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Images nov'09

  1. 1. Newsletter of the JPKU Toastmasters Club, New Delhi Vol. 2, Issue 5; November 2009 Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82 From The Editors’ Desk News Digest Malkiat S. Bindra Aniket Bose Chief Editor Assistant Newsletter Editor President Speaks Learning from Reverberations Before we realized another month has passed! See what Ritu has to share from her experience As we all step into the last month of the year, it is also the last month of this Executive And like each month that has passed I have great from the Reverberations 2009. Maybe she can Committee (EC). And It has been wonderful working for the club. We have enjoyed our news…. Page2 help you with humor in your Speech... Page5 work in the EC. This won’t have been possible without the support of our club members. Make the Effort, Use the Magnet and find Know Thy Toastmaster About what has been happening, our club’s very own Dr. Ritu Arora was the second runner up in the District Contest. Super Cool… Also that our club is going to complete 4 years of the hidden Treasure Broken from the IITians shackles for good, existence on 2nd December. So, don’t miss the next meeting. We are also having the elec- Oh yes…. The Secretary of the club is back to look who we got to speak after Chandani tions in the next meeting to decide who will step into the shoes of the current EC. writing after a long time. Look what he has to Kapur… Page6 say… Page3 In this edition, we present to you the action and fun from the Reverberations 2009 held in Hyderabad on 21-22 Nov. Also the Secretary of the club, Manoj Kumar, has something to Reverberations 2009 Best of the Month share after a long time. Further you will find tips from the Veteran Dr. Ritu Arora on how Missed the Reverberations 2009? After a fun filled month of November, see to add humor to your speech and make people laugh. See what the District Governor has to say about who all got the members entertained and were his never to be forgotten experience... Page4 We caught hold of a member for “Know Thy Toastmaster”, hope you’ll like what she has voted better than others… Page7 to say. Comments, Suggestions & Contributions are all welcome…. Hope you’ll like this edition...
  2. 2. Images - JPKU 2 President’s Opening Note November’09 Edition President Speaks Dear Toastmasters, Before we realized another month has passed! And like each month that has passed I have great news to share! To begin with, this moth saw Reverberation, 2009 at Hyderabad! And at this di- vision level contest, our very own Ritu Arora, bagged the second runners up prize, doing us immensely proud! And if you thought that was all the good news there is, well, JPKU became one of the first three clubs to become Presidents distinguished club! We got a stand- ing ovation at Reverberation!! We also will complete 4 years of our existence on the 2nd of December,2009. Life at JPKU TMC is surely a ball! Regards Shraddha Nakra "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower " - Steve Jobs.
  3. 3. Images - JPKU 3 Images Local November’09 Edition Make The Effort, Use The Magnet And Find The Hidden Treasure By Manoj Kumar It is as if we have an inner survival kit that gets activated when our energies flag. Once we become aware of the life force that each of us carries within, we realize that we are here on this earth for a purpose. Once we find this treasure, we redirect our efforts and our goals. We perceive differently and so our lives acquire an added dimension. It raises our sights to higher goals and helps us connect with others more deeply. Let’s remove all the clutter, clear out all the mist, let’s make the effort, use the magnet and find the hidden treasure – It’s worth it!!! "You are the most powerful magnet in the universe! You contain a magnetic power within you that is more powerful than anything in this world, and this unfathomable magnetic power is emitted through your thoughts. “– truly said by Rhonda Byrne in her book “The Secret”. Yes! Each one of us is indeed a powerful magnet. However, even a magnet loses its power when it’s covered with mist and dust. It requires constant efforts to keep this magnet ever shining and ever powerful. There are many of us who feel drained out while performing day to day transactions. However, when we’re encountered with a catastrophe, a hidden force empowers us not only overcome the obstacle but also helps us do thing that are beyond our imaginations. At each stage of life we are faced with fresh challenges. And at each stage there is hidden strength at the centre of our being which rises to meet circumstances and overcome hurdles. “We improve ourselves by victory over ourself. There must be contests and you must Win. ” - Edward Gibbon.
