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Restart your trip through life


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How one couple trusted God while out in a truck. …

How one couple trusted God while out in a truck.
This is the real life example of how two truck drivers found how Jesus Christ is alive and real and loves us. By Richard and Candace Liskow.

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. RESTART YOUR TRIP THROUGH LIFE How one couple trusted God while out in a truck. This is the real life example of how two truck drivers found how Jesus Christ is alive and real and loves us. By Richard and Candace Liskow. We turned to truck driving to pay the bills after a divorce settlement. We had a nice residential/commercial lawn care business but at the end of the summer we realized the money would stop over the winter. We bought a 1982 K- 100 cab-over and started with North American freight division in 1986. Since we would be living on the road, in rest areas and truck stops, we thought reading the Bible would keep us safe. We started to read every day and to take Bible studies. Then we had questions. We went to churches as often as we could – all kinds of ‘Christian’ churches – we would compare what they taught to what we read in the Bible. More questions. We wanted the Lord to see we were seriously seeking to know Him. We were both 40 years old and didn’t know how to be sure we were God’s children and heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven. We sent away for a Bible school correspondence course and compared what it taught to what the churches taught where we visited. We also compared everything to the Bible itself as we read it. We called out to the Lord for answers. We found we had to sort out our questions one at a time. We prayed, “What does this scripture passage mean, Lord?” What we found began to build our faith that God was out there and He was real. He would put a magazine article in front of us, or He’d put a sermon on the radio, or He’d get us a load to a church the next weekend somewhere in the country where the preacher answered the question we had asked about the Bible. When we got answers, over and over, our stream of specific questions became
  • 2. more unusual. We saw the specific answers agreed with the Bible teachings, consistently. The Lord worked in our time schedule, and our load assignments. He interrupted our plans to get us to see the answers to our questions - He worked Miracles. As we learned more of the Old Testament and New Testament Bible it was amazing – our questions were more wide-spread – and all were answered - in harmony with all scripture. Not always immediate answers – but we got our answers. The writer of the Bible is alive and real, and He wants us to understand His Ways, and He wants us to know Him, and He wants to give us the Holy Spirit to guide us on the road and through life – ASK. He wants to bless us. It has been 28 years. We have changed churches many times to be with people who have grown in His Word and to be with people who seek to follow His Word in Faith. “Without Faith it is impossible to please Him,” (Hebrews 11:6). Abraham is our father of faith in the Bible. God promised Abraham in a covenant to be his God and that all Abraham’s descendants would be God’s people (heirs of God’s promise and heirs of His Kingdom of Heaven) – IF we keep His Everlasting Covenant. We are to change our goals away from the physical world’s lust and boasts to God’s spiritual world and His teachings. At first, the covenant required physical circumcision in the flesh –for males. This covenant is an Everlasting Covenant and runs throughout the Bible from beginning to end. In the New Testament, God requires all His followers to be circumcised in the heart – spiritually. That is, He wants us to cut off” the world of the flesh” and to become spiritually minded - to grow in the fruits of the Holy Spirit whom God sends to guide us through life to become like Him, i.e. growing in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness, and His Ways.
  • 3. Begin reading His Bible. It is only one book, not a stack of books! Don’t read about the Bible – Read the Bible. We found out - and we know that the author of the Bible is alive and will guide you to understand His book! He wants you to know Him! Take time out of your schedule to call out to the only true God – the God of gods. He will work miracles in your life so that you can begin to put faith in Him. You will know He is real and He is worthy of your praise and loyalty and allegiance. ” We found that if we add someone else’s teachings to His Word – we are no longer following just Him and His teachings. The Bible promises, “Call to Him and He will answer you.” How do you know answers are from Him? He will ALWAYS answer you According to Scripture. This is the same way Jesus answered Satan when he tempted Jesus in the wilderness. Satan still disguises himself as an angel of light to deceive people, but Satan will always try to lure you away from Trusting God and His Written Word. Jesus answered people with scripture. He lived scripture. He died according to scripture, was buried, and rose again the third day according to scripture 1Cor15:3-4). Ask God questions from scripture and God will answer you according to scripture – then you can know for sure God is answering you. You must read your bible yourself with the Lord to know what scripture says – or you can be deceived. Hold on for an exciting ride. We did. Candace and Richard Liskow YOU NEED INSURANCE – as you go through life. If you travel without Jesus, you travel at your own risk. If you die before seeing your need of Jesus’ perfect righteous life which He sacrificed as a gift, you have missed out on eternal life. Heaven is Jesus’ inheritance. He decides who
  • 4. believes in Him. This is what Jesus teaches. Human beings are not immortal as many churches teach. Study your bible. Trust Jesus’ sacrifice in your place. God must abide by the same Law He gave us or He would have rebellion in heaven and earth for not being just. The GOOD NEWS. The Bible teaches facts. Jesus came and lived according to scripture. He suffered and died as a criminal in our place. We break God’s Law – Jesus didn’t (2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 4:15, 1 Peter 2:22) . Jesus offers us His righteous life to be credited to our account as a gift when we see how we fall short of the standard He gave us - if we ASK for His forgiveness and REPENT. We should live to show our allegiance to Him by trying to follow His Ways instead of the world’s traditions, which are man’s laws of worship. Read your Bible only to know the difference. He knows we love Him when we suffer criticism and rejection because we discipline our lives to follow Him. We are willing to spend money, wager and take a chance on lottery tickets and we accept whatever rules the state gives us to enter their contests to be eligible to win their prize. WHY shouldn’t we accept God’s rules that He gave us to live by to go to heaven? He doesn’t want legalistic lawyers in heaven – He wants people who love Him because of what Jesus did for us. Realize we can’t keep His laws perfectly. All we can do is desire in our heart to keep His Laws to show our allegiance to Him, and our gratitude to Him for His substitutionary death in our place! Going to heaven is a journey. Consider an example of traveling on earth. Suppose you drive a truck and your goal is California. There are many places on the way to stop. On the way to California you’ll meet others that were on their way and you can talk with them about their destination in California. They talk about troubles they’ve seen on the way, and some stayed where they stopped.
  • 5. But you haven’t made it there yet – you didn’t care enough to continue! You just talked about the goal and the journey. You stayed and fellowshipped with others who had the same talk. Don’t let this happen in your journey to heaven. To reach the goal, you have to separate yourself from talkers and get up and go.