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Images sep'09

  1. 1. Newsletter of the JPKU Toastmasters Club, New Delhi Vol. 2, Issue 3; September 2009 Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82 News Digest President Speaks Contest moments captured on lens Malkiat Singh Bindra From The Editors’ Desk Another commendable month has passed Missed the contest? Chief Editor and before we realized its already been 3 Don’t miss the action… Roll over to catch months!… Page2 some action... Page6 200th Meeting Area Contest It feels great pleasure to bring to you September edition of the JPKU Toastmasters Roll over to Page 3 to read about all the action A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what Newsletter “Images” that took place at the 200th JPKU TMC ships are for." Meeting. Page3 The month of September is over, so is the month which marks the hard work required This quote by William Shedd … Page7 for some professions. Images from the 200th meeting Know Thy Toastmaster On behalf of the EC, I would feel great honor to inform you all that our club has achieved 5 DCP goals. For those who missed the action, check out the Yes, this section is dedicated to the IITians images of what u missed. For those who did not, for a while. Check to read more about this With 2 more CCs in our club, and the IITians kicking in like a spontaneous reaction, our roll over to re-live ‘em… Page4 Yoga and meditation enthusiast… Page8 meetings are gaining a new height. Read along for the Party we had on the BIG 200th MEETING OF OUR CLUB. And then for Best of the Month the Humorous Speech contest and the evaluation contest . Contest Day from Aniket’s Goggles Festivities just wouldn’t come to an end to JPKU Yes, these are the people who took all those Also presenting Interview from someone studying in IIT Delhi. Toastmasters Club. Just a week after the 200th certificates last month, take a look at them meeting which … Page5 and Plan a Revenge… Page9 Comments, Suggestions, Contributions are all Welcome…
  2. 2. Images - JPKU 2 President’s Opening Note August’09 Edition President Speaks Dear Toastmasters, Another commendable month has passed and before we realized its al- ready been 3 months! The month dawned with the 200th meeting of JPKU Toastmasters club. Marking a mile stone and completion of 2 more CCs, a cute little party and felicitation of our chief mentors followed and the cherry on the cake, JPKU became one of the first club in Area C to have completed 5 DCP goals!! The week after that saw, our evaluation and humorous speech contest. Yet again Ritu won the evaluation contest, and will be representing us at the Area contest. Our winners of the Humorous speech contest, Devesh and Aniket left us laughing even after the contest got over. We wish eve- ryone luck and hope a grand victory at the Area Contest and further ahead! Best of luck! "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower " - Steve Jobs.
  3. 3. Images - JPKU 3 Images Local August’09 Edition Happy Birthday JPKU Toastmasters Club By Richa Aggarwal I have always thought birthdays are special days, it really doesn’t I completely loved the speech of A.P. Abdul Kalam delivered per- matter whose birthday it is but birthdays are meant to be celebrated. fectly by Poonam Jain who made it to the meeting even after attend- This 5th September was indeed more special because our very own ing 1st meeting of Asia Pacific Management at 11am. I enjoyed my JPKU Toastmaster club was celebrating its 200th BIRTHDAY i.e. role as a toastmaster and got a chance to hear two CC projects de- 200th meeting.... and in no way you can call it old with EC team’s livered fabulously by Nikhil Sheth and Malkiat Singh who were age being in range of 20-28 years. This was one of the favorite amazingly inspiring. meetings I have ever attended. It is the warmth and wisdom of our senior mentors who have The meeting was a special meeting with a theme of respecting and shaped the members of JPKU TM Club and with smiles of gratitude paying gratitude to our Teachers/ mentors/ guide and everyone in the club presented appreciation certificates to senior mentors as the meeting participated and shared their thoughts about their men- their token of love. tor. We all celebrated and called it Mentors’ day because I believe The meeting was followed by PARTY…. THE BEST mentor is a wide term than teacher, and there are no teachers in PART…..with Malkiat taking care of food and Nikhil taking care of Toastmaster, cause no one with a scale is after you to learn, you music, I would say I had a blast celebrating Mentors’ day for the learn yourself and move ahead with your mentor and your very first time dancing with Mr. Menon and other fellow members club......!!! and guests. Lot of new things was tried in this meeting and one of the funniest It is said "alls well that ends well, and when ending is with part was when Nikhil Seth made Nitya to act and not speak in Table topic session and/ Shraddha’s dress code, which was fully followed a cake in one had and pizza slice in another, it’s more by some and partially followed by others and apart from black and that well… It’s simply amazing and delicious. red, we had cap, and bread in the room. “Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one's levels of aspiration and expectation. ” - Jack Nicklaus.
