet Kong Saad Dr. Renée Chouinard Dr. P. J. Whelan Golf Tournament Tim Hortons Coffee ForGeorge Kunz Aldofo Sarmenta Nancy Coldham John Whitebread Joe Badali’s CausesHassanali Lakhani Lillian Schwarz Michael Dempster Melanie Winter & Rocking Night Out Tim Hortons Smile CookieInez Lam Marion Scott Dr. John A. Di Costanzo Neil Baker 5th Annual Johnny Bistro CampaignEsther Lau George Seggie Frank & Helen Dillon Albert Wong Ladies Golf Tournament Tracey RubinoffJim Lawson Zahida Shariff Dwayne DiPasquale Bob & Pat Woods Johnny Bistro October Skateathon 2011Philip Lawson Andy & Eva Shkolnik Anthony & Mrs. Janice Carol Worrall Fundraiser for MSH Unionville Ladies GolfLak Fong Lan Lee Lydia Chong Sing Dobranowski Nathan Wu Kanika Aggarwal’s TournamentBruce Chin Wai Lee Suraj G. Singh Tanya Dube Joe Yau Wun Fundraiser at Pickering Unionville Skate Club’sHing Man Leung Audrey Slater The Faulds Family Flea Market Skate with SantaShiu Fong Leung Mary Slater J. Blair & Jessie Fergusson St. Brigid C.E.S. 5th Annual Khan Villa MediterraneoTom Lewis Roy Smith Tristan G. Fernandes St. Mark C.E.S. Invitational Golf Classic Fashion in MotionGerald Lillie Isabella Snow Dr. Thomas & Vanessa St. Patrick C.E.S. KPMG Enterprise Golf Whittamore’s “Get Fresh”Norma Linton Carmelina Socconi Filosa Tournament Strawberry Festival
  • 18. Gala 2010 Genivar TD Bank Group Deloitte & Touche LLP TD Commercial Banking Students Geranium Corp. Teva Canada Exco Technologies Limited The CG&B Group Tahitian Ball Greenpark Group of The Co-Operators, Arlene Extreme Retail The Danbury Group and Teachers Companies Gonzales Agency Ltd. (Canada) Inc. The Hazcon Group Ltd. Making Sam & Rosina Cesaroni Family Guild Electric Charitable The Milestone Group / The Grote Industries The Huntley Group a Difference Foundation Global Group / Hanscomb Ltd. The Printing House Ltd. Thank you for your ongoing18 Linda Chambers Harbridge & Cross Ltd. The Teknion Group Harbridge & Cross Ltd. The Wit Group Inc. support. Raymond & Irene Davies Have A Seat The Miller Group Heathwood Homes Toro Aluminum Herman & Marya Grad HealthWithCare The Mitchell Partnership Inc./ (Silverwood) Ltd. Tovtel Enterprises Inc. Sylvia Houghton Medical Centre Quinn Dressel Associates/ Heathwood Homes Town + Country BMW School Raised F O U N D A T I O N Dr. Wendy Iseman Hilton Suites Toronto/ Mulvey + Banani (Tranquility) Ltd. Town of Markham $10,000 + Dr. Vimal Scott Kapoor & Markham Conference International Inc. Honeywell Limited Trapeze Capital Corp. St. Justin Martyr C.E.S. Dr. Brij Mohan Kapoor Centre & Spa The Regional Municipality Ian Crebbin Golf Tricon Capital Group Inc. Mr. Samy & Honeywell Limited of York Invar Building Corp. Tridel/Dorsay Development Dr. Phoebe Shokry Industrial Alliance The Remington Group Inc. J. D. Barnes Ltd Corporation Schools Raised Stephen & Gabriele Tar Insurance and Financial The Village Grocer Kylemore Communities UAP Inc. $5,000 + Dr. Michael Taylor Services Inc. Tim Hortons, Markham LeGrice Real Estate Vector Financial Services Ltd. Central Park P.S. John & Sharon Wallace KPMG Enterprise Town + Country BMW Services Inc. William F. Cook Television E.T. Crowle P.S. Ken & Carol Wildgoose Lafarge North America Inc. Town of Markham Lisi Mechanical Programs St. Augustine C.H.S and Family Lynde Centre for Town of Whitchurch Contractors Ltd. York Downs Golf & Stonebridge P.S. H O S P I T A L A & B Courier Dermatology - Stouffville Malone Given Parsons Ltd. Country Club Unionville P.S. Acklands-Grainger