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I am looking for a few dedicated people that want to help make Mobile University Summit 2013 the best mobile marketing event yet. We have had 3 years of successful events so we have a great history to build upon. I need you to contact me if you are interested in helping by being a member of the Mobile University Summit 2013 Event Team.

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Mobile University Summit Event Team

  1. 1. 2013 Summit Team Sept 2013 #MobiU2013VP of Summit: Jean Pickering Presented by the Heartland Mobile Council
  2. 2. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobilePurpose of the Team Building on the success of the previous 3 years, to manage the 2013 Mobile University Summit MobiU2013 will be a one day summit using the Purpose of the Team same format as MobiU2012.
  3. 3. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobile 2012 Summit Sp ce eak ien er ll xp aE H ers Purpose of the Team Networking
  4. 4. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobileHMC 3.0 Organization Purpose of the Team
  5. 5. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobile 2013 Summit Sp ce eak ien er ll xp aE H ers Purpose of the Team Networking
  6. 6. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobileHigh Level Approach• Venue• Set Date• Find Sponsors/Partners• Establish Budget --> Ticket the Team Purpose of Prices• Registration Site• Marketing (website, postcards, social media, TV)• Summit
  7. 7. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobileI Need Your Help or Purpose of the Team
  8. 8. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobileSummit Committee Org Purpose of the Team
  9. 9. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobileVP of Summit• Manage Summit Team• Create & Manage Budget• Create & Manage Project Plan for the Summit Team• Coordinate Efforts between Summit Team & other teams Purpose of the Team• Manage the Summit Setup• Manage the Summit on the Day of the Summit• Participate in all Summit Sub-committees• Attend all HMC Leadership & Summit Meetings• Report Stats on the Summit
  10. 10. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobileDirector of Logistics• Obtain Venue Sponsor• Manage Relationship with Venue• Catering• Placement of Signs Purpose of the Team• Placement of Sponsor• Experience Hall Setup• Create & Report on Event Evaluation• Organize Celebration Party after the Summit• Speaker Gifts• Attend Summit Meetings
  11. 11. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobileDirector of Volunteers• Set Up & Manage Eventbrite Registration• Manually Register Speakers, Sponsors, Experience Hall Participants, HMC Leaders & Volunteers• Obtain & Assign Roles for Day of Volunteers Purpose of the Team• Print Badges• Conduct Pre-Summit Meeting w/Volunteers• Manage Volunteers during the Summit• Manage Registration Desk at the Summit• Attend Summit Team Meetings
  12. 12. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobileDirector of Materials• Event Brochures• Signage for the Summit• Thank You Cards for Presenters & Sponsors• Branded Thank You Gifts of the Team Purpose• Print/Order Goodie Bags• Get Materials for Goodie Bags• Assembly of Goodie Bags (night before summit)• Review all Presentations to Make Sure They Work• Attend Summit Meetings
  13. 13. #MobiU2012 #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobile1 Meeting st Purpose: Brainstorming & Assigning Roles Purpose: Brainstorming & Assigning Roles Outcome: Project Plan & Team Structure Date: Wednesday,of the Team at 5:30pm Purpose Dec 10th Place: TBDLet me know if you want to be on the Summit Team