  4. 4. Images - JPKU 4 Images International November’09 Edition Reverberations 2009 Dear Toastmasters, Johnny Kandathil, the M/C of the event, was enthusiasm personified! He set up the mood for the day and never let the interest flag even for a minute! Our Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker, Dr. Jayprakash Narayan, was an inspiration for us and gave us direc- It was two days of education, excitement and exhilaration all packed into one event - tion on how best to use the communication and oratory skills we acquire from Toastmas- Reverberations 2009, the semi-annual conference of District 82 in Hyderabad on 21 ters. The four education workshops were well managed and well received by the audi- and 22 November 2009. ence. Thank you, Prasad, Siraj, Jayasimha and Kumaran, for sharing your passion and experience with us. I compliment Conference Chair Ajit Dembla and Host Division F Governor Venkata Ramana Dittakavi for putting together and leading a team of dedicated and energetic The invocation song by Pavithra, followed by some more melodious songs from the Toastmasters who presented an event that shall linger in my memory for a long time. troupe of children had me enthralled! The fun element of the event was the fantastic fun night! The two parts of the fun night - the indoors fellowship and networking and the The good cheer, warmth and affection of the Toastmasters of Hyderabad is legendary outdoors dancing and singing - provided the right atmosphere to allow delegates to get and was what made the event even more special! Hurdles that came up as late as to know each other and to let down our hair! Thursday, 19 November, were handled with ease so that the event sailed through without a hitch. Thanks to the meticulous and detailed planning, nothing was left to I also wish to appreciate the 350 delegates who came for the event from the length and chance. Despite Mr. Murphy's best efforts, nothing derailed the confidence and courage breadth of the district setting a record for attendance in our district semi-annual confer- of the organizers! ences! Both contests displayed that District 82 has come of age! The nine contestants of the The next big event of District 82 is Ovation 2010 from May 21 to 23, 2010 at Hotel humorous speech contest had me laughing so much that by the end of the contest I was Green Park, Chennai. Conference Chair Nina John and Co-Chair Rajiv Gabriel have al- shedding copious tears! The evaluation contest saw nine of our best evaluators evaluate ready begun preparations for another memorable event. The 1995 World Champion of Alfred Tauro's speech with incisive precision and sensitivity. In my opinion, all eighteen Public Speaking, Mark Brown, has consented to be with us in Chennai for Ovation contestants were winners. Since the judges had to rate the best of the best, they picked 2010. Reserve your seats at the conference now and avail of the early bird discounts on three each in the two contests. offer. My congratulations to Vivek Reddy, Rajesh Natarajan and Stacey Fernandes for winning The conferences that we conduct in the District provide a wonderful opportunity to build the humorous speech contest with their rib-tickling speeches. Rajdeep Man- bridges that link each of us and strengthen the bonds of friendship wani, Bhathiya Hettiarachchi and Ritu Arora, the winners of the evaluation con- and fraternity. Let us come together to celebrate once again in test, deserve special commendation for their analytical, empathetic and meaningful May 2010. evaluations. Chief Judge Janaki Prasad Pattanaik, Contest Masters Vidyashankar and Ar- chana and the entire team of Judges, Timers, Tally Counters and Sergeant-at-Arms per- Thanks and regards, formed flawlessly! Deepak Menon, DTM “Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one's levels of aspiration and expectation. ” - Jack Nicklaus.
  5. 5. Images - JPKU 5 Images International November’09 Edition Learning from Reverberations 2009 1: ENJOY YOURSELF As a speaker your main aim is to ensure that the audience is enjoying themselves. How do you do that if you are not enjoying? 2: LEARN TO LAUGH AT YOURSELF Remember something that happened to you, that people thought was funny. Learn to see humor in everyday situations and record them. 3: DO THE TWIST It’s the unexpected in the tale that makes one laugh. Learn to take the audience on one rail track and then turn the tale, to derail them. 4: RELIEVE THE TENSION The audience is there to have a good time. Build up and then find ways of releasing their tension. 5: LEARN TO PAUSE Do not start speaking your next line while the audience is still laughing. They will miss what you say next. Plan for the laughter in advance. And finally, from an unknown source, “Its better to See them Smile than Hear them Snore” - Dr. Ritu Arora “Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both. ” - John Andrew Holmes.
