WOD Lesson 8 - Weeks 22, 23, & 24


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WOD Lesson 8 - Weeks 22, 23, & 24

  1. 1. acrid (adj) sharp, irritating, or bitter to the sense of taste or smell [ak-rid]Clue: acrid = “phew” get rid ofBurning rubber gives of acridfumes.Ex: acrid smell; acrid taste;acrid remarks;
  2. 2. casualty (n) a person killed or injured in a war or accident [kazh-oo-uhl-tee]Clue: casualty = lossThere were many casualties ofthe 2005 tsunami, or tidal wave,that struck South Asia.Ex: casualty of war; casualtyfrom the tornado; casualty fromthe disaster
  3. 3. congested (adj) 1. overcrowded; filled too full. 2. filled with fluidCongestion (n) 1. condition of beingover crowded 2. the condition ofbeing filled with fluid [kuhn-jest-ed]Clue: congested = too fullWe take the subway during rushhour to avoid the congested citystreets.Ex: congested hallways; congestedsinuses; congested traffic
  4. 4. cope (v) to manage problems or difficulties successfully [Kohp]Clue: cope = deal withExtra police were on duty to copywith the large crowds expectedfor the parade.Ex: cope with the loss; cope withproblems; cope with thesituation; cope with the traffic
  5. 5. headlong (adj) with great speed or force; reckless (adv) recklessly; with time for careful thought [hed-lawng, -long]Clue: headlong = jump right intoThe crowd made a headlong rushfor the best seats as soon as thedoors were opened.Ex: headlong into a dispute;headlong into the crowd
  6. 6. hurtle (v) to move with great force and speed [hur-tl]Clue: hurtle = fling or dashThe sound was deafening, as tonsof snow hurtled down themountain.Ex: hurtle a discus; hurtle asnowball; hurtle a crowd into thehall
  7. 7. impede (v) to get in the way of ; to interfere with the movement of [im-peed]impediment (n) an obstacle;something that gets in the wayClue: impede = blockAn overturned truck impeded theflow of traffic.Ex: impede the path; impede theprogress; impede learning
  8. 8. inevitable (adj) bound to happen; unavoidable [in-ev-i-tuh-buh]Clue: inevitable = happen eventuallyA certain amount of wear on eventhe best tires is inevitable withnormal use.Ex: inevitable conclusion;inevitable end to the story
  9. 9. initiate (v) 1. to put into effect; to bring into use 2. to take in as a memberInitiation (n) 1. the act of beginning 2. the ceremony of process that make one a member [ih-nish-ee-yet]Clue: initiate = get startedThe school initiated a new dress code.The Beta Club initiated 30 newmembers.Ex: initiate a new policy; initiate intothe club; initiate the action
  10. 10. irate (adj) very angry; furious [ahy-reyt, ahy-reyt]Clue: irate = irritate + madeIrate citizens demanded that thechemical company stop pollutingthe lake.Ex: irate customers; irate fans;irate parents; irate voters
  11. 11. lax (adj) 1. non strictly enforced; undemanding; careless 2. not tight; loose [laks]Clue: lax = relax the ropesThe rules for the pick-up gamewere so lax that no fouls werecalled.When I felt the rope go lax, Iknew that my partner hadreached the ledge.Ex: lax dress code; lax in his duty
  12. 12. negligent (adj) failing to take proper care of or to give proper attention tonegligence (n) the quality, state, or act of being negligent [neg-li-juhnt]Clue: negligent = ignoreYou were negligent in failing tolock the car doors.Ex: negligent in his duty;negligent in her appearance
  13. 13. smolder (v) 1.to burn slowly without bursting into flames 2.To exist in a hidden state before bursting into the open [smohl-der]Clue: smolder = smoke without flameHot ashes smoldered after the flameswent out.A desire for freedom smoldered in thehearts of the people.Ex: smolder and smoke; smolderedwith anger
  14. 14. stringent (adj) strict; severe [strin-juhnt]Clue: stringent = strictThe stringent rules state thatno exceptions can be made.Ex: stringent laws; stringentarguments; stringent budget;stringent diet; stringentguidelines
  15. 15. throng (n) a large number of people gathered together; a crowd (v) to gather or more in large numbers [thrawng, throng]Clue: throng = big crowdA throng of supporters cheeredthe president’s arrival at theairport.Ex: throng