EkoLum : Coquimbo Case Study


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EkoLum case study in Coquimbo, Chile

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EkoLum : Coquimbo Case Study

  1. 1. Project for Energy-Efficient StreetLighting in Coquimbo withLONWORKS® NetworkThe LonWorks protocol is used extensively for communication and control of the luminaries via theexisting electrical wiring (PLC), without need for additional cables.All the luminaires can be remotely controlled by accessing a server controlled by the EkoLUM software(an exclusive of EkoPLC). This communication is enabled by installing a segment gateway with USBconnectivity into the electrical control panel. The gateway has USB connectivity and comes with aGPRS modem. With the additional installation of a controller for each luminaire, we obtain in real timeinformation, monitoring, and control of each luminaire, all without the need to route additional cables.  The solution can automatically identifiy failedlamps, and enables real-time control to reduceonsite operations. It can also increase lightquality by using electronic dimmable ballasts thatdrive the lamps more efficiently and make themlast longer.  Smart Thinking  The system could use new lower-wattagestreetlights that last longer, offer higher-qualitylighting, and can communicate over a network.Each Light can includes a smart electronic ballastthat identifies lamp and ballast failures; measuresenergy use, running hours, and voltage; andenables remote command through the power linenetwork, thanks to Echelons embedded power Puerto Coquimbo and La Serena, Chileline transceivers. Pacific coast of northern ChileThe transceivers communicate with EkoLumSegment Gateway over the LonWorks network.The servers, acting as segment controllers,communicate with a central computer equipped The Solution  with EkoLUM Web Plattform to record each Coquimbo city upgraded to a monitoredlamps energy use, status, and failure street lighting system based on LonWorksinformation.   technology. The system uses a low-cost centralized switching system to replace inefficent photocells , and communicate over existing power lines via Echelons power line technology. EkoLUM Segment GatewayThe Challenge   monitor and control the streetlights. The system also remotely analyzes lampThe city of Coquimbo was experiencing rising behavior and identifies any lamp failures.  energy and maintenance costs due to its agingstreet lighting equipment.   ©2010 LONWORKS based control networks are changing the way we think of and interact with the devices that surround us. Learn how you can benefit from LONWORKS techno-logy: Visit www.ekolum.net  
  2. 2. Add smart streetlights embedded with LonWorks technology  Each luminaire in the street lighting network includes a ballast thatʼs been integrated with one of ourpower line smart transceivers. This lets it automatically detect lamp failures, dim the light in 0.5-percent increments, and report vital statistics such as consumed energy, lamp-burning hours, voltage,current, and ballast temperature. It also lets each luminaire act as its own energy submeter. Numerousmanufacturers produce luminaires and ballasts based on our technology, and new features areconstantly being added. For example, LED lights can flash in a predetermined sequence to help routeemergency traffic or help emergency response personnel locate an accident scene more quickly.Ballasts communicate over a cityʼs existing power lines via our power line signaling technology — theworldʼs most proven and reliable networking solution, with an installed basd of over 32 million units.This technology, which uses ISO/IEC 14908-1 and -2 standards, is immune to the trucks, hills, trees,weather, and new construction that can bring a radio-frequency-based system to its knees.  Manage with the Ekolum software solution.  Control your entire network with easy-to-use host software. These Ekolum software solution , offer ahighly visual graphical environment to help city personnel manage WAN communications, trackfailures, check system health, automatically install new SmartServers, and collect, organize, and storedata. They also extend to higher-level applications, for use with service databases, billing, notification,energy management, and other existing systems.     Energy and Maintenance costs Paseo del Borne 15 , 7F have been reduced by 20 %. 07012 - Palma de Mallorca Lower operating and Spain maintenancecosts. Increased lighting quality and efficiency. The streetlight network can be leveraged as a Communications network to collect data from environmental sensors and support other M2M applications. ©2010 LONWORKS based control networks are changing the way we think of and interact with the devices that surround us. Learn how you can benefit from LONWORKS techno-logy: Visit www.ekolum.net