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BWE_NY_11_fin servpanel


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Rapid Fire Case Study Panel: Financial Services Doug Haslam @DougH Zena Weist @zenaweist Michel Savoie @michelsavoie Jaime Punishill @jpunishill
  • 2. HR Block Social Media Zena Weist
  • 3. Social Media Team Focus
    • 1:1 Conversation with Focus on Expertise
      • GIR Community
      • Influencer Engagement (Blogger outreach, social site conversation)
      • Partnering with CSO Online Response team for online Client Issue Resolution (CIR)
      • Brand conversation
    • Brand Reputation Management
      • Monitoring Online Conversation
      • Crisis Management Lead for Social Media
      • Partnering with CSO Online Response team for online CIR
      • Online Communication Policy (FTC Compliant)
      • Social Media team leads online brand response
      • Weekly reports in season
      • Ad hoc reporting as deemed necessary
    • 24/7/365 Content Strategy
      • Lead HRB online content strategy
        • Brand conversation
        • Expert tax content (not just inform but engage)
        • Marketing messaging
    • Social Subject Matter Experts (Assist with Strategy/Tactics)
      • Marketing (National & Field), HR, Legal, Compliance, Ethics, Product & Client Exp, Innovation
  • 4. From Multi-chatter to Brand Amplification
      • 2:1
      • 1 Brand Voice
  • 5. HRB Online Response Process David Armano, Edelman 2010. Repurposed with permission by H&R Block.
  • 6. Social Media Team Legal HR Product Field Com IT Marketing R&D CS Revolving Hub & Spoke Model
  • 7. ROI & Metrics
    • Client Resolution Metrics
      • Resolved Issues (Service Level Agreement)
    • Cost Avoidance
      • Early Warning System
      • Call deflection through Listening (script for Call Centers)
      • First Contact Resolution
    • Revenue
      • Retail Office: Appointments Made/online
      • H&R Block At Home Digital Software: Units Sold/online
    • Social Media Metrics
      • Share of Voice, Reach, Brand Mentions, Sentiment
      • Followers, RTs, Likes, Influence, Shares…
  • 8. RBC Royal Bank Social Media
  • 9. RBC’s Social Media History May 24th, 2011 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
    • Next Great Innovator – Crowd sourced ideation
    • Next Great Innovator Blog
    • RBC Student Finances Podcast
    • RBC p2p: launches first Canadian FI blog directed at clients
    • YouTube: RBC’s first YouTube channel,, launches
    • Facebook: RBC launches its first Facebook Fanpage, RBC Bankbook
    • Online Banking: Ratings and Reviews launches
    • Twitter: RBC launches first Canadian FI twitter accounts, and RBCInnovator
    • Flickr: First Flickr site is launched for hosting client appreciation photos
    • First client engagement tool leveraging Twitter, is developed, enabling clients to openly comment about RBC at events
    • PR: RBC releases its first Social media Press Release
    • Twitter: RBC maintains ~10 active Twitter accounts
    • Facebook: RBC Blue Water Project launches social engagement promotion, building nearly 20 000 fans in a few weeks
    • RBC fully integrates social media into the core marketing design of the Student Fall Campus Promotion campaign, including YouTube, Facebook as well as a location based service, Foursquare
  • 10. What is Social Media at RBC?
    • Social Media is:
        • A collaboration enabler
        • An employee engagement community
        • A knowledge management community
        • An expert location resource
        • A Digital Water Cooler
    • Social Media is being used for:
        • Brand building
        • Marketing
        • Innovation
        • Sales & Business results
    • Founded on 3 Principles:
        • Risk Management
        • Engage clients and evolve our brand
        • Realize the opportunity
    May 24th, 2011
  • 11. Brand Building & Marketing
    • Sponsorships and Events & Community
    • Marketing
    May 24th, 2011
  • 12. Innovation
    • Leveraging Social Media to drive internal and external innovation
    • Social Media to drive knowledge management & expertise location
    May 24th, 2011 The Challenge is a way for us to not simply talk about innovation, but to live innovation LinkedIn continues to be the best tool to find talent internally.
  • 13. Sales & Business Results
    • Ultimately, every engagement needs to drive a business result. Rigor in implementation is key.
        • Engage the right partners to drive your strategy
        • Identify key business and legal risks
        • Develop risk mitigation strategies
        • Set project/initiative targets that align to strategic goals
        • Educate to enable action
        • Obtain stakeholder buy-in
        • Communicate and promote within your organization
    • Key business results
        • 75% cost savings in media costs on a campaign to campaign basis (Students “Like” it Video Contest)
        • 222% increase in service usage amongst existing clients (myFriendTracker Facebook Application)
        • 200% increases month over month in Facebook Likes
    May 24th, 2011
  • 14. 10 Key Considerations & Learnings
    • Establish a scenario-based overview
    • Create common-sense processes
    • Build on learnings – Test and Learn often
    • Develop Guidelines
    • Educate constantly
    • Clarifying roles ahead of time
    • Ensure Ownership & Management
    • Place accountability on partners
    • Resource for Social Media
    • Measure and Syndicate results
    May 24th, 2011
  • 15. Thomson Reuters (w/side of Citi)
  • 16. Lessons learned
    • This is a cultural transformation, understand your organization’s tolerance for openness
    • Solving for the control functions is just the keys to the car, the social engine needs fuel (content) & air (engagement)
    • Driving social behavior requires a lot of work, curation, and leadership
    • Don’t underestimate the time you’ll need to evangelize
    • Every group has to staff
    • Social business is NOT real time
    • Social business is not FREE
    • Many social business vendors are not yet ready for scalable primetime
    • Don’t underestimate how different this is from BAU (e.g. VA, Twitter API, profanity)
    • Establish two sets of metrics – social & business metrics – you must translate
    • Prepare for the worst, EARLY
    • Expect to help everyone else do their job – if you actually want it done in a way that is usable for something new like social business