ReformIS Capability Statement


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Brief Outline of what RefomIS does

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ReformIS Capability Statement

  2. 2. Who are ReformIS ? REFORMIS BACKGROUND City of London based consultancy providing Asset Management expertise • Formed in 2003 • Spitalfields, City of London based offices • Exclusive Asset Management consultancy • Qualified Business and IT consultants facing Front & Middle Office • Over 40 Employees and Associates in total • CADIS EDM, Microsoft Gold and Business Objects Partner • “Onshore” development capability • Solutions Architecture goal: Bridging the Business and Technology gap • Development of key partner relationships with AM specific vendors Page 2
  3. 3. What do we do ? REFORMIS BACKGROUND Subject Matter Consultancy for the Asset Management sector Front Office FXall globallink Business Enterprise Data Analysis Netik Management Technical Services Project Management Operations Change Management Business Data Analysis Intelligence Distribution Vendor Expertise Asset Class Experience Market Standards Adherence Page 3 In Partnership with
  4. 4. What are our Development Capabilities? REFORMIS BACKGROUND Microsoft Core technologies and Vendor implementation skills from our London on-shore development office Microsoft Gold Partner CADIS Implementation Partner - .Net 1.1 - 3.5 - Fully trained and certified team - SQL Server 2000 - 2008 - On site or off site development - Sharepoint - Data Management practice - Business Dynamics CRM - Security Master, Benchmark, Reference - XML Web Services data project experience - Service Oriented Architecture - Active contributor to CADIS forums and - Biztalk wiki Development Practise Vendor Product Added Value Business Objects Partner - Configuration of market leading vendor - Key tool in our Business Intelligence products to suit unique client reqts practise - Additional development to compliment - Distribution and Investment MIS solutions vendor product functionality - Financial MIS centred around key - Researching new vendor relationships Profit/Loss KPI’s - Developing AM solutions for generic - Reporting and ETL expertise vendor solutions (e.g. Desknet) Page 4 Global Transparency Cash Management Yield Checker Reporting Blotter
  5. 5. What is our Managed Service Offering? REFORMIS BACKGROUND Infrastructure, Quality procedures and Call logging system in place to support post implementation running • Based in our Coppergate Office, Spitalfields, London • Long standing Managed Support Service for our first client in 2003 • Migration-in of support from our ongoing client developments • Full support help desk infrastructure – Hardware and Software • Call Logging software operational • Dedicated helpdesk phone lines • Tailored SLAs to meet clients’ varying requirements Page 5
  6. 6. What are our Methods and Standards ? REFORMIS BACKGROUND IMC qualified business consultants, PRINCE 2 project delivery experts and Microsoft certified technical staff • Project Delivery Lifecycle documentation and controls • Fully committed Employee development programme 1. Startup 2. Intermediary 3. Practitioner Level Level Level MCP MCAD MCSD (A) Technical Training 1. Startup 2. Intermediary 3. Practitioner Path MCTS MCPD MCA* Level Level Level ISEB ISEB (C) Business Analysis Business Analysis (B) Business 7 City (Foundation) (Essentials) ISEB ISEB ISEB Solution Analysis Foundation in Development Systems Development bpp Training and Learning Tree Learning Tree Development and Essentials Development (Introduction to (e.g.Developing Training Delivery Techniques Diploma Path Business Analysis) User Requirements) Path Formalisation and Consolidation of Advancement of existing skills, Practical Experience, Commercial (D) PRINCE2 PRINCE2 PRINCE2 Project existing skills added value experience application of training path Practitioner Foundation Practitioner Management Upgrade Personalised timescales Training Path Formalisation and Consolidation of Advancement of existing skills, Practical Experience, Commercial existing skills added value experience application of training path Page 6 Personalised timescales
  7. 7. Sample Case Studies CASE STUDIES A summary of our experience in the Asset Management sector • Front Office o Forex Trading • Middle Office o Mirrored Accounts o Global Product Book • Regulatory Reporting • Data Management • Business Intelligence o Client Management Dashboard Page 7
  8. 8. FRONT OFFICE Case Studies – Forex Trading CASE STUDIES STP Forex fund management and trading solution written in .Net Page 8
