Effective Networking by Joachim Ravoth
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Effective Networking by Joachim Ravoth



The power of networking is key to land your next job. Learn how to tap into the hidden job market. Did you know that 80% of all jobs are being found through networking?

The power of networking is key to land your next job. Learn how to tap into the hidden job market. Did you know that 80% of all jobs are being found through networking?



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Effective Networking by Joachim Ravoth Effective Networking by Joachim Ravoth Presentation Transcript

  • Short Bio… Facilitating Brand Success Driving Brand Success www.ravoth.com
  • Session Objective Define Networking and establish it‘s importance for the job search campaign. Develop your own personal networking strategy that will include approaching the contacts you already know and establishing relationships with those who you would like to get to know. Review business introductions that will be used in writing, over the phone and in meetings. www.ravoth.com
  • Agenda Networking: What is it? Identifying Contacts & Expanding Upon Them Business Introductions Networking & Communication Strategies Telephone & Email Scripts Formal Networking Meetings Questions to Ask Final Tips www.ravoth.com
  • What is Networking and What it is Not! NETWORKING IS… Talking to people Letting people know you are available and what you do Seeking information and advice Research/Referrals NETWORKING IS NOT… On-going ―Schmoozing‖ or Manipulative Reciprocal A one way street www.ravoth.com Asking for a job!
  • Key Outcomes of Networking Obtain information, advice and introductions Understand current trends, needs and market opportunities Understand how your experience can be applied to the market Validate your current objective or target Increase your visibility and direct you to opportunities www.ravoth.com
  • The Hidden Job Market What does have an iceberg, the Titanic and your job search in common? www.ravoth.com
  • The Hidden Job Market How most employers find people…..The 80/20….. 20% Hidden Jobs Advertised Jobs 80% www.ravoth.com
  • Networking Pro’s Low competition Inside track on unadvertised Referral from contact Process may be faster You deal directly with employers You may research information Quick & confidential for the employee and employer $0 for the company Con‘s Not comfortable for everyone May not have strong network base Takes personal time www.ravoth.com
  • Who is your Social network? www.ravoth.com
  • Pump Up and Amplify Your Network Join a club Take a course Volunteer ―Go‖ when you are invited Organize an event/party Join a networking group ! (LinkedIn, Meetup……) Bring a friend to an event who knows how to get conversation going Go to association/business forums Get out from behind the computer ! www.ravoth.com
  • Starting Your Network List Your Task www.ravoth.com
  • www.ravoth.com
  • Business Introduction Structured description of your Brand and Transferable Skills Your 30 – 60 second ―Infomercial‖ A crisp, memorable ―story‖ of you helps others to market you and to become your networking ―ambassadors‖ You will use it everywhere! at a meeting in an elevator at the grocery store at a social event www.ravoth.com
  • Main Elements of Business Introduction Title/Description Type of work you do Level/Experience Base Years experience or level/diversity of your experience Company/Industry An industry description (if not commonly known) Brief Overview Overview of your strengths and specialty areas At Present/Closure What you are doing now What you are researching/exploring www.ravoth.com
  • Practice Time: Business Introduction www.ravoth.com
  • Sample Business Introduction I am a Sales and Marketing Professional most recently with a large international beverage company. Most of my career has focused on key account management with experience in product marketing and promotion of new products. As a key account manager I focused on large accounts that generated over $500,000 in revenue through building and maintaining strong relationships. After conducting analytical research, I provided sound advice on future trends which resulted in increased business. You may have seen some of my work. If you have ever walked through the liquor store and stepped on a floor decal that looked refreshing and made you buy a product, that was me who came up with that! At this time, I‘m looking for a similar position within the beverage industry, however I am open to exploring packaged goods as well. www.ravoth.com
  • Sample Business Introduction I am a Logistics and Supply Chain professional most recently with Big Retail Store. I moved about 300 million sku‘s of product every year from warehouse to store to ensure customers like you could buy the merchandise. I managed a team across three distribution centres, providing ‗just in time‘ movement of goods. I also was integral in the research and execution of ISO1000 standards within the centres along with the implementation of a top of the line inventory tracking system. In addition, I provided training sessions for new hires. What I enjoy most about logistics is determining best processes to get the job done and managing a high performing team to do this; therefore I really want to stay in this line of work and XYZ would be a great place to build a career. www.ravoth.com
  • Sample Business Introduction I‘ve worked as an Engineer for the last 15 years, most recently with an engineering consulting firm. I‘ve had an opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients on a number of significant projects. Although I enjoyed the engineering field, I‘m thinking of making a career change into financial planning. This has always been an area of interest for me and I see it as a growth industry. With my knowledge of business and my strong analytical skills, I know I can be successful. Right now, I‘m gathering research to see if this is a feasible area for me to get into. Would you happen to have any advice or suggestions to make a career move like this? www.ravoth.com
  • Using Your Intro at a Networking Event Enter the room – look around and get oriented Note where people are congregating Identify people who have attracted an audience Join a group of 3 or more – listen before becoming a part of the conversation Ask people what they do and the question will usually be reciprocated Don‘t monopolize one person‘s attention too long – try and make follow-up plans Leave the meeting and make your notes as www.ravoth.com necessary AND REMEMBER… Everyone is there for the same reason - to network and someone in the room is always more nervous than you are!
