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Music 28 Slides No 10 - S12

  1. 1. Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground• Andy Warhol (1928-87) – Artist and filmmaker. Leader in the pop-art visual art movement – Coined the term “15 minutes of fame” – The Velvet Underground was Warhol’s performance art rock band led by Lou Reed • Warhol designed all the album art
  2. 2. The Velvet Underground (1964-73)• They were the house band for The Factory, Warhol’s studio and general place for artists to hang out• Their lyrics tend towards despair and a pointlessness of existence• German singer Nicco often joined the group for collaboration• They influenced some of the early avant-garde groups in New York in the 70s• Avant-Garde – art on the cutting edge or ahead of its time “Rock & Roll” “Sweet Jane”
  3. 3. NY Punk Rock• Punk Rock began in New York in the mid 1970s by literary, beat-poet influenced avant-garde artists – These early punk pioneers were performance artists who blended their art with stripped down rock music – They wanted to distance themselves from every aspect of commercial rock music
  4. 4. New York Punk Rock• CBGB – a small bar in the Bowery section of New York City where many punk pioneers began – CBGB-OMFUG: country, bluegrass, blues, and other music for uplifting gourmandizers – pg. 235 – Established in 1973 in the Bowery section of NYC – It was a rough, dive, boozer bar
  5. 5. NY Punk Scene• The focal point of Punk Rock was not musical, it was extra-musical – Image was very important in Punk Rock – Punk Rock is considered the ultimate rebellion against virtually all forms of post-1960s rock and against society in general
  6. 6. New York Punk• Some of the early pioneers of Punk Rock were: – Patti Smith – poet and performance artist – Richard Hell – former Television bassist and original DIY artist – The Ramones – stripped down punk
  7. 7. Patti Smith (b. 1946)• A writer, poet and performance artist. – She sang her poetry – Her 1975 album Horses is considered by some to be the first true American punk album • She combined poetry with a heavy rock sound – She considered herself a bridge between hippies and punk• She is often called “The God-Mother of Punk”• “Gloria” is a mix of Smith’s poetry & a Van Morrison song
  8. 8. Richard Hell & The Voidoids• Patti Smith represents the transition from hippie to punker• Richard Hell characterizes the complete image change to Punk Rock• The first do-it-yourself punk rockers – In the punk subculture, the DIY ethic is tied to anti- consumerism, and is a rejection of the need to purchase items or use existing systems or processes • Artists avoided traditional rock venues and clothing • They wrote, recorded their own songs and created their own record labels and channels for distribution
  9. 9. Richard Hell (b. 1949)• Richard Hell was one of the first to cut his hair short and spike it – He saw himself as a blank canvas, able to represent the average person• “Blank Generation” (1975) expresses the DIY punk ethic
  10. 10. Blank Generation• I was sayin let me outta here • I belong to the blank generation, before I was even born, And I can take it or leave it each Its such a gamble when you get a time. face, I belong to the generation, Its fascinatin to observe what the But I can take it or leave it each mirror does, time. But when I dine its for the wall that I set a place. To hold the TV to my lips, the air so packed with cash, I belong to the blank generation, Then carry it up flights of stairs and And I can take it or leave it each drop it in the vacant lot, time. To lose my train of thought and fall I belong to the generation, into your arms tracks, But I can take it or leave it each And watch beneath the eyelids every time. passing dot Triangles were fallin at the window I belong to the blank generation, as the doctor cursed, And I can take it or leave it each He was a cartoon long forsaken by time. the public eye, I belong to the generation, The nurse adjusted her garters as I But I can take it or leave it each breathed my first, time. The doctor grabbed my throat and yelled, "Gods consolation prize!"
