The power of being LinkedIn 2014 by J.R. Atkins


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By now, most professional have a LinkedIn profile unless they have chosen to ignore one of the most productive social media business tools. Yet, how do we maximize LinkedIn? How do we harness the power of LinkedIn?
In this workshop, we will explore specific areas that can produce measurable results, such as:
• Daily Post
• Groups
• LinkedIn Ads
• Lead Generation
• Adding Links
• And more
Your speaker, J.R. Atkins has been working with individuals, executives and small businesses since 1993 and on Social Media since 2008. He has a BA from Texas A&M University and an MBA from The University of Phoenix, Dallas Campus. He has published 3 books Success Simplified, Social Media 2.0 and Road Map to Success.

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The power of being LinkedIn 2014 by J.R. Atkins

  1. 1. The Power of Being LinkedIn J.R. Atkins, MBA Author, Speaker & Consultant on Social Media, Mobile Apps, Sales & Marketing 15 LinkedIn Concepts for Results Download this presentation at:
  2. 2. Agenda • Contact Info • Daily Post • Groups • LinkedIn SEO • Email integration • CRM Integration • Premium Accounts • In Mail • Ads • Lead Generation (Inbound) • Prospecting (Outbound)
  3. 3. Perspective
  4. 4. Optimize Your Contact Information • Contact Info • Summary • In post • URL links to your Website, Social Media
  5. 5. Daily Post 3 Keys to Success on social media 1. Be Interesting 2. Content is King 3. Give to Get  Building Relationships via Communication  Look Beyond Auto Updates
  6. 6. Are you a SME • Showcase your Subject Matter Expertise • Connect with other SME’s • Go to your Network for Answers & they will come to you
  7. 7. Groups Groups are Golden People Gather by Interest Building Relationships via Communication Consistency leads to Results Daily Post You Connections Group Post New Connections
  8. 8. Connecting with a Purpose • Are you Collecting or Connecting? • Stephen Covey: Seek first to understand… • Have an Abundance Mentality • Connect with a Purpose • The Gold in Tier 3
  9. 9. LinkedIn SEO Search Engine Optimization Robust LinkedIn Profile = Higher Rankings “Key to Higher Rankings” by Dave Lanners
  10. 10. Email Integration • Plug In for Outlook & Gmail • Integrates LinkedIn and your email & social media
  11. 11. CRM Integration Customer Relationship Management – CRM LinkedIn as a Lead Generation tool Calculate ROI on your LinkedIn efforts It’s all about the Relationship
  12. 12. LinkedIn Premium Accounts
  13. 13. In Mail
  14. 14. In Mail (Continued) • Send Messages to “Non-Connections” • Comes with a Premium Account • Purchase them as Needed
  15. 15. LinkedIn Ads
  16. 16. Lead Generation (In Bound) Drawing Prospects to you via Content via In- Bound Marketing Daily Post Group Activity Promoted Stories SlideShare & Other Profile Links
  17. 17. Prospecting (Out Bound) Hunting, Proactively Reaching Out Out-Bound Marketing LinkedIn Tools • Advanced People Search, Company Search • Outside Sources: List, Journals
  18. 18. LinkedIn Help • God, Google & YouTube • LinkedIn Help Center
  19. 19. The Power of Being LinkedIn J.R. Atkins, MBA What do I do? 1. Conference Presentation 2. Executive Briefings & Workshops 3. Consulting Projects: Social Media, Mobile Apps, Sales & Marketing Download this presentation at: