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Marketing trifecta website, social media & email newsletter


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tri•fect•a, trīˈfektə/, noun, a bet in which the person betting forecasts the first three finishers in a race in the correct order. …

tri•fect•a, trīˈfektə/, noun, a bet in which the person betting forecasts the first three finishers in a race in the correct order.

In terms of building your business, trifecta is your bet on the top three marketing channels you use to build your business, in the right order: your website, your social media presence and your email marketing campaign.

This presentation will first define and discuss the three tools and then explain how they are used in conjunction to drive results. Think of your website as your online repository of your content and maybe your cash register. Your Social Media is your community connection and communication tool. And your email is a tried but true method of direct communication with your fans, followers and customers.

How can your business benefit by having these three powerful tools aligned and working in concert for results?

Your speaker, J.R. Atkins has been working with individuals, executives and small businesses since 1993 and on Social Media since 2008. He has a BA from Texas A&M University and an MBA from The University of Phoenix, Dallas Campus. He has published 3 books: Success Simplified, Social Media 2.0 and Road Map to Success.

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  • 1. Marketing Trifecta: Websites, Social Media & Email Marketing Download this presentation at:
  • 2. Marketing Trifecta: Websites, Social Media & Email Marketing Download this presentation at:
  • 3.          Assumptions Marketing Infrastructure Model & Assertions HootSuite Where to get content Editorial Calendar Email Marketing List Building Selling in the Digital Age Resources
  • 4. 1. Social Media Networks: “The Big5+1”       LinkedIn Account & Company Page Facebook Account & Company Page Twitter Account Blog YouTube Channel Google+ Note: You may use 1 or more of these or other Social Networks that fit your business needs.
  • 5. 2. HootSuite: Your Social Media command Center  Allows for an “inflow” of all Social Media into 1 Place, for processing, monitoring and responding  Provides a place to post to all or some at once  Schedule Post in Advance, 2 to 4 weeks at a time  Free up to 5 inputs  $10 per month
  • 6. 3. Email Marketing Package  Mail Chimp  Constant Contact  Others? 4. Website  Responsive  Online Repository of Information  Call to Action  Conversion Forms
  • 7. 1. Be Interesting 2. Content is King 3. Give to Get  Looking Back & Looking Forward  Concept applies to all communication
  • 8.     Once you set up your digital marketing infrastructure (content), someone can find you, be referred to you, or you can introduce them to your company. The Prospect consumes the content and chose to engage or not. When they reach out, it’s time to consummate the sale. Aka ”Inbound Marketing”
  • 9.      Once your Social Media is set up, this is the #1 Challenge Brain Storm, get help from staff & friends Hire a contract writer Comment on others’ Content Subscribe to industry related sources
  • 10.        Constant Contact – Mail Chimp – Clients, Prospects, and Friends Associations, Clubs, Groups Networking, MeetUps, Events Purchase - .15 to $2 Intro Calls
  • 11. Digital Marketing Model with a Sales Wrapper Selling & Marketing Together CRM - Customer Relationship Management Selling Selling Selling    Selling
  • 12.  Content  Blogs  Case Studies  Articles in Journals  Community Building  Listen & Respond  Campaigns  Specific Activity, Time Line and Desired Results
  • 13.  Campaign Examples         Events Special Offer Content Paid Post Social Media Ad Referral Program Affiliate Program Track, Access, Modify and Repeat
  • 14.       Yes, when used in concert: Marketing & Selling Strategically and on purpose Targeted, curated list Consistent use Track Activity CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • 15.      Socialnomics by Erik Qualman Inbound Marketing Brain Halligan & Dharmesh Shah Social Media 2.0 by J.R. Atkins Mashable (Blog on Social Media Trends) HubSpot (Content Marketing Specialist)
  • 16. Thank you for attending, Marketing Trifecta: Websites, Social Media & Email Marketing What do I do? 1. Conference Talks and Workshops 2. Executive Training and Coaching 3. Services: Social Media, Mobile Apps, Sales & Marketing Download this presentation at: