Doing Business with City of St Paul


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Doing Business with City of St Paul

  1. 1. 2012 SADBOC GovernmentProcurement FairHow to do business with the City of Saint Paul Presenters: Sue Feuerherm, Management Assistant IV Lisa Bartels, Management Assistant III
  2. 2. Objective of the Training Session How to Navigate the City of Saint Paul Contracting Process • How to navigate the City’s Contracting Process • Learn the Rules • Prepare for Scrutiny (Reporting & Audits) • Identify Available Resources • Questions and Answers
  3. 3. Show me the Money Estimated Purchasing Power of the City and Its Clients (in Millions) City of Saint Paul & Its Clients Spending Power $250 Dollars in Millions $200 $150 $100 $50 $0 Saint Ramsey HRA Other Paul County Entities Dollar Estimate $200 $150 $250 $30
  4. 4. City of Saint Paul Purchasing What does the City Purchase• Construction Services (horizontal and vertical)• Police Equipment and Supplies• Computer, Hardware, and Software• Vehicles• Professional Services• Advertising/Promotional Products• Printing Services• IT Consultants• Temporary Employment Services
  5. 5. The Objectives of the City What Makes Government Contracting Different?• Ensure the best value of goods and services for the City.• Promote fair and open competition to reduce appearance and opportunity for favoritism.• Inspire public confidence that contracts are procured equitably and economically.• Ensure adherence to ethical standards.• Promote efficiencies, best practices, and standardization.• Provide high-quality customer service.• Ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, local laws and internal policies and procedures.
  6. 6. The Strings Attached What Makes Government Contracting Different ? (Cont…) Prevailing Wages Section 3 Affirmative Action Vendor Outreach CERT Program Limited English Program Proficiency Living Wage Americans w Disabilities Project Labor Agreements
  7. 7. Identifying and Winning Business Basic Questions to Ask Yourself• Do you know and understand the different ways that the City may buy goods and services? Request for Bid (RFB) Request for Proposal (RFP) Request for Quote (RFQ) Direct Negotiation P- Card Sole Source• Where does the City advertise solicitations? Onvia DemandStar Legal Ledger Construction Summary
  8. 8. Identifying and Winning Business Request for Bid Process• Publicly advertised in the Legal Ledger and on Onvia DemandStar• Submission of sealed bids• Public Bid Opening held where bidder’s names and pricing are read aloud• Award to the lowest, responsive, and responsible bidder• Award results posted on Onvia DemandStar
  9. 9. Identifying and Winning Business Request for Proposal Process• Publicly advertised in the Legal Ledger and on Onvia DemandStar• Public Proposal Opening held where only the proposer’s name is read aloud• Negotiation• Award is based on the Evaluation Criteria contained in the RFP (e.g., price, references, experience, innovative approach, project team, interviews, etc.)• Award results posted on Onvia DemandStar
  10. 10. Identifying and Winning Business Request for Quote Process• Informal process• Typically advertised on DemandStar• Responses may be faxed, dropped off, or via US Mail• Be careful about e-mail responses (spam, firewalls, etc.)• Award to the lowest, responsive, and responsible respondent
  11. 11. Identifying and Winning Business Direct NegotiationOn some small dollar-value purchases the City may elect to negotiate directly with a supplier.- Certification can help identify firms (S/M/WBE or Section 3)
  12. 12. Identifying and Winning Business Key Tips to avoid disqualification – Plan Ahead Read the solicitation carefully Ask questions for clarification Participate in pre-bid/proposal conferences Ensure your response includes all required info Ensure your response is on time
  13. 13. Tips to Winning RFPs Remember, winning is not about simply offering the lowest price; it is about proving you’re better than the competition.• Review prior successful proposals• Review prior non-successful proposals• Develop a well-written proposal - Proper communication strategy - Strong management/oversight approach - References/Past Performance - Price (don’t oversell or undersell your services)• Be prepared for interviews
  14. 14. You’ve Won! Some considerations after you win• Read the Contract carefully• Understand terms and conditions (e.g., milestone payments, allowable costs, etc.)• Document retention• Accounting Considerations - Classifying and recording business transactions - Invoicing - Paying employees and subcontractors• Understanding Reporting Requirements
  15. 15. Registering on DemandStar
  16. 16. This link will direct you to the three DemandStar subscription options. < Select this option16
  17. 17. Be sure to enter “St. Paul-Ramsey County Contract and Analysis Svcs.” in the Agency name fieldEnter “St. Paul-RamseyCounty Contract andAnalysis Svcs” here(without quotations) 17