  11. 11. • Inspired by the DIY ripped t-shirt angst of Richard Hell• The Ramones optimize New York Punk Rock in the mid 1970s – Members: Johnny Cummings, Dee Dee Colvin, Jeffery (Joey) Hyman, and Tommy Erdelyi – They adopted the surname Ramone• Their music is fast, loud and stripped down to the basics – Most songs are based on 2 or 3 chords and last under 2 or 3 minutes in length
  12. 12. Blitzkrieg Bop Hey ho, lets go Hey ho, lets go Theyre forming in a straight line Theyre going through a tight wind The kids are losing their minds The Blitzkrieg Bop Theyre piling in the back seat Theyre generating steam heat Pulsating to the back beat The Blitzkrieg Bop. Hey ho, lets go Shootem in the back now What they want, I dont knowTheyre all reved up and ready to go (repeat)
  13. 13. Rock Rebels Again• Within a year Punk Rock spread to England and was adopted by British teens who adopted an angry, anarchist, minimalist rock music that expressed their frustrations
  14. 14. Transition to British Punk Rock• 1976 The Ramones released the British version of their first album inspiring British bands• British youths had different reasons to rebel – High Unemployment among young workers – Skyrocketing gas prices, 25% inflation – Social class clashes – “You don’t sing about love to people on the dole”- Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols • Dole = Welfare
  15. 15. • Members: – Front man Johnny Rotten, guitarist Steve Jones, bassist Sid Vicious & drummer Paul Cook• They promoted anger and anarchy in their music – “Anarchy in the U.K.” – warns of chaos in England – “God Save the Queen” – banned by British radio but sold over 150,000 copies in 5 days • The band played “God Save the queen” on a barge that followed the Queen’s ship in the River Thames – they were arrested.
  16. 16. • Commercial success burned them out – Sid Vicious’ heroine addiction ruined his career • After the band broke up he killed his girlfriend Nancy in a heroine induced stupor – Film = Sid & Nancy
  17. 17. • Formed in 1976 they were the back up band for the Sex Pistols – Members: Joe Strummer (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Mick Jones (lead guitar, vocals), Paul Simonon (Bass), & Nicky Headron (drums)
  18. 18. • In 1977 they signed with CBS and released their first self-titled album – Many songs become punk anthems • “White Riot” • “London’s Burning” • “I’m so Bored with the U.S.A.”• Their contract with CBS was a textbook example of what NOT to do when signing a contract – “…the group had to pay for their own tours, recordings, remixes, artwork, expenses…” Pretty Vacant The History of UK Punk – Phil Strongman
  19. 19. • Their 3rd album London Calling achieved U.S. popularity with the title track – The lyrics are a play on a radio sign-in during WWII, and are also a warning of nuclear threat – The cover art was based on the cover of Elvis Presley’s self-titled album in 1956 – The began to mix other styles in their music
  20. 20. London CallingLondon calling to the faraway townsNow war is declared - and battle come down CHORUSLondon calling to the underworld The ice age is coming, the sunsCome out of the cupboard,you boys and girls zooming inLondon calling, now dont look to us Engines stop running, the wheat isPhoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust growing thinLondon calling, see we aint got no swing A nuclear error, but I have no fearCept for the ring of that truncheon thing Cause London is drowning and I, I live by the riverCHORUSThe ice age is coming, the suns zooming in (Repeat)Meltdown expected, the wheat is growing thinEngines stop running, but I have no fearCause London is drowning and I, live by the Now get thisriver London calling, yes, I was there, too An you know what they said? Well,London calling to the imitation zone some of it was true!Forget it, brother, you can go at it alone London calling at the top of the dialLondon calling to the zombies of death And after all this, wont you give me aQuit holding out - and draw another breath smile?London calling - and I dont wanna shout London CallingBut while we were talking I saw you noddingout I never felt so much alike, like-a, like-London calling, see we aint got no high a...Except for that one with the yellowy eyes
  21. 21. • Between 1982-84 the band fell apart – Drummer Topper Headron was asked to leave due to his heroine addiction – In-fighting lead to the break-up of the band in early 1986• Rolling Stone magazine ranked them no. 30 on their list of the 100 greatest bands of all time• Lead singer Joe Strummer died suddenly in 2002 of an un-diagnosed congenital heart defect
  22. 22. LA Punk Scene• Bands out of L.A. and Hollywood reacted to the despair of excess and corruption.• They took the energy from NY and British punk and brought it up a notch• Bands include:• X – a husband and wife who mixed poetry and Ramones inspired guitar and pounding drums.• The Germs – Created a darker, self- destructive brand of hardcore punk.
