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Lesson 7  - WOD Weeks 19, 20, & 21
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Lesson 7 - WOD Weeks 19, 20, & 21


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  • 1. beseech (verb) to askearnestly; to begclue: beseech=begI beseech you to stayjust one more day.ex: beseeched hisforgiveness; abeseeching gaze
  • 2. consternation (noun)amazement or fear thatmakes one feel confused.clue: consternation=alarmWe were filled withconsternation when our carwas stolen in the Walmartparking lot.ex: a source of consternation;her parents’ consternation
  • 3. delectable (adj.) pleasingto the senses, especiallythe sense of tasteclue: delectable=deliciousMy aunt’s homemadeapple pie is delectable.ex: delectable melody; itwas delectable
  • 4. garland (noun) a wreathor chain of leaves andflowersclue: garland=wreathThe islanders greetvisitors with garlands toput around their necks.ex: decorate withgarland; the garland wasbeautiful
  • 5. gratify (verb) to please orsatisfy; gratifying (adj.)pleasingclue: gratify=to give inMy parents were unableto gratify my wish for aniPhone.ex: gratifying work; thecolors gratified the senses
  • 6. haughty (adj) showing too much pride in oneself and scorn or contempt for othershaughtiness(n) the state or quality of being haughty[haw-tee]Clue: haughty is naughtyThe new student’s haughty manner didnot help her to make new friends.Ex: haughty attitude; haughty behavior
  • 7. impetuous (adj) inclined to act without thinking; hasty[im-pech-oo-uhs]Clue: impetuous = not thinking firstI regretted my impetuous decision toinvite everyone to come to my houseafter the football game.Ex: an impetuous act; the impetuousdecision
  • 8. lavish (adj) 1. much more than enough 2. very costly (v) to give freely or generously[lav-ish]Clue: a lavish lavatoryThe wealthy couple built a home witha lavish lavatory.Ex: lavish dinner; lavish gifts
  • 9. pluck (v) 1. to pull off or out; to pick remove the feathers from 3. to pull atand let go (n) courage; braveryplucky (adj) brave; courageous[pluhk]Clue: …For Bamas pluck and gritHave writ her name in crimson flame!Fight on, fight on, fight on, men!It took a lot of pluck for the injured footballplayer to learn to walk again.Ex: pluck guitar strings; pluck and honor
  • 10. ponder (v) to think about; to consider carefully[pon-der]Clue: ponder on this…Lost in thought, the chess playerpondered her next move.Ex: ponder and consider; ponder anddecide
  • 11. privilege(n) a special favor, right, or advantage given to a person or group (adj) given favors or advantages denied to others.[priv-uh-lij, priv-lij]Clue: privilege = right or benefitYou should feel privileged that you wereable to attend an outstanding middleschool.Ex: privileged information; privilegesfor reward
  • 12. prostrate (adj) 1. lying flat 2. lying facedown, especially to show respect 3. completely overcome ; weak and helpless[pros-treyt]Clue: prostrate = lie down straightThe worshippers in the temple layprostrate before the high priest.Ex: prostrate worship; prostrate fromexhaustion
  • 13. rapture (n) a state of great joy, delight, or love [rap-cher]Clue: rapping with raptureThe rap singer was so overjoyed withrapture about his song award that hemade up new rap.Ex: feelings of rapture at her wedding;expressing rapture after winning
  • 14. revelry (n) noisy merrymaking[rev-uhl-ree]Clue: revelry = rev it upSounds of revelry came from thelocker room after the game.Ex: Mardi Gras revelry; NationalChampionship revelry
  • 15. whim (n) a sudden wish to do something without a particular reason; a fanciful idea.[hwim, wim]Clue: whim = not plannedPurchasing a puppy is not somethingto be done on a whim.Ex: go to dinner on a whim; make atrip on a whim