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Innovation In Aviation
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Innovation In Aviation


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Planning for Generation X & Y consumers and embracing new technology are critical ingredients to successful airport strategies.

Planning for Generation X & Y consumers and embracing new technology are critical ingredients to successful airport strategies.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 2006 Airport Conference of the Americas Dawn of a Transformational Era Session V: Innovative Technology Solutions Jawad Rachami 12 September 2006
  • 2. “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will” George Bernard Shaw
  • 3. 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 Innovation 1.0 Industry takeoff Innovation 4.0 Transformation New Frontiers Innovation 2.0 Jet Era Expansion Innovation 3.0 Modernization Commercial Turboprop Service Radio Navigation (VOR) VHF Com ATC • Jet Propulsion • Wide-body Deregulation Hub & Spoke Low-Cost Carriers Consolidation Sat Nav (GPS) / Data Link CNS/ATM Regional Jets VLJs UAS Supersonic BizJets On-demand point-to-point The Era of the Consumer Dynamic Airspace Airborne Internet Commercial Sub- orbital •Mini computers •Operating systems •Expansion of International Trade system – GATT 1 • Microprocessor • Optical Fiber • Super computers • PCs • GATT 2 Commercial Space Flight •Internet expansion • WTO • 5th Wave com technologies • Wireless Broadband • Nano Tech & composites • Web 2.0. • Alternative fuels • Personal on – demand point- to-point The Era of the Provider A Century of Innovation
  • 4. What is Innovation? Innovation is the process of converting conceptual imagination into an actionable proposition Innovation can be evolutionary (incremental) or transformational (radical) Innovation impact on market can be disruptive or sustaining Innovation in air service development should target: Governance Policy / Regulatory Technology Process Financing ManagementOrganization
  • 5. The Innovation Process Imagination Not Why, but rather Why Not Challenging “Conventional Wisdom” Strategic Planning Not simply trending, but meeting the future on our own terms Retain and build Flexibility- Beware of Path dependence Commitment to R&D and experimentation Change Management Turning imagination into actionable innovation Turning innovation into practical solutions
  • 6. Why Innovate? Challenges of our time Security Threats Global Public Health issues Safety Environmental Issues & Climate Change Energy Supplies Economic development Global Competitiveness: Development Demand Speed Proximity Access Mobility Technology Trends: New aircraft designs (VLJs, UAS, Supersonic bizjets, suborbital, Super Jumbo) New Propulsion technology Information Tech Communication Social / Demographic / Market Trends: The MySpace Generation Young populations in emerging economies; aging in mature economies Point-to-Point On-demand: A consumer’s Market Competition
  • 7. Market Outlook
  • 8. Source: Rolls-Royce Market Outlook 2006 Aircraft Deliveries by Region 2006-2025
  • 9. Source: Rolls-Royce Market Outlook 2006 Aircraft Deliveries 2006-2025
  • 10. Source: Rolls-Royce Market Outlook 2006 World Traffic Split by Domicile
  • 11. Innovative Concepts for Airport Sector Development: Three Examples
  • 12. Virtual Communities & Web-Based Concept Development Leverage emerging information technology to know and reach the future Gen Y consumer. Starting to PLAN for that consumer will give you a substantial head start.
  • 13. Things you can do with virtual web: Design & Build in shared virtual environment Test concepts & approaches in a truly global market before build Collect potential customer feedback/preferences Open-source business planning Advertise before build Virtual Communities & Web-Based Concept Development
  • 14. Land-Use Planning & Environmental Decision Support Tools Use agile decision-support tools to pursue sustainable development strategies and environmental management policies.
  • 15. Enterprise GIS Use advanced GIS to create integrated processing and multi-purpose information platforms in order to optimize operational efficiency and decision-making.
  • 16. Transformational Concepts for Airport Sector Development: NGATS: Next Generation Air Transportation System
  • 17. Examples of Research Issues: Closely Spaced Parallel Runway Operations Enhanced Visual Approach Minimums Runway Roughness Measurement & Overrun protection Automated Surface movement Capability Innovative airport geometry / design Gate & Ramp management Layered Adaptive Security Concept of Operations Innovations
  • 18. Real-time free flow of information Push/pull processes to relevant NGATS communities of interest Meld inputs from private, commercial, and government sources Secured according to priorities and needs Common awareness of day-to-day ops, events, crises Global Secure Access to Net Centric Information Source: Joint Planning & Development Office (JPDO)
  • 19. Adaptive Security for People, Cargo, Airports and Aircraft Risk Assessment-Driven Evaluation and Response Positive Identification for People and Cargo Preventive Threat Detection and Mitigation Layered Adaptive Security Source: Joint Planning & Development Office (JPDO)
  • 20. Enable aircraft to “see” operations in non-visual conditions. Allow controllers to delegate “maintain separation” function to aircraft. Independent operations to converging and closely-spaced parallel runways. System-wide availability at all “air portals” Source: Joint Planning & Development Office (JPDO) “Equivalent Visual” Operations
  • 21. Maximize runway capacity by minimizing arrival/departure spacing for single or parallel runways due to wake vortex constraints. Reduce runway occupancy time. Simultaneous operations on single runway. “Super density” Airport Operations Source: Joint Planning & Development Office (JPDO)
  • 22. Aviation Information Super Highway Digital, secure, responsive, user-tailored Wide-area broadband for voice and data, including surveillance information Airborne Information Net Source: Joint Planning & Development Office (JPDO)
  • 23. A Few Parting Comments We evolves because we have the capacity to imagine beyond our immediate reality Innovation is truly a vital energy source for sustained global competitiveness In pursuing global competitiveness, the idea is to empower local specificity on the global stage – find your niche. Globalization is not the exclusive domain of the Western world (Looks like that because most of the world purchasing power is there at present – but that is changing) As development continues, purchasing power in emerging economies will rise – and so will their life style expectations Understanding the future Generation X & Y consumers is imperative to your long-term global competitiveness – Plan ahead and reach out using new generation info tech