Past simple of regular verbs
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  • 1. The PAST SIMPLE is the same for all subject pronouns. most verbs +ed work > worked verbs ending e +d dance > danced verbs ending consonant +y y > ied study > studied one syllable verbs in one vowel + one consonant (except verbs ending w,x,y,z) Double the consonant +ed stop > stopped PAST SIMPLE + regular –ed Use the past simple to talk about actions that are finished. Regular past simple forms finish with –ed I like to watch TV.I watched TV last night. You cook dinner every day.You cooked dinner yesterday. I walk to the University today. He walked home. I start work at 9am. She started work at 9 am. The bank closes at four o´clock. It closed at four o’clock. We look at photos some times. We looked at the photos this morning. Regular Past Tense Worksheet Write the past tense of these regular verbs. Classify them according to their ending sound Like Walk Look Listen Talk Chat Arrive Travel Wash Play Try Pay Paint Study Dance Pick Live Watch Enjoy Jump Faint Borrow Touch Complete the sentences using the past tense of the verb in parentheses. 1. I ______________ (need) a pencil to write a letter. 2. You ___________ (play) hockey last week. 3. He _____________ (enjoy) his holidays in Brazil. 4. We _____________ (chat) last night 5. She ______________ (study) all night. Choose the correct form “to be” in past tense 1. I ______________ tired last night. 2. You ___________ happy last night. 3. Richard and I _____________ excited last night. 4. Javier and Roberto _____________ lazy last night. T ID ED
  • 2. 5. Julian ______________ angry yesterday. 6. The movie _______________ scary. I don’t want to watch it again. Write the past tense of these regular verbs: watch__________ step__________ need__________ talk__________ change__________ listen__________ play__________ open_____________ change__________ close__________ use__________ count__________ turn on__________ finish__________ look__________ dance__________ try__________ study__________ Write sentences in past tense with the following verbs. 1. (wash)____________________________________________________________________________________________ _ 2. (clean) ________________________________________________________________________________ 3. (paint) _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. (cook) _______________________________________________________________________________ 5. (play) _________________________________________________________________________________ _ Write in the right order. film / I / yesterday / a / watched→ ________________________________________________________________ a / with / to / He / a / listened / friend / CD→ ________________________________________________________ London / month / They / last / visited→ ____________________________________________________________ two / lived / ago / in / she / years / New York→______________________________________________________ 1. I _________ The Legend of Zorro last night. (watch) 2. They _________ the meal at that new restaurant. (enjoy) 3. They _________ the chocolate cake. (finish)
  • 3. 4. We _________ in a lovely hotel. (stay) 5. I _________ Jhoana yesterday. (phone) 6. Andres ________ her mother last week. (visit) 7. He __________ to France in 2005. (move) 8. Juan ___________ our bags to the airport. (carry) 9. It ___________ yesterday. (rain) 10. They ____________for hours at Ana’s party