  • Networking Scenarios + Communication Strategies Telephone Face-toFace Written & Online www.ravoth.com = Effective Communicati on!!
  • Communication Strategies….. Possible Obstacles Very impersonal Not interactive – not able to respond or overcome objections Time lag when letter is mailed Cyber space when email is sent – was it ever received? Written word is the 1st impression to someone who hasn‘t met you Your email address is not professional www.ravoth.com Written & Online Tips for Success Be engaging, powerful in words used (strong Subject line) Be knowledgeable about your subject; research the recipient of the letter as well as the company and industry Enlist help in reviewing your letter - proof-reading & editing Use high quality paper Follow up to ensure that the letter /email was received Include qualifications, contributions and attributes
  • Communication Strategies….. Possible Obstacles Voicemail Admin. Assistant/Receptionist Telephone tag Can‘t read the body language No control over when your call is returned – you can be caught off guard Telephone Tips for Success Leave effective voice message – Name, referral, business introduction, reason for calling, best time to be reached, repeat your name and number slowly; clearly, concise Once you have reached your party, obtain permission to proceed before blurting out your request… do you have a minute? Be pleasant and courteous to Admin., use referral, obtain best time to call back, be confident about your reason for calling Nerves Use careful listening skills to interpret body language Your personal voicemail not professional Stand up when talking for better projection of voice Be positive, upbeat www.ravoth.com You can ―hear‖ a smile – see yourself in a mirror.
  • Communication Strategies….. Possible Obstacles Tips for Success Often happens spontaneously If caught off guard, little time for preparation Practice your Business Introduction and be ready for spontaneous use One shot opportunity… ―you never get a second chance to make a good first impression‖ Face to face communication is very personal – no place to hide Can‘t use notes because it‘s ―show time‖ Understand your target audience (both the people and the industry) and have your list of questions prepared in advance Networking can happen anywhere, so dress for success 1st impression is crucial – eye contact, smile and firm shake Read the body language and respond accordingly Listen carefully, ask probing questions Face to face communication is interactive, so be eng positive, up-beat www.ravoth.com
  • Telephone & Email Networking Introduction  name, referral, 1-2 intro sentences Your situation and/or need  advice/information Your request  a meeting! www.ravoth.com
  • Sample Script – Existing Contact Hi, Bill. Catherine here. How are you? Do you have a few minutes? Bill, the reason for my call is to get some advice. As you know, I‘m currently exploring career options and have pinpointed the computer hardware industry as a real focal point for my search. What I‘m trying to do is talk to people in the field who can share information about the direction of the industry, areas of need and possibly introduce me to some key networking contacts who may be able to be of assistance. I know you are well-established and respected in the field, would you mind if I asked you some specific questions? Do you have any advice on how I can best position myself for opportunities? (more questions) …… Can you think of anyone else you know who works in the business and may be able to help? It could be a manufacturer, distributor or even a retailer. www.ravoth.com
  • Sample Script - Connectors Hello Mr. Jenkins. This is Sandra Johnson calling. Steve Brown, a mutual friend of ours, suggested that I give you a call. He thought you might have some valuable advice for me given your knowledge of the Canadian insurance industry—do you have a few minutes? (Let the conversation evolve.) I am a Senior Sales professional with 10 years experience leading a team of sales reps in the travel business. Recently, my company underwent a restructuring and my role was impacted so I‘m now taking the opportunity to investigate the possibility of transferring my skills into the insurance industry. My goal is to talk to a variety of people who are working in this area, and based on your background, Steve thought you would be an ideal person. I have several questions about various companies, certain insurance products and a few key executives in the industry and I was wondering if you would be willing to sit down and chat. Are you available to get together for 20 minutes or so over the next couple of www.ravoth.com weeks to share your perspective?
