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Intro to the Alfresco Public API


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This presentation gives a brief intro to the Alfresco Public API.

This presentation gives a brief intro to the Alfresco Public API.

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  • REST API includes:SitesMembersFavoritesNetworksPeopleContainersActivitiesRatingsCommentsTags
  • Transcript

    • 1. Intro to the Alfresco PublicAPIJeff PottsChief Community Officer
    • 2. Doesn’t Alfresco already havean API?Yes, but…• Not really public (things change)• Not versioned• Not well documented• Doesn’t work for cloudThe Alfresco Public API addresses theselimitationsVision is to have a single API that worksacross cloud and on-premise
    • 3. API Launch Partners
    • 4. Folder, file, contentand metadatamanipulation andsearchNetworks, sites,people, comments,tags, activities, …
    • 5. Getting Started1. Understand OAuth22. Register your app3. Grab a client-side CMIS library• Or an SDK if coding a mobile app4. Start coding!
    • 6. Step 1: Groking OAuth2Defined in RFC-6749Secure authentication• 3rd party apps don’t ever see the user’spasswordUnambiguously identifies:• API provider (e.g. Alfresco)• Client application (e.g. your application)• End-user (e.g. an Alfresco Cloud user)
    • 7. OAuth2 & AlfrescoUsed to secure the Alfresco APIOnly authentication mechanism provided forAPIs in Alfresco Cloud
    • 8. Registering an AppApplicationDeveloperAlfrescoDeveloper PortalCreates developerprofileAssigns an API keyand secret for thatappSigns up ondeveloper portalRegisters anapplication
    • 9. AuthorizationApplication Alfresco End-UserLinks to Alfrescoauthorization page,passing API key &secretAsks the user toauthorize the appUser authorizes theapp to access theiraccountRedirects to yourapp’s callbackURL, passingauthorization codeExchanges theauthorization codefor an access tokenReturns access andrefresh tokensSecurely persiststhe access andrefresh token forthat user
    • 10. Making API CallsCalls APIs, passingthe access token inthe AuthorizationHTTP headerIdentifies user fromaccess token,executes API callApplication Alfresco
    • 11. Refresh FlowCalls APIs, passingthe access token inthe AuthorizationHTTP headerReturns 401 error,indicating accesstoken has expiredRefreshes accesstoken, passingrefresh tokenReturns new accesstokenApplication Alfresco
    • 12. OAuth2 library can hidedetailsSpring Social OAuth2 Client
    • 13. Step 2: Register Your App• Alfresco Cloud Account• Registered Developer AccountAdd as many applications as you wantKey, secret, callback URL
    • 14. Step 3: CMIS LibraryApache Chemistry is the umbrella project forall CMIS related projects at the ASF• OpenCMIS (Java, client and server)• cmislib (Python, client)• phpclient (PHP, client)• DotCMIS (.NET, client)• ObjectiveCMIS (Objective-C)Other client libraries exist
    • 15. REST client
    • 16. Create, Find, & Comment
    • 17. Alfresco API URLsStructure:• Tenant• API scope• API name• API version• Entity type* The notion of entity types doesn’t apply to CMIS.*public/ sitesalfresco/versions/1/
    • 18. Entity type collectionsThe entity type URL represents a collectionof all instances of that entity• The collection may or may not beretrievable via a GETEach instance of an entity can be accessedvia the collection URL with an Id appended.../
    • 19. Top level entity typessitespeopletagsnodesfavorites
    • 20. Nesting entity typesEntity types may also be nestedThe same rule about retrieving instances byId applies.../
    • 21. Create, update, & deleteCreating a new entity instance:• POST to the collection URLUpdating an entity instance:• PUT to the instance URLDeleting an entity instance:• DELETE against the instance URLThese rules apply regardless of whether it’sa top-level or nested collection
    • 22. ConsiderationsRate limits• 5 requests/second, 10,000 requests/day (Dev)• 50 requests/second, 100,000 requests/day (Prod)No limit on # of applicationsAlfresco Cloud users own their content>= OpenCMIS 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT>= cmislib 0.5.1dev
    • 23. RoadmapMerge APIs into Alfresco Enterprise v4.2New API types:• User Provisioning (SCIM)• Workflow (Activiti)New API versions:• CMIS v1.1• Alfresco v2 (?)New Alfresco API entity types:• renditions• bulk-imports (?)
    • 24. RoadmapBinary property supportProjection & transclusion improvements(“SELECT”)Restriction improvements (“WHERE”)Discoverability improvements• In support of “executable documentation”
    • 25. Getting HelpDocs:• Alfresco API forum• #alfresco on freenode IRC• Alfresco Technical Discussion Google GroupSource Code:• Code from DevCon Session• Spring Social Alfresco Library• Peter’s Grails Example• Jeff’s Java Examples & Python Examples
    • 26. Read the book!Everything you need toknow about CMIS1.0 & 1.1Lots of Groovy andJava examplesAlso covers Python,Android, & iOSNow on MEAP!37%-off: 12cmisal
    • 27. The keys to one badass ECM platform are yours forthe taking