Shifting Demographics in Online Game Play


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An analysis of recent gameplay trends, with some specific ideas around better ways to segment then the "casual vs. hardcore" false-dichotomy.

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  • Shifting Demographics in Online Game Play

    1. 2. Broadening Demographics of Online Gamers Jon Radoff, CEO, GamerDNA Seattle, LOGIN 2009 – May 14, 2009
    2. 3. Agenda What is changing about players? What is an online game? Are there better ways to Segment audiences? Casual vs. Hardcore?
    3. 4. history quizzes stories
    4. 5. Gamer Stereotypes of the past…
    5. 6. Games are not a media category. Games are played by everyone!
    6. 10. OF TEENAGERS PLAY GAMES 9 7 %
    7. 11. Couples play games
    8. 12. Families play games
    9. 13. People of all ages play games
    10. 14. Top 15 Xbox Live Games Played by Gender Men Halo 3 Gears of War Call of Duty 4 Hexic HD GTA IV UNO Gears of War 2 Oblivion Crackdown Assassin's Creed Geometry Wars Evolved Guitar Hero III Rainbow Six Vegas Texas Hold'em BioShock Women Halo 3 Hexic HD UNO Gears of War Call of Duty 4 Viva Pinata Guitar Hero III Rock Band GTA IV Oblivion Fable II Gears of War 2 Guitar Hero II Texas Hold'em Geometry Wars Evolved
    11. 15. Casual games vs. (Hard)core games
    12. 16. Casual games vs. (Hard)core games (AKA, The Most Stupid Dichotomy Ever Created in the Game Industry)
    13. 17. A core game from 1978 A “casual” Flash game from 2009
    14. 18. What are better ways of categorizing the market?
    15. 19. What is an online game?
    16. 20. World of Warcraft
    17. 21. Madden NFL 09 World of Warcraft
    18. 22. Guitar Hero III Madden NFL 09
    19. 23. Web-based, easy-to-play, collectible Duels, Warstorm, Planet Storm Browser based Strategy Game In May 2009, the Travian website is more popular than the World of Warcraft website (276 vs. 743 on Alexa) Web-based and iPhone 9 million daily active players in 2009
    20. 24. Social gamers vs. Experience Gamers
    21. 26. But it isn’t just guilds – games with any social components are more successful
    22. 28. Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero 3 Daily Players of Rock Band vs. GH3 Why did Rock Band command high daily attention levels? Q:
    23. 29. Grand Theft Auto IV Daily attention from launch day
    24. 30. Call of Duty IV Daily attention from launch day
    25. 33. Segmentation based on thematic (rather than gameplay-type) genres
    26. 34. Bioshock – What are they also playing?
    27. 35. Every game has its own distinct segmentation
    28. 36. “ Heroic” Map Pack - 42% Increase “ Legendary” Map Pack – 46% Increase “ Bungie Day” Free Map - 65% Increase Title Update – 95% Increase “ Mythic” Map Pack – 62% Increase Concurrent Halo 3 Players GTA IV Released - 59% Drop
    29. 37. Halo 3 Audience Segmentation Initial Market Genre Loyal Brand Loyal
    30. 39. Initial Market Genre Loyal Brand Loyal
    31. 40. Competitive Set Analysis
    32. 41. Top 10 other games played by World of Warcraft Players
    33. 42. Top 8 Games played by MMO Players
    34. 43. Conclusions Larger, more diverse audience than ever The definition of “online game” has evolved Don’t get caught in “casual vs. hardcore” More helpful segmentations: social vs. less social players, thematic tastes, brand-loyal vs. genre-loyal, competitive sets
    35. 44. Thanks! Jon Radoff, CEO, GamerDNA [email_address] GamerDNA: tarinth Twitter: jradoff
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