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Research poster

  1. 1. By James Perfect
  2. 2. Well in summary; “A successful poster conveys a clear message, by high-impact visualinformation and a minimum of text.” As quoted from thewebsite in more detail I found a poster needs to be;Focused – The poster needs a defined purpose which it should communicate a singlemessageAttention grabbing– It should get attention of the viewer, that engages them audience.By doing so it can convey a specific messageOrganised – The layout of the poster should look neat and easy to understand, thismeans aligning text and organising image accordingly.Professional- The poster needs to comprise of a balance of text and image which looksneat, well thought out and adequate effects.Conventional– Our poster must feature the typical form conventions such as a filmtitle, leading cast, production company and the director. All of which were present inthe Hirsute and Connected posters.
  3. 3. A common feature was the use of close up shots of the main character as the subject of the poster. As seen the image of Harry Potter at MS is used to enforce his importance to the film. Featuring a character at shots ranging from CU’s to LS’s allows the audience to see the main character which they can then use to identify coherent products as being part of “a brand”. E.g. if theirs a review and they see an image of Harry Potter there the audience is able to establish a link between the two.The use of close ups are used to particularly establish a more personal andintimate understanding of the character. In addition to this close ups can be used toillustrate the characters emotions which set-up a sense of enigma with the audience (theymay want to know why the character is crying). As seen below CU’s of characters faces canoften be supplemented with other surrounding shots to give a more in-depth glimpse ofthe film, as a simple CU of the characters face can often lack other features suchas props that allows the audience to recognise the genre of the film.
  4. 4. Wanting to know what made for an effective poster I decided to carry out someresearch. I came across a website which displayed the apparent 100 best filmposters (Top 100 posters). This gave me a useful insight for my production.As the website addresses;‘A great poster should intrigue, shock, inspire or excite. It should be aestheticallybeautiful & original. Simplicity is a tremendously common theme on thislist. Sometimes, less really is more. Above all, a movie poster should be somemorable that a single glance will render it instantly recognizable.’From this quote my group can take into account that the poster needs to send amessage to its audience which is powerful, however at the same time the posterneeds to be simple but have an impact on its audience.
  5. 5. Posters can take several form layouts that draw the eye. These layouts are oftenreferred to as Grids.As I quote; “Grids are used to help pinpoint where key elements of a postershould be positioned as it helps attract the eye around the poster. These gridmethods are used to keep the human eye engaged with the poster for longer;meaning better promotion of the film or product."
  6. 6. As I quote; The rule of thirds represents a refined and classic grid layout. Thisrule states that an image can be divided into nine equal parts by two equallyspaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines. The four pointsformed by the intersections of these lines can be used to focus on the mainelements, or the boxes formed by the lines can provide the spaces for theelements.
  7. 7. As seen below both posters usea perspective method, the nature ofthe posters have theirown perspective which draw the eye.The Spider man poster has a One-Point perspective which draws theeye up the poster, meanwhile theEragon poster has a Two-Point perspective which draws theeye across the characters. Both areeffective ways at drawing the viewersattention in, though I havent seensuch examples yet in short filmposters.
  8. 8. A poster with a Z layout draws the Similarly a circular grid will draw theviewers eyes around the poster in a viewers eyes around the poster in acertain Z motion. As seen below both of circular motion. This type of posterthe posters have a header followed by however is less commonly image and footer text; this layout isvery successful as the eye is drawn allover the poster keeping the viewerinterested