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Ingenierría de Software Automática
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Ingenierría de Software Automática



Ingenierría de Software Automática

Ingenierría de Software Automática



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    Ingenierría de Software Automática Ingenierría de Software Automática Presentation Transcript

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    • ComunicacionesNavegacionComercioSeguridad deinstalaciones
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    • 6Performance-critical open networkingsystems that are costly to shut down.“Systems must never crash and mustalways meet their deadlines.”“Systems must be dependable”available, trustworthy, maintainable,safe and secure-integrity and confidentiality (secrecy, anonymity)-
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    • Software ErrorsSoftware CorrectnessModel CheckingCourse DetailsTherac-25 Radiation Overdosing (1985-87)Radiation machine for treatment ofcancer patientsAt least 6 cases of overdosis in period1985–1987 (≈ 100-times dosis)Three cancer patients diedSource: Design error in the controlsoftware (race condition)
    • Software ErrorsSoftware CorrectnessModel CheckingCourse DetailsAT&T Telephone Network Outage (1990)January 1990: problem in New YorkCity leads to 9 h-outage of large partsof U.S. telephone networkCosts: several 100 million US$Source: software flaw (wronginterpretation of break statement inC)
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    • (-ilities)extensibility!
    • 15Source: NASA Jet Propulsion LabBandwidth: < 1KB/secLatency: > hoursData: > 10MB/secComo lograr extensibilidady eficiencia sin sacrificarla seguridad?
    • 16Source: Carnegie Mellon
    • 17Often download occurs without approval! (virus..)
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    • 25Consequences (7.000 M euro)Until Ariane, it was not fully appreciated how software cancontribute to a system failure. Software cannot fail, this wasthe repeated cry.- Ariane 5 development programme at risk- SOHO (Multi-national research programme studyingthe behaviour of the Sun’s heliosphere interrupted)- Many research careers jeapordised- Future satellite launches not insured
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    • 27“After a crew member mistakenly entered a zero into the datafield of an application, the computer system proceeded to divideanother quantity by that zero. The operation caused a bufferoverflow, and the error eventually brought down the shipspropulsion system.The result: the Yorktown was dead in the water for morethan two days.”
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    •   Non-exhaustive: miss unseen cases  Trust entities required  Slow down performance  Burden on consumers
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    • programa
    • Heavy and weak FMs Lightweight and strong FMs
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    • 50A Lightweight Approach_____________________________________“A lightweight approach, in comparisonto the traditional approach, lacks powerof expression and breadth of coverage.A surgical laser likewise produces less powerand poorer coverage than a lightbulb, but itmakes more efficient use of the energy itconsumes, and its effect is more dramatic”[Jackson and Wing 1996]
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    • 55Software ComponentsSofware Processes
    • PropiedadesDatos ProgramasEspecificacionesRequerimientosTipos...Juegos de DatosOutput: EscenariosInput: Ejemplos CódigoDocumentación
    • Datos ProgramasInferencia InductivaGeneración EscenariosPropiedadesTransformaciónde ProgramasPrototipadoautomáticoMinería de Datos
    • PropiedadesProgramas
    • Ejemplo de derivación{Y>0} - precondición{X=Y*Q+R, R>=0} - postcondiciónPropiedadesProgramas
    • Ejemplo de derivación{Y>0} - precondiciónQ:=0; R:=X;while R>Y doR:= R - Y;Q:= Q + 1end while;{X=Y*Q+R, R>=0} - postcondiciónPropiedadesProgramas
    • Ejemplo de derivación{Y>0} - precondiciónQ:=0; R:=X;while R>Y doR:= R - Y;Q:= Q + 1end while;{X=Y*Q+R, R>=0} - postcondiciónPropiedadesProgramas
    • Transformaciónde Programas:•  Compilación•  Especialización•  Deforestación•  SlicingProgramasPropiedades
    • Datos ProgramasInferencia Inductiva(Síntesis de Programasa partir de Ejemplos)Generación Juegos de DatosTesting Estructural (white-box)
    • 1. Definir caminos de prueba2. Generar bancos o juegosde datos que hagan seguir cadacamino(acumulando las ‘constraints’que definen los arcos del camino yaplicando técnicas deCONSTRAINT SOLVING)Datos ProgramasGeneración Juegos de Datos
    • DatosPropiedadesMinería de Datos
    • +*..
    • PropiedadesProgramas
    • Datos ProgramasInferencia InductivaGeneración EscenariosPropiedadesTransformaciónde ProgramasPrototipadoMinería de Datos
    • ProgramasPropiedadesDatosDiagnósticoDeclarativo 2. Especificaciónde la Semántica(ORACULO)3. Analiza (abstract)CORRECCIÓNCOMPLETITUD(1. Síntoma)4. Diagnosticafuentes de error5. Reparacódigo
