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Gualandi volunteer service programme presentation.ppt patrick edit


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what is Gualandi Volunteers Service a must know!

what is Gualandi Volunteers Service a must know!

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  • 1. Irashaimase
    ( Welcome)
    Konnichiwa Nihonjin Tomodachi!
    (Hello, our dear japanese friends)
  • 2. Gualandi Volunteer Service Programme, Inc. (GVSP)
  • 3. ‘Itisterribleto SEE and have no VISION.’
  • 4. GVSP Purpose
    The Gualandi Volunteer Service Programme, Inc. is the volunteering program of the Gualandi mission for the Deaf whose purpose is to train and form volunteers and/or lay Missionaries so as to augment human resources for the delivery of service to the Deaf Community.
  • 5. GVSP Background
    GVSP is an independent entity and was duly registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in April 27 2005. GVSP is a member of Volunteer Organizations, Information Coordination and Exchange Commission, Inc (VOICE Network) and Organization of Rehabilitation Agencies
  • 6. GVSP Background
    GVSP has a religious background since it was originally formed from Catholic beginnings.
    Whilst GVSP has religious principles and many volunteers teach about religion as an organization it is open to other religions and those who do not believe.
  • 7. Our Vision
    A group of volunteers who want to be able to share a love-life relationship as a friend and Sister/Brother of the Deaf.
  • 8. Our Mission
    To enable the Deaf to grow and develop as independent, integrated, fully human and empowered citizens in the hearing society and in the Church through volunteering efforts
  • 9. GVSP Core Values
    The GVSP aims to train and form volunteers with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to become competent and creative people; who are open to change; having a deep sense of justice and faith expressed in their concern and commitment to the service of the disadvantaged especially the Deaf.
  • 10.
  • 11. Objectives
    GVSP provides a system for recruitment, assessment and screening, training and formation, placement monitoring and regular evaluation for the volunteers. The main aim is to help the volunteers to:
  • 12. Deepen her/his acceptance of self and others and to develop the inner freedom to make a responsible commitment as volunteers.
  • 13. Develop his/her being as a person for others in relationships with the Deaf, fellow volunteers and people in general.
  • 14. Deepen the volunteers desire to serve and love unconditionally so as to intensify her/his appreciation and exercise of her/his volunteer involvement especially with the Deaf.
  • 15. Provide a support system and continuing education for volunteers.
  • 17. Volunteer Work and Placement Sites
    GVSP has two types of volunteer programmes.
    Short-Term Volunteering – Refers to the quarterly volunteering programme covering a period of at least 48 hours but no more than 90 days.
    Long-Term Volunteering – Refers to the one-year volunteer placement programmes for different hosts/partner organizations/instiutions.
  • 18. What the Volunteers do
    Our short and long term volunteers work by helping and assisting in different programmes, fields and areas of concern such as:
  • 19. Managing Deaf Ministiries
  • 20. Deaf Community Organizing
  • 21. Capacity Building of Deaf Organizations
  • 22. Deaf Rights Advocacy
  • 23. Deaf Education (formal, informal and catechism/religion)
  • 24. FSL Interpreters
  • 25. Liturgical Activities for the Deaf
  • 26. Facilitators and Coordinators for seminars, workshops, retreats, recollections and Deaf camps.
  • 27. Basic Facts and Current Issues
    High prevalence/incidence of Deafness in the Philippines. Ratio is as high as 2-3: 1000 Filipinos. As of June 2005 the Philippines has a total population of 86 million Filipinos with more than 350,000 Deaf people in the Philippines.
    Deaf people are greatly marginalized due to lack of accessibility and basic services for the Deaf in the Philippines
    There is great need of human resource when it come to programs and projects for the Deaf
  • 28. Basic Facts and Current issues
    In the recent nationwide survey and case monitoring on the incidence of physical and sexual abuse to Deaf children conducted by The Philippine Deaf Resource Center, statistics would show that 65-70% of Deaf boys and girls are being molested.
    According to the study conducted by Lyer and Fortunato in 2005 out of 60 Deaf respondents in Manila and Cebu, one out of three Deaf women has been raped. In a separate study conducted by De Guzman in 2002, 32 Deaf women respondents in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; 72% were abused or battered, and 63% of them were abused by their own fathers.
  • 29.
  • 30. Basic facts and Current issues
    There is a need to organize and manage volunteers for effective and efficient delivery of basic services to the Deaf
    Volunteering is not simply something that we do for others. Our own values and humanity are at stake: “We are what we give.”
  • 31. Deteriorating and Insuffiencyofphysicalresources
  • 32. Scarcity of Funds
    Sustainance and Replication of Filipino Sign Language Local news Interpretation at ABS-CBN TV Patrol Central Visayas and to neighboring regional networks
    ( First in the Philippines)
    Deaf Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program
    Deaf Women and children empowerment
  • 33. Scarcity of Funds
    Learning and Study center for Deaf students
    ICT multimedia and training center
    Deaf Sports Development program
    Deaf performing Arts program
  • 34. PointstoPonder
    “I slept and dreamt that life was joy, I woke and saw that life was but service. I serve and understood that service is joy.” --Rabindranath Tagore
    Willing to serve
    Have a good sense of justice
    Committed and dedicated
    Willing to be an agent for change
    Willing to learn and unlearn things
    Willing to make a difference in the Deaf community
  • 36. Then you are the ONE we are looking for…..
  • 37. CONTACT US:
    Call or text: 0932 202 7333
    Tell no. 032 231 2601
    Email address:
    Office address:
    #5 Emerald st. St. Micheal’s Village, Banilad, Cebu city.6000
  • 38. Domo Arigato!
    (Thank You)
    Yoi Ichi Nichi!
    (Have a Great Day!)