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A2 induction research into representations of youth
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A2 induction research into representations of youth


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  • 1. A2 Media Studies Induction Project Research into Media Representations of Young PeopleResearch the Representation of Young People in the MediaTask: In your groups conduct research to help you answer the question‘how are young people represented in the media?’Your research should include primary and secondary sources. Primaryresearch could take the form of you analysing media texts and explaining howyou think young people are represented. Secondary research could includefinding articles on the internet about how young people are represented.Try to find some general background information initially, and then move ontodetailed analysis of the representation of young people using specificexamples from different media.You could look at how young people are represented in newspapers, film,television programmes, advertising, etc.In your research you need to think about what messages about young peopleare communicated through the representation. What is the purpose of therepresentation? Are they positive or negative? Stereotypical/unstereotypical?Who constructed the representation and who is it aimed at? What effects doyou think the representation will have?Present your Research FindingsYou will present your work in the final lesson of the week. Your presentationshould have a clear structure: • Introduction – outline what you will be discussing • Content – explain what you found out about media representations of young people, supported by relevant examples • Summary – end your presentation with a brief summary of your key pointsYou need to ensure that the information in your presentation is relevantto your research question.In your presentation you should: • Explain the key things you found from your research • Support the points you make with reference to examples (e.g. clips, images, quotes) • Link your research to at least one theoretical concept studied this week (representation, audience, narrative, genre, subcultures) • Link your research findings to the representation of young people in
  • 2. A2 Media Studies Induction Project Paranoid Park • Evaluate the usefulness of your research methodsHow your work will be assessed:Your presentations will be assessed through both peer assessment, and byyour teacher. The presentations will be marked in relation to: • Relevance of information • Clarity of presentation • Use of examples • Use of theory • Structure • Team WorkSample Assessment GridGroup Name:______________________ 1 2 3 4 5RelevanceClarityExamplesTheoryStructureTeam WorkTotal /30What went well… How to improve…