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Slides from Invest NI Workshop 24th April 2013.

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Seo 2013

  1. 1. SEO 2013James Magee
  2. 2. SEO Overview• Technical Stuff• Make Sure Google can find you and index your pages• OnSite SEO• Use this to tell Google what you are all about• Off Site SEO• Use this to tell Google that you are the best at whatyou do, that you are an ‘Authority’
  3. 3. Technical SEO• Ensure that your site is discoverable andindexable by Engines• Think about Duplicate Content• Server Response Time• Responsive Design• Use Google Webmaster Tools
  4. 4. On Page Standards• Title Tags are still Crucial• Bedrock of On Site SEO• Description Tag• Headings• Content• Text Content• Images, Video etc• Internal Links
  5. 5. Title Tags
  6. 6. Title Tag
  7. 7. Title Tag Guides• Around 65 Characters Max• Can be more• ‘Keyword Rich’• Should target specific key phrase• Different for each page• Google hates ‘duplicate content’• Should entice searchers to click• May be visitors first impression of a site
  8. 8. Title Tag Creation• Title Tags are added as part of the sourcecode• Content Management Systems,Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. can be setup to create Title Tags dynamically• HTML Editors, (Dreamweaver etc.) willallow you to specify Title Tags
  9. 9. Description Tag
  10. 10. Description Tag• Important in terms of attracting clicks• CTR now recognised as a factor in ranking• Should be unique for each page• Can be added via Content ManagementSystem usually• Doesn’t appear on the actual web pages
  11. 11. Can Be First Impression
  12. 12. Content• Keyword Rich Copy• Ideally located high up the page• Search Engines rely on text to see what apage is about – so do humans!• Some key areas to Concentrate on• Headers (H1)• First Paragraph• Internal Links
  13. 13. Images• Be Careful with Images• SE cant read text within images• Use Alt Tags• Use alt tags to let SE’s know what images represent• Use keyword rich file names if possible• Minor factor, worth doing
  14. 14. Good Practice SEO••
  15. 15. Off Site SEO – CRUCIAL AREA• Links from other sites, seen as a vote ofconfidence in your site• Link Building has traditionally been ahuge part of SEO• Google recently coming down heavily onunnatural link profiles• Panda, Penguin etc.• Links still huge, but the rules havechanged
  16. 16. Rand Fishkin - SeoMOZ• Start earning links, rather than buildingthem• People will link to good content• People will link to great companies• Create great content on your site thatpeople will link to• Get your content on other sites, with a linkback to you• Some older tactics still ok
  17. 17. Video on the Link Building for 2013•