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Business Link North West UK

  1. 1. NWL2 v4 NORTH WEST LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT ADVISORY SERVICE – Summary Document There is a grant available via the Learning and Skills Council and the North West Development Agency to support relevant and challenging learning and development activities for leaders, senior managers or key decision makers in companies across the North West. The leaders/key managers must be based and work in the North West and have not previously accessed any LSC Leadership and Management funding. The amount of funding available relates to the number of UK paid employees: • For companies employing between 5 – 249 UK Full Time Equivalent employees, the funding is available for 3 Senior Leaders, up to a maximum of £3,000. • For companies employing between 250 – 999 UK Full Time Equivalent employees, the funding is available for 2 Senior Leaders, up to a maximum of £2000 The funding may require a financial contribution from the employer. For example, for a manager to receive the maximum £1,000 grant, the employer must contribute £500 towards the total of the £1,500 training cost. Funding will be worked out on a company basis and your Adviser will give you more specific information. Each applicant/manager must be willing to undertake an initial Diagnostic assessment, to complete a Personal Development Plan. These documents must be completed with an Adviser prior to the learning activity taking place. All the development activities must start, be paid for in full and the funding claimed back within 90 calendar days of the date placed on the Personal Development Plan. To access the funding an Evaluation Form relating to the development activities needs to be completed within 90 days of submission of the application. Funding can be used to access a wide variety of development activities including: • Coaching • Mentoring • Qualifications • Non-qualifications based training. All our Advisers are completely impartial and as an organisation we aren’t tied to any specific learning & development providers The funding can also be used to support HE provision, for example Foundation Degrees, M.B.A.’s, Post-graduate certificates/diplomas and Masters Degrees. These courses are match funded only on a pound for pound basis up to a maximum of £1,000. PLEASE NOTE The funding can not be used for Statutory/Mandatory or technical training, membership fees, travel, equipment, accommodation or any ESF funded activities. No individual Manager can receive more that £1,000 of grant support. It is aimed at leaders/senior managers/key decision makers – supervisors and team leaders would not normally qualify for the LMAS funding.