  • Sample Script - Influencers Hello Ms. Chung. My name is Peter Romberg. I saw your name in the June issue of HR Professional and thought that you might be able to give me some information. Do you have a few minutes? I am an HR Generalist and hold my CHRP coupled with six years experience with a focus on staff recruitment and development in the plastics industry. At this time, I am considering a shift into the medical services business which has always been very interesting to me. What I‘m currently looking for is to get the perspective of people who are active in this industry. My hope is that I could come down to your office at your convenience and spend 20 or 30 minutes asking you a few specific questions. www.ravoth.com
  • Phone Call…What if happens? The Close… ―My hope is that I could come down to your office at your convenience and spend 20 minutes or so asking you a few specific questions.‖ The Challenge ―We‘re not hiring right now.‖ or ―Contact HR.‖ The Response ―Well actually, while ultimately I am looking for work, at this time my goal is to talk to a variety of people who are working in this area and can give me their perspectives and insight into the business. I would appreciate your thoughts and am happy to share information that I have gathered through my own current research.‖ www.ravoth.com
  • Face-to-Face Formal Network Meetings www.ravoth.com
  • Practice Time: Networking Meeting Plan www.ravoth.com
  • 20 Minute Meeting Plan 1-2 min: warm-up, develop rapport 1-2 min: give your 60 sec business intro 1-2 min: share purpose of conversation – what you want to learn from them 10-15 min: ask your questions (be prepared with 7-8 questions) 1 min: close – appreciation/ask for referrals/schedule follow-up www.ravoth.com
  • Basic Principle of good Questions Ask open ended questions to stimulate your contact to open up Ask thoughtful, sophisticated questions that get people thinking. These are the kinds of questions that show you have already done some homework in your area Get others to evaluate, speculate, analyze or give their opinion – this will engage your listener Lead off with a topical statement to show that you are current in that area, and ―wow‖ your listener www.ravoth.com
  • Networking Questions Examplesindustry going in the future? Where do you see this What are the current trends having a big impact? I have been keeping track of this field/industry by reading __________. Do you have any other suggestions that will help keep me current? What is your background? How did you get into this field and what skills are most valuable to you in order to be successful? Given my background and skills, what do you think about the viability of my current objectives? What parts of your job do you find most challenging and, despite the challenges, what motivates you to stay? I was very interested in what you said about ________. Is there someone else you could suggest I should talk to, who could give me additional information and opinions about that? www.ravoth.com
  • www.ravoth.com
  • Promoting Your Brand Professional business cards Email signature/ voice message On-line presence (LinkedIn or other business networking sites) Web portfolio/blog (professional in nature) On-line book reviews/comments on forums and blogs Carefully crafted communications and conversations (business introduction, emails, voicemails) www.ravoth.com
  • Managing Your Brand How do you impact the Through Everything You Do perception of your brand And Don’t Do! within your network? Physical– professional visual image, solid hand shake, smile, eye contact Verbal – clear, articulate; specific questions Attitude – initiative, openness to ideas, flexibility, seeking opportunities to give/reciprocity, appreciative Emotion – positive, confident, enthusiastic Performance – responsiveness, thoroughness, productiveness, follow-up www.ravoth.com
  • Top Tips for Networking Present yourself positively/attractively, ensuring they will remember you Ask good questions and listen Look for opportunities to help Be positive and upbeat, and people will want to help you www.ravoth.com
  • www.ravoth.com
  • Please join: ‘Social Media Branding Canada’ Group on LinkedIn www.ravoth.com
  • www.slideshare.net/jravoth www.ravoth.com
  • Marketing S trategy | Branding | S ocial Media Marketing Facilitating Brand S uccess Driving Brand Success 416.356.8173 | jravoth@mac.com | www.ravoth.com linkedin/ravoth | twitter/ravoth | posekim/blogspot.ca www.ravoth.com
  • www.ravoth.com