R&D Tax Credits


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If your company spends money on improving its product, developing new products or improving processes you could be missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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R&D Tax Credits

  1. 1. The Nation’s Leader in Research and Development Tax Services
  2. 2. AmCorp Management, Inc. has been highlighted by the following media outlets Plus many more…
  3. 3. AmCorp Management is the Nation’s Leader in R&D Tax Credit Services A C AmCorp’s R&D f ’ l l focuses solely on f d federal and state R&D t credit l d t t tax dit programs. These corporate economic incentives are conservative, IRS approved and Government sponsored programs. If your company has invested time, money and resources towards improving and/or advancing its products or processes you may qualify for Research and Development Tax Credits. AmCorp has relationships with teams of senior-level specialists. These specialists include tax experts, attorneys, accountants, technical writers and software engineers. Each of these specialists are committed to providing you with the most effective and meticulous Feasibility Study and follow-up Research and Development Study available.
  4. 4. The R&D Tax Credit Opportunity The R&D Tax Credit was created by Congress in 1981 as an incentive to Increase private industry research investments. Recognizing that T h l i li Technological innovation d i i ti drives economic growth, productivity, and th d ti it d competitiveness, the purpose of the credit was to reverse a decline in non-governmental U.S. research and development efforts. To qualify a company must produce a expansive Research and Development Report detailing every qualifying aspect . When the IRS approves the R&D Report your credit is not a deduction but deduction, a dollar for dollar credit against taxes owed or taxes paid. The qualifying aspects are certain types of p yp product development, expansion, p p process improvement and engineering activities. It is for businesses of all sizes in a variety of commercial activities, including engineering, manufacturing, processing manufacturing processing, food production production, development and other commercial endeavors.
  5. 5. What The Experts Say Reuters quot;The tax credit is a huge factor in fostering the technological advances that are the cornerstone of America's success.“ America s success Government Relations Committee “Your company could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars by not taking advantage of the R&D Tax Credit provisions.” IPC Association “If your company invests in advancing your products or innovating your If processes, your pursuit of the credit could yield significant current and future year tax savings. Wall St W ll Street Journal tJ l If your company has spent time and energy to improve your product and make it better, faster, and cheaper—then you have qualifying research cheaper then under the Federal Research and Experimentation Tax Credit.
  6. 6. The R&D Tax Credit Opportunity The R&D Tax Credit Opportunity: • Is a relatively unknown source of immediate cash for many companies. y y p • Provides a reduction to current and future years for federal and state tax liabilities. • Opens the doors to tap into the 110 billion dollars of available federal Research and Development tax credits. • Is available for the last 3 open tax years plus the current year. • May open additional years if the tax payer is in a net operating loss or alternative minimum tax position. FACT: Over 90% of the businesses that qualify fail to fully capture all their available tax credits through the R&D Tax Credit program.
  7. 7. What Really Qualifies We find that most of our clients fail to consider themselves qualified. They say we are “just doing our job” when it comes to making their Products faster more economical lighter stronger, cheaper or even faster, economical, lighter, stronger improving the process in which its made. But the fact is these activities qualify for the R&D Tax credit. Here are some of the qualifying activities: • Manufactured products • Development of new, improved or more reliable products/processes/techniques or formulas • Development of prototypes or models (including computer generated models) • Designing of tools, jigs, molds and dies • Development and application for p p pp patents • Development of new technologies • Attempt of using new materials (failed or successful) • Integrate, design and modification of new equipment • Development of new production or manufacturing processes • Improving on new production and manufacturing processes • Development of production control or management software • Improvement of manufacturing facilities or processes • Building of new manufacturing facilities or processes • Automation of or streamlining of internal processes • Expend resources on outside consultants or contractors for doing any of the above stated activities
  8. 8. Has Your Company Ever Done a Research and Development Report? Most Companies Haven't Those who have fail to fully take advantage of every aspect available. Our Approach Phase one: Feasibility Study and Assessment We collect all the needed data and provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation Feasibility study to determine qualifying opportunities. Phase Two: Devise and Implementation We devise a detailed work plan and execute it accordingly. We interview necessary employees, analyze contemporaneous documentation and financial information to finalize the quantitative aspects of the study. Phase Three: Reporting This phase is where all the previous preparation and work comes together in i a qualified R&D T C dit R lifi d Tax Credit Report. Thi also i l d th f ilit ti and t This l includes the facilitation d Preparation of any required tax preparation.
  9. 9. Examples If a company has operational and procedures that qualify for R&D Tax Credits their tax C dit th i t savings could b substantial. i ld be b t ti l The percentage of annual costs that qualify for the R&D Tax Credits could range from 5 to 20% of gross annual revenue, sometimes more. Dollar Amount 1 yr Credit @ 5% 3 yr Credit @ 5% $1,000,000 $50,000 $150,000 $5,000,000 $250,000 $750,000 Dollar Amount 1 yr Credit @ 20% 3 yr Credit @ 20% $1,000,000 $200,000 $600,000 $5,000,000 $1,000,000 $3,000,000 Our average client qualifies for over $350,000 in Tax Credit Refunds.
  10. 10. Actual Clients Medical Equipment Manufacturer Revenue $32,000,000 - Tax Credit Savings $560,000 Communications Equipment Manufacturer Revenue $8,000,000 - Tax Credit Savings $85,000 Chemical Coatings Company Revenue $85,000,000 - Tax Credit Savings $1,200,000 Enterprise Software Systems Revenue $42,000,000 - Tax Credit Savings $1,800,000 Chemical Processing g Revenue $550,000,000 - Tax Credit Savings $2,300,000 Compressor Manufacturing Revenue $15 000 000 - Tax Credit Savings $140 000 $15,000,000 $140,000
  11. 11. Most Common Asked Questions Shouldn’t I already be doing this? Not necessarily, experience shows that less than 10% of the y p companies that qualify actually take advantage of the R&D Tax Credit in any form. Most of those are public companies who can afford to access specialty tax services, plus the R&D Tax Credit Report is a very complex process process. Will this cause an IRS audit? No, the IRS has defined the R&D Tax Credit procedures and when they are followed there are no problems. We have over 4300 problem free tax clients. Plus if there ever is an issue with our work we stand behind it 100% with no cost to the client. How do I know if I qualify? By allowing AmCorp to do a no-obligation, no-cost Feasibility Study on your tax filings.
  12. 12. Our Process P id ith t bli ti f ibilit t d Provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation feasibility study This will: • Identify your available Tax Credit savings • Outline the process • Outline our pre-determined flat based fee • Highlight your responsibilities • Detail the timeline of the process
  13. 13. The Next Step YOU SUBMIT A LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING PROVIDE COPIES OF THE FOLLOWING: Required tax records Contact Person AmCorp Management ANALYZE YOUR RECORDS PROVIDE A FEASIBILITY STUDY Upon approval of the Feasibility Study, we will prepare a qualified R&D Tax Credit Study as well as prepare all the necessary filing documentation required for your to receive your tax refunds and savings.