Inc. MAM Group Manulife Financial Yorkwood Homes Acuity Markham District Energy Inc. Markham District Energy Inc. Schools Raised Air Tahiti Nui Markham Economist & Sun/Stouffville Annual Golf Markham Economist & Sun/Stouffville $1,000 – 4,999 Amex Bank of Canada Sun-Tribune Tournament Sun-Tribune Legacy 5K 2010 AMJ Campbell Van Lines Ashton Meadows P.S. Anatolia Tile Inc. Markham Family Health Team 2010 Masters Insurance Frank & Freda Spain Coppard Glen P.S. Markham Fertility Centre Company S T O U F F V I L L E Angus Glen Golf Club Paul Bailey Cornell Village P.S. Arista Homes Corp. Markham Radiologists Mattamy Homes Acklands-Grainger Inc. Ellen Fairclough P.S. Damian Bassett Ashen White Markham Stouffville MCAP Service Corp. Amex Bank of Canada Greensborough P.S. Werner F. Dietl ATX Networks Corps. Emergency Physicians Metrus Development Inc. Aspen Ridge Homes John McCrae P.S. David & Irena Kurtz Avenue Building Department of Obstetrics & The Miller Group Astellas Pharma Canada, Inc. Kateri Tekakwitha C.E.S. Stephen C. Ross Corporation Gynecology, MSH Miller Thomson LLP Bazil Developments Inc. Legacy P.S. Frank & Freda Spain B. McGregor Developments Markville Shopping Centre/ Morley, Sanderson, Millard BDO Dunwoody LLP Little Rouge P.S. Limited Cadillac Fairview Aberdeen Consulting & Foster LLP Brooks Sports Inc. Markham Gateway P.S. Baxter Corp. Mattamy Homes Limited Nadbro Construction Ltd. Canadian Tire, Mount Joy P.S. Bell Merlyn’s Unique Caterers Acklands-Grainger Inc. Neudoerffer Truck Supply Inc. Markham & Stouffville Pierre Elliott Trudeau H.S. Black & McDonald Ltd. Metrus Development Inc. AMJ Campbell Van Lines Norman Hill Realty Inc. Cushman & Wakefield M A R K H A M Reesor Park P.S. Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Miller Thomson LLP Apotex Brokerage Dale’s Pharmacy Somerset Academy Bregman + Hamann MMM Group Apple Ridge Estates Inc. Page & Steele Inc. / Emerson Electric Canada Ltd. St. Brigid C.E.S. Architects Molise Kleinburg Estate Inc. Ashlar Crosby Cairo IBI Group Enbridge Inc. St. Brother André C.H.S. Canadian Black Book Morrison Hershfield Limited Realty Inc. Paracom Realty Corp. Family Dentistry in Cornell William Armstrong P.S. Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP Nutco Inc. Ballantry Homes Paradise Homes Grote Industries Wishing Well Montessori Cattanach Hindson Sutton PACE Savings & Bazil Developments Inc. Par-Med Property Kisko Products Wismer P.S. VanVeldhuizen Barristors Credit Union Ltd. BDO Dunwoody LLP Services Inc. KPMG Enterprise & Solicitors Pearl Resorts and Spa BHP Advisors POI Business Interiors Markham District Energy Inc. Celestica Planet Tahiti BMO Nesbitt Burns PowerStream Inc. Markham Economist Schools Raised Cells for Life PowerStream Inc. Real Estate Inc. Precise ParkLink & Sun/Stouffville $500 – 999 Crestview Group of Precise ParkLink Bruce N. Huntley RBC Financial Group Sun-Tribune Boxwood P.S. Companies ProResp Contracting Ltd. Resouce Planning Group Inc. Markville Shopping Centre/ Coledale P.S. D. Crupi & Sons Ltd. RBC Foundation Buckley Insurance Brokers Ltd. Robins, Appleby & Taub LLP Cadillac Fairview Décor & More RBC Royal Bank Carquest Canada S & H Realty Corp. McDonald’s Restaurants of Designs by Karen Baker Rogers TV Charitable Foundation Schaeffer & Associates Ltd. Markham & Stouffville Additional Deloitte & Touche LLP Samsung Canada CB Richard Ellis Ltd. Schickedanz Bros. Ltd. MMM Group School Chapel Ridge Funeral Home Don Valley North Sanofi Pasteur