    • Criterio: Si existe A ∈ Tr(S) tal que A ∉ S entonces r es incorrecta Ejemplo: Sea el programa incorrecto: par(0) = truepar(s(X)) = par(X). y la semántica: S={par(0),par(s(s(0))}
    • Exitos clamorosos aldescubrir errores en:FTP - file transferAutentificación clavesCoherencia caché diskEncriptaciónAlg. div. PentiumComercio electrónicoEdmund M. Clarke, E. Allen Emerson, and Joseph Sifakis the winners of the 2007 A.M. Turing Award
    • Datos ProgramasPropiedad3. ¿?K |= Ψ2. Compilacióna Kripke K4. Generaciónde escenarios(contraejemplo)1. Especificación enLógica TemporalΨ
    • Propiedades típicas  Alcanzabilidad EF RestartEs posible alcanzar la estación de llegada  Seguridad AG ¬BoomNo es posible alcanzar el estado ¬Boom  Vivacidad AG [Req → AFAck]Todo requerimiento alguna vez se atenderá  Equidad AG AF DeviceEnabledLa propiedad DeviceEnabled se satisfaceinfinitas veces en toda computación
    • Some Disadvantages
    • 91Proof-Carrying Code:A Language-Based Security Approach
    • ProgramasPropiedadesProof Carryingcode2. Validarprueba1. CompiladorCertificante:Código + prueba
    • Code producer Host
    • This storeinstruction isdangerous!Code producer Host
    • I am convinced it is safeto execute only ifall([a:exp] (all([b:exp](=> (/ a b) (/ b a)))Code producer HostA verification condition
    • … (impi (/ a b) (/ b a)([ab:pf(/ a b)](andi b a (ander a b ab)(andel a b ab))))…)λCode producer Host
    • Your proof typechecks.I believe you because Ibelieve in logic.λCode producer Host
    • Automation via CertifyingCompilationSourcecodeType safetyProofObjectcodeCertifyingCompiler% spj foo.java bar.class baz.c -ljdk1.2.2Looks and smells like a compiler.CPUProofCheckingTrusted Host
    • 102ABPrueba formal o“explicación” de seguridadCódigo (optimizado)
    • Good Things About PCC  Agnostic to how the code is produced  Someone else does the really hard work(shifts the burden of ensuring the safetyfrom code consumer to code producer)  Requires minimal infrastructure(simpler, smaller, and faster TCB)  Proofs are a “semantic checksum”
    • Curry-Howard IsomorphismIn a logical framework language:predicates (properties) can be represented as typesandproofs as programs (i.e., expression terms).! Under certain conditions typechecking issufficient to ensure the validity of the proofs.
    • La lógica proporciona una formulaciónsimbólica e independiente del dominiode las leyes del pensamiento humanoEste doble carácter de la lógica haceposible mecanizar sus técnicas y métodos
    • clausal logic Relational(Prolog)equational logic Functional(Haskell)many sorted logic typesorder sorted logic inheritancemodal logic: dynamic objectstemporal concurrencyepistemic knowledgedeontic normsMultiparadigm Programming
    • The ELP Group30 Researchers (15 PhDs)(the biggest group of GPLIS)María AlpuenteSalvador LucasGermán VidalJose HernándezJavier OliverM. José RamírezSantiago EscobarCesar FerriChristophe JoubertMarisa LlorensJosep SilvaAlicia Villanueva_______________15 PhD FellowsBeatriz Alarcón, Mauricio Alba, Gustavo Arroyo, Antonio Bella, Aristides Dasso, Marco A. Feliu, Ana Funes, RaulGutierrez, Jose Iborra, Alexei Lescaylle, Rafael Navarro, Daniel Romero, Salvador Tamarit
    • Data ProgramsTest data generationProgram learningPropertiesRefinementDeclarative debuggingProgram transformationProgram certificationspecificationstypes…data batteriesexamples…The ELP groupexplores all arcs ofthis trianglewith the aim ofautomating thecorrespondingphases of thesoftware process.
    • program analyzers and certifiersprogram transformers(filtering, slicing, correction)declarative debuggersmodel checkersweb verifiersnet simulatorsMulti-ParadigmDeclarativePrograms
    • NPA Protocol AnalyzerImplementation size: 8000 lines source Maude codeImplementation size:2.000 lines source Haskell code(collaboration with U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne, NRL, and SRI)
    • The Java certification toolImplementation size: 600 lines source Maude code
    • :LoadWeb site directory WWeb Specification SGVerdi Web Verification SystemImplementation size: 8.000 lines source Java code; 800 lines Maude code
    • :Load TRS (+ eval strategy)Mu-Term termination proverImplementation size: 14.000 lines source Haskell code
    • A Tool for Slicing Curry ProgramsImplementation size: 2.000 lines source Haskell code
    • The user interface basicallyconsists of a graphicaleditor and a pane forconsistency analysis.The user can executethe net(fire the enabledtransitions)as well as transform it(reconfiguration).MCReNet analyzer for Petri NetsImplementation size: 2.000 lines source Java code
    • Equational (AC) GeneralizationImplementation size: 700 lines source Maude code
    • DBDT is a machine learning tool for inferring classifiers,implemented in JBuilder using the WEKA librariesApplications to Web categorization(classification of Web documents into one or more categories)DBDT machine learning tool