Client Grievance Procedures


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Client Grievance Procedures

  1. 1. GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES POLICY: Agency foster parents (The Client) have a right to appeal decisions or actions taken by Jonathan’s Place (The Agency). The Client also has the right to discuss grievances and complaints. Clients are defined as “an individual or family that establishes a formal relationship beyond what is available to the general population (i.e. Certified Foster Family).” The Client is encouraged to proactively participate in telephone conversations and/or agency meetings in order to ensure ongoing, open communication between the parties. TELEPHONE MEETINGS AND/OR SCHEDULED ONE-ON-ONE CONFERENCES From time-to-time, The Client may disagree or be upset with decisions and/or actions taken by The Agency. For example, a foster parent family is denied certification, or The Client is unhappy with a decision made by The Agency pertaining to a foster child in their care. The Client is encouraged to provide open communication regarding their thoughts, feelings, opinions, feedback, ideas, etc. to The Agency. The Agency truly believes that we are a “team.” As a “team” responsible for the care and growth of each child in the foster care system, respective parties are expected to participate in a proactive and positive manner. The Client needs to realize that The Agency decisions must always take into consideration the laws, contractual obligations, as well as the child’s best interest. It is only normal that The Agency and The Client may sometimes disagree with one another. If both The Agency and The Client treat one another with mutual respect, we believe most conflicts or grievances can be respectfully resolved. The Client may contact their agency Case Manager via telephone to report and discuss concerns. The Agency Case Manager can be contacted via address, telephone, and or email at the following location: Jonathan’s Place P.O. Box 140085 Dallas, TX 75214 (972) 303-1335 We recommend The Client schedule a time to meet with the Case Manager regarding their needs or the needs of a child placed in their care. If The Agency Case Manager is unable to successfully resolve The Client’s specific concerns, then the Program Director should be contacted. If The Client continues to be dissatisfied with the manner in which both the Case Manager and the Program Director handle a complaint or inquiry, The Client may contact the Chief Operating Officer. WRITTEN COMPLAINTS AND/OR APPEALS Once an individual formally becomes a “The Client” by completing all requirements for becoming an agency “foster family,” they have the option of filing a “written appeal” if they disagree with an agency decision or action. The decision or action must directly affect The Client. The Client will be given an opportunity to demonstrate compliance with all agency policies, applicable laws, minimum standards, restrictions and/or conditions imposed by Jonathan’s Place. “Written” appeals should include the following information: The Client’s name(s), date, description of decision and/or action being appealed, a brief narrative stating the specific reason(s) for the appeal (explaining why you believe the decision or action was incorrect and/or unfair and/or unreasonable), telephone number(s) for the person(s) directly involved, and the best time to call or contact each person. Appeals should also include copies of any documentation containing helpful or pertinent information to the appeal. Latest Revision 06/01/09 Page 1 of 2 file: CPA Policies/Forms/Parent File/Clients Grievance Procedures
  2. 2. Appeals will be reviewed by the Program Director of The Agency and/or, if necessary, by the Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Director of Jonathan’s Place. The Program Director will provide a written response and/or decision to each appeal within fourteen (14) working days. The written response and/or decision will include information including specific reasoning for the outcome(s). The 14-day, written response to a client’s appeal will be considered the final outcome of the appeal. A priority will be placed on what we believe to be in the best interest of children in foster care. In the event the client wishes to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. They may contact our local licensing office as follows: Tileka Davis Residential Child Care Licensing Texas Department of Family and Protective Services 8700 N. Stemmons, Suite 104 Dallas, TX 75247 214-583-4295 You may obtain information about licensing standards or procedures by calling: Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Toll-Free Telephone Number (1-800-252-5400) THE CLIENT DATE THE CLIENT DATE Latest Revision 06/01/09 Page 2 of 2 file: CPA Policies/Forms/Parent File/Clients Grievance Procedures