CI Mutual Funds Inc. Select Energy Solutions Inc. Precise ParkLink Supporters Automotive Group Schickedanz Bros. Ltd. Sentry Select Capital Inc. Royal LePage Your EES Financial Services Ltd. Scotiabank Group Tridel, Circa 2 Signode Canada Community Realty Agincourt P.S. Enbridge Gas Shipmaster Containers Ltd. Coca-Cola Canada SmartCentres Running Free, Markham Aldergrove P.S. Distribution Inc. Shore Tilbe Perkins + Will, Condor Properties Ltd. Southview Asphalt & Sanofi Pasteur Algonquin College Fasken Martineau Toronto/Perkins + Will, Connolly Marble & Aggregates Inc. Schickedanz Bros. Ltd. Bayview S.S. DuMoulin LLP Chicago Granite Ltd. Southwire Canada Inc. Scotiabank Group Bill Crothers H.S. Forrestall Group of Southwire Canada Inc. Counterpoint Stantec Inc. ServiceMaster of Markham Glad Park P.S. Companies Stephen Tar, Century 21 Engineering Inc. State Farm - Rick Allington Shoppers Drug Mart Harry Bowes P.S. FVB Energy Inc. Structural Group of Cushman & Wakefield Insurance Agency Ltd. - Bhana Pharmacy Ltd. Kennedy Montessori Gallo Real Estate Ltd. Companies Dale’s Pharmacy Superior Tire & Auto Soil Engineers Ltd. Private School Springhill Homes Inc Markham District H.S. Stantec Inc. Milliken Mills TD Canada Trust Parkland P.S. The Miller Group Randall P.S. 57,019 YEAR 2010/2011 Tim Hortons, Markham Sir Richard W. Scott C.E.S. emergenCY Town of Whitchurch Sir William Stephenson P.S. - Stouffville St. Mark C.E.S. Stouffville District H.S. rOOm Visits Unionville H.S.
  • 19. Building Celebration of Hope 2010 Brent Leasing CaTECH Systems Ltd. CCBB beads by linda Monopoly Commercial Realty Inc. New Wave Salon and Spa PowerStream Inc.> u p d at e < Jeanette Anbinder CityWide Locksmiths Ltd. Precise ParkLink Cephise Cuming Civello Spa Queensbridge Mill Rose Francella Clintar Landscape Management Region of York Beatrix Goltz DressCode Rogers TV 19Great progress was made on the new Ione Hardcastle E.L. Productions Royal LePage Your Community Realtybuilding and exciting work continues Dave Hunt Exco Technologies Limited Samaco Tradingboth inside and outside. Here is a Murray MacFarlane & Franco Mirabelli Design Inc. Samsung Canada Karen MacDonald - Guild Electric Limited Scotiabank Groupsnapshot of construction activities: Halton Crushed Stone Sherlase Clinic Century 21 Leading Edge Realty The construction crew continues to Sylvia Morris - Henry’s SMC Project Realization grow and as more trades people join Century 21 Leading Edge Realty Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham TD Bank Group the project, there will approximately Tom Price Conference Centre & Spa TD Canada Trust – Norma Chrobak 300 workers on site. Mr. Samy & Dr. Phoebe Shokry Howard Back & Associates The Corner House Restaurant Frank & Freda Spain Jones New York The Miller Group The structural concrete should be Lee Sand & Gravel The Town of Markham complete in late October, then the steel A.P.T. Custom Carpets Lynde Centre for Dermatology The Village Grocer structure for the mechanical penthouse Amex Bank of Canada Markham Economist & Sun/ Town + Country BMW will be erected. Angus Glen Golf Club Stouffville Sun-Tribune TRICOM Ashen White Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation W.A.C Hair Group Interior wall construction is advancing Bondfield Construction MINI Markham York Region Breast Cancer Friends in the west half of Level 1 in the area of the new Emergency Department and has started in the west half of Level 2 in the new Surgical Department. Dedicated