Mn dot bidding and estimating 4 16-13


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The process of bidding and estimating, from MnDOT e-learning on website, to historical
Bidding data, where to find bids and guide to bidding.Search websites to bidding opportunities with different agencies. Presenter: George Costilla, MN Department of Transportation

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Mn dot bidding and estimating 4 16-13

  1. 1. Office of Civil RightsMentor-Protégé ProgramWorking Capital FundBidding & EstimatingApril 16, 2013
  2. 2. Office of Civil RightsMentor-Protégé Program
  3. 3. PURPOSE• To promote partnerships between DBEs and PrimeContractors• The partnerships may include:– Bonding Plan Reading– Insurance Change Orders– Project Management Specifications– Contracts Joint Venture– Payments Recordkeeping– Other Cash Flow
  4. 4. BondingFinancialCounselingBusinessPlanningCapitalFormationRecordKeepingEquipmentUtilizationTechnicalAssistanceMENTOR1. Brain to pick on2. Ear to listen to and3. Leads you in right direction
  5. 5. Application Process• Similar to a joint venture• Responsibilities that each partner needs to be detailed• Recommended that a management team be formed thatincludes two decision-makers from each business• Management team should meet monthly and quarterly
  6. 6. When• Partnership should be for 1 –3 years• The partnership could be used on any project with :– MnDOT or MAC or Met Council funds• Partnership must be approved prior to the businesses workingtogether on a MnDOT project.• Working on a specific project Mentor/Protégé agreementmust be in place to get DBE Goal.
  7. 7. Prime & DBE - Benefits• DBE gains additional experience and expertise• The DBE must have distinct responsibilities on the projectother than just performing subcontracting work on theproject.• One of a kind opportunity for collaboration, goalachievement and problem-solving.– Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and apush in the right direction,
  8. 8. Mentor-Protégé•DBE must meet the requirements of 49 CFR Part 26Includes a PNW and Size requirement•Agreement requires the DBE to have someindependence on a project from the primecontractor•M/P program is a part of federal regulations•DBE and prime contractor can not have anexclusive arrangement
  9. 9. Business PlansBankingServicesPromptPaymentProceduresRecords &ContractManagementReading &InerpretingContract Plans&SpecificationsPost Award BidAssessmentCompetitivemarketplaceOverheadPreparing &NegotiatingChange OrdersCostAccountingProjectPlanning &SchedulingQuantity Take-off & EstimatinConstructionEquipment &MaterialMarketAnalysisBonding &Insurance
  10. 10. Questions
  11. 11. Office of Civil RightsWorking Capital Loan Fund Program
  12. 12. Working Capital Loan Fund Program1. The purpose of the program is to provide short-termgap financing to enable eligible DBE’s with MnDOTConstruction Projects.2. Interest rate may not exceed 8%3. Loan funds may range in size up to $25,000. and not toexceed $60,000 per business4. Quick Loan up to $10,000
  13. 13. Funds used for:1. Project mobilizationa. Field Officeb. Performance & Payment Bondsc. Insuranced. Equipment transport2. Payroll3. Materials4. Equipment rental5. Working capital
  14. 14. Bidding & Estimating
  15. 15. Office of Civil Rights – MnDOT– & Estimating –e-learningThis course is provided especially for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and anyone interestedin bidding as a prime contractor or performing as a subcontractor on MnDOT projects. Its made up ofan introduction and seven units of study:Unit 1 - Basic conceptsUnit 2 - Finding and reading bid information for MnDOT projectsUnit 3 - Deciding whether to bidUnit 4 - Overhead costsUnit 5 - How to estimate project costsUnit 6 - Building the bid: best practicesUnit 7 - Wrap up and course completion
  16. 16. Bidding & Estimating CourseTo view this course, go is a basic course on bidding & estimatingAbout 1 hour long, at the end it prints out aBidding & Estimating Certificate issued byMnDOT Office of Civil Rights
  17. 17. • Bids at:• Office of Civil Rights – MnDOT– & Estimating – e-learning– MnDOT Bid Letting Website•• Guide to Bidding:•
  18. 18. BID RESULTS: Bid Express Website MnDOT Lettings - Apparent Bid Results Apparent Bid Results are posted online shortly afterbids are opened Available on: Mn/DOT Bid Letting Website
  19. 19. BID Sites:• QUEST CDN•• Metropolitan Council – Contracting Opportunities•• Metropolitan Airports Commission•• Admin Minnesota Materials Management Division•
  20. 20. BID Sites:• SAINT PAUL MINNESOTA BIDDING•• MINNEAPOLIS, (CURRENT BID OPENINGS)•• The Blue Book• register your company hereit is free.
  21. 21. Questions
  22. 22. Office of Civil Rights- Business DevelopmentOffice of Civil Rights- Business Development– Kathryn Bique – 651-366-3326,– George Costilla –– Orlanda Klinkhammer – 651-366-3048,
  23. 23. Business Development Contractors– Dan Sprague – Business Development/South Central(612) 382-9915,– Scott Ochsner- WCLF Loan Manager/MEDA(612) 259-6574,