Lesson 5 - WOD Weeks 13, 14, & 15


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Lesson 5 - WOD Weeks 13, 14, & 15

  1. 1. adequate (adj) enough; sufficient [ad-i-kwit]Clue: adequate = just enoughOne blanket will be adequate onsuch a warm night.Ex: adequate food supply;adequate attention; adequateseating; adequate sleep
  2. 2. administer (v) 1. to manage or direct 2. to give out as treatment or assistance [ad-min-uh-ster]Clue: administer the medsThe scout leader administeredfirst aid to the child who had cuthis hand.Ex: administer rules; administerjustice; administer the oath
  3. 3. agitate (v) 1. to disturb or upset 2. to move with an irregular, fast, or violent action. 3. to stir up interest in and support for a cause [aj-i-teyt]Clue: agitate = aggravate1. Talk of sharks in the water agitated theswimmers at the beach.2. Strong winds agitated the surface of thelake.Ex: agitate the crowd; washeragitates the clothes; agitate the dog
  4. 4. capitulate (v) to give in; to surrender [kuh-pich-uh-leyt]Clue: capitulate = capture and surrenderAt the end of WWII, Japancapitulated to the Ally forces.Ex: capitulated to defeat;capitulate and surrender;capitulate and agree
  5. 5. citrus (n) 1. a fruit of the family that includes oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes 2. a tree that produces these fruits (adj) of or relating to these fruits or trees [si-truhs]Clue: citrus = lemons & orangesThe kumquat is a less well-knownmember of the citrus family.Ex: citrus trees; citrus flavors; citrussmell
  6. 6. disrupt (v) 1. to break up the orderly course of 2. to interrupt; to bring to a temporary haltdisruptive (adj); disruption (n) [dis-ruhpt]Angry protestors disrupted thepresident’s speech.Ex: disruptive music; annoyingdisruption; disrupted the silence
  7. 7. hovel (n) an unpleasant, cramped, and dilapidated place to live [huhv-uhl, hov-]Clue: hovel = wretched hutThe Saxons complained that theywere forced to live in hovels whiletheir Norman conquerors had finehomes.Ex: hovel dwelling; humble hovel
  8. 8. illiterate (adj) unable to read or write (n) illiteracy [ih-lit-er-it]Clue: illiterate = can’t read + can’t writeVolunteers are needed to helpteach illiterate adult how to read.Ex: computer illiterate;technologically illiterate;politically illiterate
  9. 9. indifferent (adj) 1. not concerned about; not caring 2. neither very good nor very bad; passable [in-dif-er-uhnt, -dif-ruhnt]Clue: indifferent = don’t careHer indifferent grades in schoolworried her parents.Ex: indifferent attitude;indifferent opinion
  10. 10. menial (adj) of or relating to low- level, humble work [mee-nee-uhl, meen-yuhl]Clue: menial = lowly or degradingDesperate for money, Oliveraccepted menial work with lowpay.Ex: menial job; menial tasks,menial pay
  11. 11. permanent (adj) lasting or expected to last for a long time [pur-muh-nuhnt]Clue; permanent = long timeA child’s first permanent teethappear about the age of six.Ex: permanent marker;permanent tattoo; permanent job
  12. 12. respite (n) a period of rest; a pause [res-pit]Clue: respite = restThe rain brought a welcomerespite from the tremendous heat.Ex: reading respite; vacationrespite; doctor-ordered respite
  13. 13. strenuous (adj) 1. needing much effort; using a lot of energy 2. very active; vigorous [stren-yoo-uhs]Clue: strenuous = laborious + demandingThe plan to close the local schoolmet with strenuous oppositionfrom the parents.Ex: strenuous work; strenuousexercise; strenuous game
  14. 14. toil (v) 1. to work long and hard 2. to make one’s way with difficulty (n) hard and tiring labor [toil]Clue: toil = laborious & exhaustingSugar can cutters toil in the fields fromdawn to dusk.Ex: toil at work; toil up the mountain;toil; toil in life
  15. 15. urgent (adj) needing quick action or attentionurgency (n) the need for quick action [ur-juhnt]Clue: urgent = right awayThe county has an urgent need fora new hospitalEx: urgent message; urgent phonecall; urgent care