  6. 6. 6 Lost And Found Images - JPKU November’09 Edition Nitya Ranjan is a 2nd year B.Com (Hons.) student. Her interests include speaking & doing Know Thy Toastmaster adventurous things which thrill. She is here to learn & listen. And she prefers Impromptu speaking more “Nitya Ranjan” than prepared speeches…! You’ve left school life and in college now. How Toastmasters is a forum which allows you to has this change affected you? speak your Heart & Mind out. Do you agree? “Not much because my college, other than the “Toastmaster is a great platform to voice one’s opinion. mass bunks, is not very different from my school. Personally I have gained immensely from toastmasters. Actually the change of place has affected me One of the reasons that I came to toastmasters was be- more that the change of educational system.” cause I wanted to listen to people from different spheres of life and JPKU toastmasters has definitely given me that.” What is the Role and significance of Toastmasters How was your recent trip to Australia. Any- in your life? thing special you would like to share with us? What is that you look forward to learn in “I always look forward to Saturdays and one of the “My trip to Australia was amazing. And some- Toastmasters? reasons for this is the toastmasters meeting. It is a thing that realized there was that Australians do place where you can laugh, learn and enjoy speaking. look down upon Indians. India to them is “I hope to improve my speaking skills. Also I hope to A significant effect that toastmasters has had on me is still a third world country.” complete my CC as soon as possible. that it has made realize the importance of humor in Looking forward to many more great speeches.” public speaking.” "Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain. ” - Edward De Bono.
  7. 7. 7 Images Best of the Month Images - JPKU November’09 Edition • Ritu Arora on 7th Nov • Deepak Menon on 7th Nov • Nitya on 7th Nov • Aniket Bose on 14th Nov • Ritu Arora on 14th Nov • Deepak Diwani on 21st Nov • Manoj & Deepak Diwani • Richa Aggarwal & Aneesh on on 21st Nov 28th Nov • Vinay Jain & Malkiat on 28th Nov • Deepak Menon on 7th Nov • Shraddha Nakra on 7th Nov • Manoj Kumar on 14th Nov • Shraddha Nakra on 21st Nov • Deepak Menon on 28th Nov "Experience shows that success is due less to ability that to zeal. The winner is he who gives himself to his work, body and soul. ” - Charles Buxton.
  8. 8. 8 Images Classified Images - JPKU November’09 Edition Contact Us Venue • Shraddha Nakra: President Vivekananda Vihar, Opposite J.P., Kapur & Uberai, Chartered Accountants, LGF C-4/5 Safdarjung Development Area, • Richa Aggarwal: Vice President, Education New Delhi—110016. • Nikhil Sheth: Vice President, Membership Timings • Malkiat Bindra: Vice President, Public Relations Every Saturday, 12:30 p.m. • Manoj Kumar: Secretary Whom to Contact • Nihil Malik: Treasurer For all membership and PR queries, please contact: • Ritu Arora: Sergeant-at-arms Nikhil Sheth (VP, Membership): +91-99114-79900; Malkiat Bindra (VP, Public Relations): +91-98110-64605 ; JPKU TMC Viveknanda Vihar "Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  9. 9. Always Ahead…! I would like to thank Deepak Menon, Ritu Arora and Manoj Kumar for showing support and enthusiasm in putting this edition together. Aniket Bose was sorely missed cause of his prior commitments, but he played a significant part in bringing out the Newsletter by the end of it. Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82 No part of this newsletter maybe printed or reproduced without intimating the JPKU Toastmasters Club. All enquiries and requests should be directed to the club’s public relations committee at Copyright JPKU Toastmasters Club, 2009