Crash creativity assignment 09


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The Magnificent Mutant Mustard Musketeers last team assignment fot the Stanford's Crash Course on Creativity

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Crash creativity assignment 09

  1. 1. A Crash Course on Creativity Assignm en t #09 Y:ES Yawn & Sleep service The Magnificent Mutant Mustard Musketeers
  2. 2. The Prob l emThe night is calm. But youre still awake. Impossible foryou to sleep tonight. Your boss is a real dork. You haveenough commitments for an entire lifetime. Your job isstressful. You think somethings going to get wrongsooner or later. Or you forgot to do something beforeyou leave the office. Or Youll never finish this reportbefore the deadline. Or... Or... Gosh, youre so tired!Have you ever been in such a situation? Your job iskeeping your mind so busy that you cant sleep? Well.We have an innovative solution for you .
  3. 3. The solu tion The 4M Creativity and Advanced Research Laboratory for Original Services proudly presents Y:ESThe worlds first on-purpose boring conversation service. YES. Yawn & Sleep.
  4. 4. Whats t h at ?In order to get back to sleep, you have to divert your mind from its stressing thoughts.You need something so boring that your mind wont use this to keep you awake... again! We think the best way to achieve this is to start a boring conversation. Oh YES. Or at least to listen to someone as boring as this boring, complaining bloke working at your boring office (boring cubicle next to your boring one).
  5. 5. How doe s it work? Call 1-313-SLEEP and say "cant sleep"Our automated intelligent agent will analyze your voice tone and assign you the most efficient and boring chat partner, using our specific, patented stress-recognition algorithm. Because you are special and unique (and, YES, awake!)
  6. 6. Made fo r youYES, tens of profiles available to bore you to death sleep!Brian the self-loving marketing guy, who always wears a suit and loves to hear himself talk Chuck the soccer fan, who never played a match and has a such large beer belly Connie the desperate housewife, who talks only about appliances, cookies and her nails Dilbert, the disillusioned, too-smart, underpaid employee Elizabeth the mother-in-law, always bitching about anything and everything Kevin the nerd, who only talks about technical devices and boring Sci-Fi TV series Kim the teen girl, only thinking about fashion, Instagram and duckfacesPatrick the depressive employee, always complaining about his sh*tty life and hatred boss Rajid, the Indian worker, who always says "yes" and never answers a question Stu the car-lover, boring you with rims, custom painting and motors
  7. 7. LAST BUT N OT LEASTHow much does it cost? Simply put: Half the price of a normal landline communication cost! YES, the boring dude has to pay the other half to have the possibility to find such a patient and fine audience! Call 1-313-SLEEP now at 3am!
  8. 8. The EndPhotosPillows - Luc De Leeuw ( – Eneas ( Portrait 08/04/2005 – Thomas Hawk ( 4 – Lucas Rossato ( call – Vincent_AF ( – Eole Wind ( titre – Jonathan Pobre ( - Peasap ( Fonts BreeSerif, by TypeTogether Capture It, by Koczman Bálint Canadian Penguin, by Chris Cavaghan Andreas Grégory Kirstin JR The Magnificent Mutant Mustard Musketeers