Best of 2011 sa express news


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Rated #1 Restaurant and Club in San Antonio

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Best of 2011 sa express news

  1. 1. Ian nt o s20M I SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-N EWS I su N DAY, J U N E 19, 2011 T/NORTH CENTRAL t.,ND BEST NIGHTCLUBCoco Chocolate Lounge & Bistro BY TERRY SCOTT BERTLING were doing is taking those of the dish asked Chefs Secrets co manages to keep an unpreten- tberllinp i" express-news. net great products that Texas has and colmnnist Pat Mozersky to share tious atmosphere with reasonable putting a French flair to them ," it. prices. It> extensive urink Illpnu Coco Chocolate Lounge & B is- Hatab told writer JessiGa Elizar- The best nightclub honors includes ahnost a page of choco- tro sits on lop of two categories in raras in a Taste section lnterview likely earned partly due to the late concoctions, plus mmiini Reatlers Choice, winning gold as soon after he arrived. three styles of music available flights, wine flights and a Cham- best reslaman t jn Notih Centl"3l He plans to use as many locally when the French bistro brmgs pagne flight fbr those who lilill to San M ltonio and nightclub. It sourced and seasonal ingredients out the nightlife and the beat sample a variety (or a u extensive also won ille silver award in best as possible, offering daily specials kicks up after 10:30 p.m. The wine list for those who know romano. restaurant. and brOnze c and tl-ansformtng SOlUe classic nigbtclub, With its own [mllt door what want). It brings out the in best French French ilishes into something lll)- and an entrance in the back 0 crowds for happy hour. More theUl rt!st:auranL It has expected but still hue to their the restnunmt features a OJ mix· 5 percent of customers are WOOl been a pelenmal French roots. ing dance tunes. After m ost of the en ladies night out with on annual Owners Frederic Lebourg, Em- tables are cleared on martinis). but more couples come winners list manuel1e Lebourg and Philippe the restaurant side, a mix of Latin to eiUoy the French cuisine and sin ce it first Place assure us ilmt the combula music (salsa. meringue. bachata) decadent chocolate desserts. best new tion of thltIgs that built lOyal cus- ta kes over with a band on Friday Coco!j restauran t is open Tues- restaurant in tomers wont ch,mge: good food, a and Saturday nights. On Hw cov- da"v-ThuISday, I) p.rn. to miclnigil 2009, big variety of great drinks and ered pat:i(). another OJ sp ins h ip- Friday-SatuuIDY 4 p.m. to 2 am. Owners are Ole unique decor and ambience. hop tunes, creating three dance Is closed an d Monday CROICE still tweakuJg the Neither will customer favorites floors in one place, where you can The nightclub is opon Wednesday. menu to it such as the Coco salacl with shav- wander from one to another. de- Saturday 10 pm. to 2 am. Iis at fresh and mteresting, recently ings of whi.te chocolate, calamari, pending an your music cravings. 18402 U.S. 281 N.. Suite 11<1 (north- ROBIN JERSTIDIiP£CIAL,0 n-IE EXPRESS"NEWi bringing in Eyhab "HaPllY" Hatab cassoulet, tenderloin Q beef steak f Although its decor .is scrump- east: corner of US. 281 and LoopSeared scallops i!; one of the menu fiOm New Jersey to put 15 years or coq au Yin. The recipe for the tiO wiI:h plenty af chandeliers, 1.604) in the Legacy Center: FbI" usitems at Coco Chocolate Lounge & of French culinary experience to latter was published in tbe Dec. 5 ca ndlelight and plush mby red more information: 2J.O.4914400 01Bistro. work as executiVe chef Taste section after two loyal fans velvet booths and bar seating, Co- WWW.SA-COCO.oom.