Leaders Supporting Your Health The installation of the backbone of the MSH FOunDAtIOn BOARD OF DIRECtORS electrical and mechanical (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems) Mark Lievonen Dan Amadori Danny Leung is well underway on Level 1 and has CHAIR Lamerac Financial Corp. DSL Travellers’ Tours started on Level 2. Sanofi Pasteur Limited The masonry subcontractor work has David Austin, MD Blair McArthur Maria Bosnjak Markham Stouffville Hospital The Miller Group started on Level 1 with interior block walls and installation of exterior brick VICE-CHAIR Royal Bank of Canada Evelyn Bailey-Semeniuk Nikola (Nik) Mracic on the ambulance garage is expected IBM Canada Ltd. to start in the coming weeks. Geranium Corporation Peter Mason Phil Bannon The paving subcontractor has paved VICE-CHAIR Avo Oudabachian portions of the new roadways and is Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville Caldwell Partners CO-CHAIR, CAMPAIGN working to construct curbs and pave Cushman & Wakefield Janet M. Beed the new visitor parking lots in the Crystal Pallister, MD Markham Stouffville Hospital Markham Stouffville Hospital month of September. Dennis Fortnum The connection between the Markham TREASURER Brian Bentz Patricia Preston District Energy co-generation plant and KPMG Enterprise PowerStream Inc. York Catholic District School the new hospital is well underway. The Board plant provides all the heating, cooling David Stead Chris Bratty SECRETARY The Remington Group Inc. and electricity to the new building. Rustom Sethna, MD CanClean Financial Corp. Markham Stouffville Hospital Court Carruthers May 2011 Grainger International Judson Whiteside Cailey Stollery PAST CHAIR Angus Glen Golf Club Miller Thomson LLP Jack Eisenberger Fieldgate Developments Suzette Strong Khalid Usman Marya Grad Markham Stouffville Hospital EXECUTIVE MEMBER Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Foundation Chartered Accountant Debora Kelly Eric Tappenden Frank Scarpitti* York Region Media Group Chapel Ridge Funeral Home CO-CHAIR, CAMPAIGN Mayor, Joseph Lebovic Carol Wildgoose Town of Markham Lebovic Enterprises Community Member * Campaign Co-Chair, Committee Member Only YEAR 2010/2011 surgiCal prOCedures September 2011 18,698
  • 20. Thank you! A simple phrase rich in meaning. We offer it to each and every individual and organization that supported Markham Stouffville Hospital over the past year. Now, the future begins. The year ahead will set new heights for community giving at Markham Stouffville Hospital. With the help of our generous and visionary supporters we will move mountains. Anything is possible when we work together. MAIL DELIvERY:OUr COmmITmeNT TO YOU 381 Church Street, PO BOX 1800 Markham On L3P 7P3Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation respectsyour privacy. We keep all personal information OFFICE LOCAtIOn:confidential and will never trade, sell or lease your 379 Church St, 3rd Floorinformation. Markham On L6B Ot1If, at any time, you would like to be removed from Tel: 905.472.7059 Fax: 905.472.7018our mailing list, or to report any errors or omissions mshfoundation@msh.on.cain this report, please contact us at 905.472.7373 6341 or Proud to feature MSH patients, physicians and staff in all photography.Charitable Registration No: 13064 3620 RR0001 Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation greatly acknowledges York Region Media Group for generously distributing our Report to Donors. Thank you.