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  • FPS Summer Academy Kafka - Wikis & Blogs
  • FPS Summer Academy Kafka - Wikis & Blogs

Ttt owa Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Presented by Jill Polglaze This Month’s Topic: Outlook Web Access Today’s session is an introduction to the new email system we will switch over to this summer.
  • 2. Topics for today
    • BASICS
    • Why are we switching email systems?
    • When are we switching?
    • 3 things to do once we switchover
    • Viewing email window
    • Deleting email
    • Replying to an email
    • Creating a new email
    • Address Book
  • 3. Why are we switching?
    • Infrastructure update - switching to servers that GroupWise will not run on anymore
    • Added features and functionality include ability to sync with phones & central calendaring for scheduling rooms
  • 4. When will the switch happen?
    • Sometime around mid-July
    • When go to old email address it will point you to new one automatically
    • No access to GroupWise after the switch
  • 5. Three things to do in new email
    • Change your password
    • Add a signature
    • Enter your phone # and make sure your information is correct (building, grade level etc.)
  • 6. Logging in
    • Go to web address on card
    • Enter your username (firstname.lastname)
    • Enter your password
    • Click Sign In
    • Note – these are case sensitive
  • 7. Logging in Public vs. Private computer
    • Private
      • Using your own laptop or home computer
      • Times out after about 120 minutes
    • Public
      • Using a shared computer or public computer
      • Times out after about 20 minutes
  • 8. 1. Change your Password
    • Click on Settings on left sidebar
    • Click on Password
  • 9. 1. Change your Password
    • New password – 8 characters minimum, no periods or slashes
    • Must have at least 1 number, 1 capital letter and 1 symbol
  • 10. Creating a Root Password
    • lemon (this is your root)
    • Lemon (Change so it has a capital letter)
    • Lemon2 (add any number you will remember)
    • Lemon2! (add in a symbol you will remember)
    • Lemon2!owa (add letter or letters to denote what program you are using this for. Owa stands for Outlook Web Access)
    • * This is a suggestion only if you need/want help with creating passwords – use things you will remember
  • 11. 2. Add a signature
    • Click on Settings on the left
    • Click on Mail icon
    • Enter your signature in box
      • Signature should include name, grade level or subject you teach, and home school
    • Note check box below that will automatically add signature
    • Click SAVE on bottom right of screen
  • 12. 3. Enter your phone number
    • Click on Options
    • Click on Account on the left
    • Click on
  • 13. 3. Enter your phone number
    • Verify information
    • Under OFFICE list your home school
    • Under WORK PHONE, list the direct line to your room, not the main office number.
    • Click SAVE
  • 14. Viewing email window with Reading Pane on
  • 15. Actions in the reading pane
    • Click on the word Actions in the top right
    • Use the dropdown menu to manipulate the email
    • * In the other view this is a menu bar along the top
  • 16. Viewing email window with Reading Pane off Double-click on the envelope in front of the email to open the email in a separate window. Envelopes with a triangle are all messages associated with that subject (multiple replies) Double click to open the envelope, below you will see a list of emails.
  • 17. Changing the View
    • Click on View
    • To turn off the reading pane click select the button in front of Off
    • To have the reading pane on select the button in front of Right
  • 18. Deleting email
    • Highlight email (grayish bar across it) and click on black x on menu bar OR
    • Use delete key on keyboard
  • 19. Replying to an email
    • In Reading Pane view the email is listed on the side
    • Reply to the email
    • Reply to all
    • Forward the email
  • 20. Replying to an email
    • With the Reading Pane off you view the email in a separate window
    • Use the buttons along the top to Reply, Reply to All and Forward email
  • 21. Creating a new email
    • Click on NEW
    • Fill in address, message and click Send
  • 22. Addresses – auto fill
    • Note – names will not auto fill until you have sent a message to the person
    • You can enter either first or last name
    • Address book is available to find people
  • 23. Address Book
    • Click on the in in the email to open address book
    • You can also click on the address book on the right hand side of the screen
  • 24. Address Book
    • Double click on a name from the address list to add it to your email
    • It shows on bottom in the TO line (only if you have started a new email message)
    • Click OK on the bottom right once you have addresses in
  • 25. Coming in Fall . . .
    • Calendars
    • Folders
    • Attachments
    • And more