  23. 23. • Poets and performance artists.• Their 1980 debut album Los Angeles was produced by ex-Doors keyboardist Ray Manzerek• “Los Angeles”• A very racist friend threw a “good riddance” party upon leaving LA – It is a slam and parody on racist, conservative greed and the “idle rich” in So Cal• Warning: Explicit Lyrics
  24. 24. LA Punk Scene• Suburban punk – LA suburbs, the level of violence heightens Bands:• Black Flag• The Minutemen• The Circle Jerks• These bands created an even higher energy, violent type of punk rock – Mosh pits, shaved heads, Mohawks, spitting on the band and audience, fashion took on a military/combat look – Bands from conservative OC had members who came from dysfunctional homes – they felt alienated
  25. 25. Hardcore PunkThe DeadKennedys • Formed in 1978 – San Fransisco • Their music addressed politics, satire, shock, corporate rock and selling out • “California Über Alles” addresses the theme of the corrosive nature of power, particularly in politics – It describes a fascist regime under then newly elected Gov. Brown 1975-83
  26. 26. California Über Alles• I am Governor Jerry Brown • California & Uber Alles My aura smiles & Uber Alles California And never frowns Soon I will be president… Now it is 1984 Knock knock at your front door Carter power will soon go away Its the suede/denim secret police I will be Führer one day They have come for your uncool I will command all of you niece Your kids will meditate in school Come quietly to the camp California & Uber Alles Youd look nice as a drawstring lamp & Uber Alles California Dont you worry, its only a shower For your clothes heres a pretty Zen fascists will control you flower… 100% natural You will jog for the master race DIE on organic poison gas And always wear the happy face Serpents eggs already hatched Close your eyes, cant happen here You will croak, you little clown Big Bro on white horse is near When you mess with President The hippies wont come back you say Brown Mellow out or you will pay California & Uber Alles & Uber Alles California
  27. 27. Reggae, Dub and Ska• Originated in the slums of Kingston Jamaica – Bob Marley & the Wailers – Peter Tosh – Jimmy Cliff – Bunny Livingston• Reggae is “The King’s music” the sound of the Rastafarian religion• Themes: – Political and spiritual awareness – Love & peace – Historical figures and events significant to Africans• Dub – instrumental remixes of reggae songs• Ska – an early predecessor to reggae• Adopted by British punks who were interested in racial equality. Many combined Ska with punk content – Bands: • The Clash • The Specials • The English Beat • The Police
  28. 28. Bob Marley (1945-81)• The most recognizable and best selling reggae artist• Guitarist and lead singer for The Wailers• Hits: – “I Shot the Sheriff” – “No Woman No Cry” – “One Love” – “Jamming” – “Could You Be Loved” – “Stir It Up” – “Exodus”• Bob Marley died from cancer at the age of 36
  29. 29. Buffalo Soldier – The first all black Calvary used by the US during peacetime and during the Civil War• Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Rasta: • Dreadie, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy, There was a Buffalo Soldier in the heart of America, Buffalo Soldier troddin through the land, Stolen from Africa, brought to America, wo-ho-ooh! Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival. Said he wanna ran, then you wanna hand, Troddin through the land, yea-hea, yea-ea. I mean it, when I analyze the stench - To me it makes a lot of sense: Said he was a Buffalo Soldier win the war How the Dreadlock Rasta was the Buffalo for America; Soldier, Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Rasta, And he was taken from Africa, brought to Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival; America, Driven from the mainland to the heart of Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival. the Caribbean. Said he was a Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Singing, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy, Rasta - Buffalo Soldier in the heart of America. Troddin through San Juan in the arms of America; If you know your history, Troddin through Jamaica, a Buffalo Soldier Then you would know where you coming from, - Then you wouldnt have to ask me, Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival: Who the eck do I think I am. Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Rasta. Im just a Buffalo Soldier in the heart of Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy, America, Stolen from Africa, brought to America, Said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival; Said he was a Buffalo Soldier win the war for America.
  30. 30. How Punk Changed Rock• Independent labels – The DIY ethic of punk rock included the formation of many independent labels which eventually broke the hold of corporations over rock• Punk paved the way for other bands of the post- baby-boom generation
  31. 31. The Decline of Punk Rock• Just like other styles of rock, commercialization began Punk’s decline – Punk fashion entered the mass market and pop-culture • Housewives could be seen wearing ripped t-shirts