  4. 4. 4 Images Local Images - JPKU August’09 Edition Some Moments Caught on Camera... “We improve ourselves by victory over ourself. There must be contests and you must Win. ” - Edward Gibbon.
  5. 5. Images - JPKU 5 Images National August’09 Edition The Contest Day from Aniket’s Goggles By Aniket Bose Festivities just wouldn’t come to an end to JPKU Toastmasters Club. Just a week after With the Humorous Speech Contest over and done with, it was now time for the Evalua- the 200th meeting which was marked by the completion of two CCs and a grand party, tion Contest, chaired by Aniket. The target speaker for the contest was Ashish Chaud- we had our club contests for the Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests on the 12th hary, the target speaker for the contest from TCS Toastmasters Club, Gurgaon. He deliv- of September. And some contest we had! ered an enchanting speech on illiteracy, narrating a couple of incidents, making good use of literary tools, giving suggestions to eradicate the menace and inspiring the audience to We had three toastmasters slated for the Humorous Speech Contest viz. Nikhil Sheth, implement them. After the speech followed five minutes of silence for the contestants to Devesh and Aniket Bose, while the veteran Ritu Arora, Shraddha Nakra, Juhi, Nikhil prepare their evaluations. Sheth and Manoj Kumar were lined up for the Evaluation Contest. Finally, when the painful silence was over, the contestants came The Humorous Speech Contest officially started as the contest chair Shraddha briefed up one by one to evaluate Ashish’s speech. As Manoj, Nikhil, the participants about the rules and picked lots to decide the order of speakers. Shraddha and Ritu gave their evaluations in the Toastmasters’ Aniket came up with a speech titled “Drinking is Bad”, which was a highly exaggerated recommended “Comment, Recommend, Comment” format with version of a real life incident that occurred with two college friends. The major high- specific pieces of advice on body language, voice modulation lights of the speech were the frequent twists and the introduction of interesting charac- and pauses, the judges kept taking notes with increasing inten- ters such as Bhaiyya and Dia Mirza. He managed to leave the floor without any of the sity. Each evaluator seemed better than the previous. embarrassment or frowns that he had feared leaving people with a smile on the face. After an hour and a half of hard fought competitions, the mo- Next up was the mechanical engineer Devesh with his speech titled “Why so Serious”. It ment of reckoning had dawned upon us. But just to add to the already existing suspense, was a 7 minute laugh riot marked by several real instances which have taught him not to the President decided to thank the supplementary role players first. And when the sus- take anyone’s advice seriously- be it strangers giving direction to a place, a girl express- pense become unbearable, the president called on the chief judge Deepak Menon to an- ing her crush for him, advertisements of Maggi oodles and VIP Frenchie, or friends nounce the names which would be representing our club in the Area Contest on the 6th of teaching you to cheat cops. October. In the Humorous Speech Contest, Aniket was declared the 1st runner up, and The third and final speaker was the ever smiling Nikhil Sheth, whose mere presence Devesh was declared the winner. The Evaluation Contest was dominated by the fairer brings a smile to most faces. He came up with a speech titled “A Bald ew World”, and sex, with Shraddha finishing as 1st runner up and Ritu bagging the top tried to convince the audience that bald (or tending to bald) men are smarter, and hair on human heads is getting less fashionable by the day. He quoted scientific reasons for the spot. That was followed by all contestants posing for same from a video titled “What’s the Problem with udity”. Nikhil’s speech provided an photographs in front of Nikhil Sheth’s camera amazing blend of highly dubious facts and beautifully timed humour, and was much ap- and shouting “Cheeeeeeese!” preciated by the audience. "To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan... believe... act! ” - Alfred A Montapert.
  6. 6. Images - JPKU 6 Images Local August’09 Edition Contest Winners and some moments caught on Camera Humorous Speech Contest Winner Devesh Trivedi 1st Runner Up Aniket Bose Evaluation Contest Winner Dr. Ritu Arora 1st Runner Up Shraddha Nakra “Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both. ” - John Andrew Holmes.
