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Gvsp ofc actvties


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GVSP work plan

GVSP work plan

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  • 1. The GVSP Work Plan 2011
    John Paul E. Maunes,RN
    Programme officer
  • 2. Resource Mobilization
    Concert for a Cause( Tropical Fever Concert)
    April 3,2011 (Mango Square roofdeck)
    June 18,2011( Penthouse bar)with Phil.AZKALS
    August 20,2011( outpost restobar)
    November 29,2011(outpost restobar)
    Dinner for a Cause
    2nd Sunday of March
    2nd Sunday of July
  • 3. Resource Mobilization
    2° Sunday of October
    GMD Kool adventure camp-may 2011
    1 Goal Deaf Futbol clinic with Phil.AZKALS
    June 18, 2011 ( CCSC)
    Volunteer Fun Run
    July 24,2011,It park or Ayala access road
    Film Showing ( dinig Sana kita)
    November 14,2011,SM cinema-seeDAW
    Break the Silence theater show
    November 18,2011,SM cinema-see DAW
  • 4. Resource Mobilization
    ( Cash Deposit, check)
    Souvenir program
    DECIBELS Newsletter
    July 2011-quarterly
    Arts and crafts
    June 18,2011-see also 1 goal event
  • 5. Project Proposal Making Development
    Proposals for:
    ICT multimedia center
    Learning/ Study center
    Advocacy proposal
    Women empowerment and health education
    Oral hygiene for Deaf children
    Tv news interpreting and Replication
    Deaf Child Sexual Abuse
  • 6. Marketing and Promotions
    School-school promotions
    Velez College-march 12,2011
    Other dates and venues-TBA
    -see also advocacy page
    Events based
    Vocation Jamboree-feb.26,2011,Sancarlos Seminary
    -see fundraising page
    Trimedia(tv guesting,radio,website,newpaper)
    -see also Advocacy page
  • 7. Disability week 2011 July 2011
    -GVSP Booth
    Deaf Awareness Week 2011
    - GVSP Boothat SM Nov.2011
  • 8. Advocacy
    Filipino Sign Language
    Launching of Basic FSL class-School Based
    June 2011-Aug 2011
    Sept 2011-November 2011
    Jan 2011-March 2011
    Basic FSL class –GMD
    Every Sunday
  • 9. Advocacy
    Deaf Child Sexual Abuse program
    1° training block at SFI mindoro Jan 25-29,2011
    Implementation: feb 2011-april 20,2011
    Venues: TBA
    2° training block at SFI mindoro on April 25-29,2011
    Implementation: may 2011-june 2011
    3° training block at SFI mindoro June 27-july2,2011
    Venue: TBA
    4° training block at SFI Mindoro August 22-27,2011
    Venue: TBA
  • 10. Advocacy
    Deaf Culture and Awareness Symposium
    School to School Visits
    Organizations and Private companies
    Dates: to Be Determined
    -see also Resource mobilization/marketing and promotions page
  • 11. Volunteering Program
    Volunteer Placement( current partners)
    Gualandi Mission for the Deaf
    ABS-CBN Regional network
    DepEd( Elementary and Highschool)
    Ched (College)
    Stairway foundation Inc.
    Southwestern University
    • Events Based
    • 12. Phil. Nurses Association-Region 7
    • 13. Cc,Mandaue,LLC,provincial LGU
  • Volunteering Programs
    Volunteer Recruitment and selection
    (placement base)
    GMD- 15-20 volunteers
    ABSCBN-3-5 volunteers
    DepEd: 10-20 volunteers
    Ched: 2-6 volunteers
    SFI: 5-10 volunteers
    Events: 10-15 volunteers
    Volunteer Training(orrientation)
  • 14. Education
    Literacy Enhancement
    1 Long term volunteer in 1 SpEd center
    Non formal education
    ICT multimedia Resource center
    3-6 short term volunteers
    1-2 long term volunteer
    ( center developer)
  • 15. Education
    Learning and Study Center
    1-2 Long term volunteers( center developer)
    5-10 Short term volunteers
    Women empowerment resource center
    5-10 short term volunteers
    1-2 long term volunteers( center developer)
    Health Care Promotion/Prevention Program
    8 short-term volunteers
  • 16. Education
    Oral Hygiene program
    8 short term volunteers
    Religious Instruction
    3-6 short term volunteers
    Sunday Mass Interpreters
    6-12 shorterm volunteers