  9. 9. FRONT OFFICE Case Studies – Other examples CASE STUDIES From Front Office trading desk support to the delivery of bespoke solutions Name Solution Description FI RFP thinkFolio, Analysis of decision support process and leading vendor products to construct an Cafit, Imagine RFP. OTC solution thinkFolio Business Analysis effort capturing Front Office OTC Derivative servicing requirements for the “Back Office Outsource project”. FIX LZ & Cameron Implementation of FIX trading in LatentZero. Integration with more than 25 brokers (point to point & over LSE hub). FI Trading CRD,Trade web, Implementation of fixed income electronic trading with Trade Web on Charles River Market Axess Treasury LatentZero Detailed analysis of cash management process. Working with LatentZero to define requirements for next release. Implementation of FXall and automated integration with FXall internally developed order management system. Scalable UCITS III post Conducting the business requirements analysis for post trade compliance monitoring Derivatives trade of the retail funds business. Exercise sought to extend the use of ETD and OTC program compliance derivative strategies within the management of the client fund universe Compliance CRD Decommissioning of LZ for CRD. Detailed requirements analysis for Global guideline checking. Implementation of CRD v8 for pre-trade monitoring of Global accounts Fund 130/30 Funds Analysis of Fund Manager order management requirements, middle office reporting Launches requirements and delivery of a trading solution for the front office. CDM Tibco, FpML, Development of a XML central data model with imbedded FpML for implementation of XML global message bus to integrate Goldensource, LZ, CRD with downstream systems. Staging ADTS Bespoke development of data staging solution to supply benchmarks, positions, prices and security data to CRD Page 9
  10. 10. MIDDLE OFFICE Case Studies – Mirrored Accounts CASE STUDIES Innovative mirrored trading application in .Net utilising web services and EAI design • Customised financial solutions for clients that involve running a parallel fund, managed or otherwise • Estimated value of this service was over £500m in subscriptions • Any order placed on “Fund A” would be re-created automatically in all mirrored funds subject to key ratios, compliance rules etc. • ReformIS consultants played key architecture and technical roles • Design based around Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) • The EAI design paradigm allows for the integration of multiple, disparate and technology diverse applications Page 10
  11. 11. MIDDLE OFFICE Case Studies – Global Product Book CASE STUDIES Investment Product Management Information Solution in Business Objects, SQL and .Net GUI • Client had wealth of product information but had difficulty in providing consistent reporting • Variety of sources existed for the product data across several locations • Aim of solution was to produce a consolidated and consistent view • Team was made up of investment BA’s, ETL specialists and GUI developers • Solution involved Dimensional Modelling and MIS reporting techniques as well as timely and qualitative ETL data feeds Page 11
  12. 12. MIDDLE OFFICE Case Studies – Large Holdings Reporting CASE STUDIES Investment Product Management Information Solution in Business Objects, SQL and a .Net GUI • EU and Global Transparency Directives require that investors disclose their holdings when they reach certain thresholds • Must identify where issuer holding thresholds have been breached, and notify the regulators or exchange as appropriate • The exact rules and thresholds vary globally between countries e.g. o shares or voting rights held; by legal entity; Inclusion of financial instruments additional to equities; direct and indirect holdings. • The global variation in regulations means that an ad-hoc manual solution will be costly and time-consuming to maintain • Key features of ReformIS solution are: Page 12
  13. 13. Data Management Case Studies – CADIS Security Master CASE STUDIES Investment Product Management Information Solution in Business Objects, SQL and a .Net GUI • Aim was to integrate Charles River into their data management program • CADIS was chosen as Data Management tool to establish the following data within CRD from their enterprise systems: o Security Master o Index and benchmark data o Issuers o Positions and Accounts • Used CADIS best practise approach • Organised and played key role in analysis and design sessions • ReformIS consultants played key architectural and development roles in all of above streams • Designed CADIS “Matcher” solution Page 13
  14. 14. BI Case Study - Vendor Selection and MIS Dashboard Project CASE STUDIES Major European Asset Management Company, London and Zurich, 2008 Business Problem • A largely manual customer management system lead to the following issues • Poor knowledge of client universe, their preferences and commercial habits • Personalised information stored in silo’s • Reactive rather than proactive decisions to client demands • Bad quality data leading to poor decision making capabilities • Inability to consolidate management information for their existing clients. ReformIS Solution • Meeting high level stakeholders to discuss high level requirements • BPR to understand current process, their future vision and the percieved gap • Vendors selected were Siebel, Microsoft CRM and a bespoke development • Manage ITT process for selected vendors based on gap requirements • Vendor Recommendation based on closeness of fit to product capabilities • Recommended changes to business process and data quality procedures • Parallel development of Management Information KPI Dashboard. Business benefits • Coordinated, timely and accurate information leading to better understanding of Page 14 clients. Ability to proactively drive the sales effort and pipeline.
  15. 15. BI Case Study – Management Information Dashboard CASE STUDIES Major European Asset Management Company, London and Zurich, 2008 Page 15
  16. 16. BI Case Study – Management Information Dashboard CASE STUDIES Major European Asset Management Company, London and Zurich, 2008 Page 16