  7. 7. Images - JPKU 7 Images National August’09 Edition Area Contest for Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest “A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." This quote by William Shedd illustrates the eternal journey of life - that like the ship, we are meant to take our abilities into newer terrain, and not just stay within our own comfort levels. It is necessary to keep on testing and sharpening our skills by Details for the Area Contest consistently aiming higher than where we are at the moment. Even at Toastmasters, we are in a continuous journey to get better and better with what we do - be it speaking, evaluating, impromptu skills, role playing, even organizing and leading. Venue: Punjabi Bhawan (Near ITO) In this context, contests are an important part of the Toastmasters International educational program. Contests provide an opportunity for proficient speakers to Date : 6th October 2009 gain contest experience, and they provide interesting educational programs for members and the public. Time: 5 p.m.* And our district is providing the opportunity by Organizing a Speech and Evaluation Contest at Area Level on 6th October. This will be a great opportunity for our winners and runners up to test their skills and invade new territory and make their presence felt. So make sure you attend the contest and cheer for your favorite toastmaster so our club stays “Always Ahead”! "Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business. ” - Tom Robbins.
  8. 8. 8 Lost And Found Images - JPKU August’09 Edition Know Thy Toastmaster Student of 4th year mechanical engineering in IIT Delhi. Great Yoga and Meditation enthusiast. Also known as “Stock market” between some friends as he doesn’t stick onto a particular thing. Wants to leave a mark in the edu- “Ayush Agrawal” cation sector of our country. Other interests include sing- ing and guitar playing. Toastmasters is a forum which allows you to ot many get “The Best Speaker Award” on speak your Heart & Mind out. Do you agree? delivering their Ice Breaker. How did that feel? “Absoulutely! It not only gives you the opportunity to ex- “Although there were only two speakers that day. Get- press yourself at a forum full of supportive people but also ting the best speaker award really meant a lot to me. the opportunity to see other people express themselves in Ritu and Nikhil had given me a small note on a piece their own very unique ways. We often tend to forget things of paper appreciating my speech which really went a like humour etc in the mad rush of life. But at Toastmasters long way in boosting my confidence for challenges to humour is a way of life” come.” So how is Life at IIT Delhi? What is that you look forward to learn in Toastmasters gives us confidence, energy & Toastmasters? motivation, which we miss out in our daily life. “To say in a few words its” thoroughly predictable” I think What do u have to say about it? I can tell you what I would be doing at any particular time Leadership I believe is a quality which I guess these for the next 3 months of my life quite accurately. So coming days is a rarity to find. I think I have a lot to learn from “At toastmasters you are required to step out of your comfort to Toastmaster has been quite a relief if not anything. Our guys like Ritu , Nikhil ,Aniket who zone. Every speech and every role is a challenge in itself. cultural fest “ Rendezvous” is coming in a week, so really brilliantly handle the meeting Stretching yourself in such an energetic and positive setting looking forward to that.” roles. where you can grow at you own pace inculcates confidence and above all you enjoy doing what you do at Toastmasters” "Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain. ” - Edward De Bono.
  9. 9. 9 Images Best of the Month Images - JPKU August’09 Edition • Nikhil Sheth on 5th Sep • Aniket Bose on 19th Sep • Smriti on 5th Sep • Tejesh Kinariwala • Aprameya & Ritu Arora on 26th Sep on 19th Sep • Nikhil Sheth on 26th Sep • Jyoti Narula on 5th Sep • Ritu Arora on 19th Sep • Aniket & Nikhil Sheth on 26th Sep "Experience shows that success is due less to ability that to zeal. The winner is he who gives himself to his work, body and soul. ” - Charles Buxton.
  10. 10. 10 Images Classified Images - JPKU August’09 Edition Contact Us Venue • Shraddha Nakra: President Vivekananda Vihar, Opposite J.P., Kapur & Uberai, Chartered Accountants, LGF C-4/5 Safdarjung Development Area, • Richa Aggarwal: Vice President, Education New Delhi—110016. • Nikhil Sheth: Vice President, Membership Timings • Malkiat Bindra: Vice President, Public Relations Every Saturday, 12:30 p.m. • Manoj Kumar: Secretary Whom to Contact • Nihil Malik: Treasurer For all membership and PR queries, please contact: • Ritu Arora: Sergeant-at-arms Nikhil Sheth (VP, Membership): +91-99114-79900; Malkiat Bindra (VP, Public Relations): +91-98110-64605 ; JPKU TMC Viveknanda Vihar "Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  11. 11. Always Ahead…! I would like to thank Richa Aggarwal, Aniket Bose and Nikhil Sheth who all contributed to the Newsletter being busy most of the time or being injured. Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82 No part of this newsletter maybe printed or reproduced without intimating the JPKU Toastmasters Club. All enquiries and requests should be directed to the club’s public relations committee at Copyright JPKU Toastmasters Club, 2009