Lesson 1 - Weeks 1, 2, & 3


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Lesson 1 - Weeks 1, 2, & 3

  1. 1. abate (v) to become weaker; to decrease (uh-beyt)Clue: abate = lessen, get weakerThe speaker waited until theapplause had abated beforecontinuing.Ex: crowd’s enthusiasm abated;pain abated; storm’s intensityabated
  2. 2. acknowledge (v) to admit theexistence of; to expressrecognition or thanks for (ak-nol-ij)Clue: acknowledge = recognizeDid the police officer acknowledge youright to remain silent?Ex: acknowledge the authority;acknowledge the winner; acknowledgethe students
  3. 3. agent (n) a person who acts or does business for another; something that brings about a result. (ey-juhnt)Clue: agentThe author’s agent found a company topublish his latest mystery story.Ex: a powerful agent for change; anreal estate agent
  4. 4. authority (n) the right to give orders, make decisions, or take action; an expert source of information (uh-thawr-i-tee)Clue: authority = the professionals or bossOnly the Congress of the United Stateshas the authority to declare war.Ex: the researcher who is theauthority; the authority who givesorders
  5. 5. devastate (v) to ruin or destroy completely (dev-uh-steyt)Clue: devastate the estateFarmers in the Midwest fear thatthe lack of rain will devastate thewheat crop.Ex: devastate the neighborhood;devastate the land; devastate theplans
  6. 6. epidemic (n) the rapid spread of disease to many people at one time (ep-i-dem-ik) Clue: epidemic = Yellow FeverThe yellow fever epidemic of 1793in Philadelphia killed nearly 5000people, 10 percent of the city’spopulation.Ex: wide spread epidemic; fluepidemic; AIDS epidemic
  7. 7. estimate (v) to figure out roughly; (n) a number that is not exact (v. es-tuh-meyt; n. es-tuh-mit) Clue: estimate = a careful guessWe estimate that it will take us an hour to drive to the airport.Ex: the mechanic’s estimate; estimate the damage
  8. 8. evict (v) to force out of property by taking legal action (ih-vikt)Clue: evict = Get out!The landlord threatened to evictthe tenants for not paying therent.Ex: evict the renters; evicthomeless
  9. 9. impartial (adj) not favoring one side more than another; fair (im-pahr-shuh)Clue: impartial = be fairA judge should be impartial inthe courtroom.Ex: impartial referee; impartialreporter; impartial umpire
  10. 10. industrious (adj)hardworking; not lazy (in-duhs-tree-uhs)Clue: industrious = busy beeThe more industrious workers inthe clothing factory wererewarded with pay raises at theend of the year.Ex: industrious students;industrious athletes; industriousteachers
  11. 11. infuriate (v) to make very angry (in-fyoor-ee-yet)Clue: infuriate = furiousCruelty to animals infuriates me.Ex: infuriate the crowd; infuriatethe judge; infuriate the parents
  12. 12. irrelevant (adj) having nothing to do with the subject (ih-rel-uh-vuhnt)Clue: irrelevant = doesn’t matterThe candidate’s personal wealth isirrelevant to our discussion abouthis qualifications for the job.Ex: irrelevant information;irrelevant topic
  13. 13. precise (adj) exact; accurate (pri-sahys)Clue: precise = accuracyDo you know the precise timethat your plane arrives?Ex: precise amount; precisemeasurements
  14. 14. sham (n) something false or fake (v) to pretend (sham)Clue: sham = fakeAlthough he tried to appear sorry,his sham apology did not fool hiswife.Ex: get-rich-quick sham; greatdeal was a sham
  15. 15. trek (n) a long, slow, and difficult journey; v. to travel slowly and with difficulty (trek)Clue: trek = trudgeThe hikers were exhausted aftertheir trek over the mountain.Ex: trek across the swamp; trekacross the ocean