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SOI pools hundreds of companies, representing tens of thousands of employees together.
The economies of scale generated by this unique concept allow us to negotiate the best rates and benefits programs available.
Your organization is then able to leverage SOI’s expertise and collective buying power.
We’re more than just a vendor to our customer’s. We’re a trusted partner invested in their success.
We are an open avenue to resources and connections otherwise out of reach.

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  • Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and allow me the opportunity to make this presentation on SOI, our capabilities and what we may be able to do for your company.
  • Just a quick overview of what I plan to cover today in this brief presentation, which should take about 15 minutes.
  • Business owners, like you, face a slew of challenges.  Almost everyone that you talk with has at least one of the following issues on their mind… Increasing compliance, active enforcement, slowing business, rising unemployment, and increased employer liability.
  • To further the point, this workforce crisis I have been talking about has been complicated further even more pending changes from the new administration.  This past election the American people voted for change.  With that promise, many changes have already taken place in the areas of compliance and employee management; and there are more changes to come.  ADP has already started planning how to help you effectively comply with the new COBRA and ADA changes, but how prepared are the companies in our marketplace for these changes? How will the pending changes to labor laws, FMLA, and healthcare impact you?  How will you not only implement these changes, but insure they are in compliance with issues that could arise?  Do you have the resources available today to start tracking and planning for these changes?  How will the winds of change affect the focus on your core business, and thus possibly impact their strategies and profitability? It’s not about dealing with each of these changes individually. The larger question is much more important.  Who in your organization will lead through these changes?  Take responsibility for accurately tracking and reporting?  Take ownership of protecting your business?
  • In identifying what defines us…
  • These are some key facts and metrics about SOI. Our company has operated as a Professional Employer Organization since 1990. We are headquartered in Charlotte, NC and have various aspects of our operations centralized their, but we service our accounts from approximately 25 offices in 10 states nationally. We have earned the position of largest privately-held PEO through hard work and organic growth. We did it the hard way. Among the many reasons our clients like us is the vast array of benefits and services we offer through our national platform of “blue-chip” service providers. A metric to give you perspective on our scale, in 2005 we processed more than 1,000,000 payroll checks constituting over $2B in processed payroll. We enjoy probably the most seasoned group of managers in the PEO industry.
  • Who We Are and What Defines Us form the foundation for expressing what we deliver to our customers. These benefits distinguish us in the marketplace and include the following: Guidance, where we serve as a knowledgeable companion providing direction and looking out for our customers’ best interests; Expertise, where we have a masterful understanding of our customers’ business and their day-to-day challenges; and Access, where we provide an open avenue for our customers to tap into resources and connections that might otherwise be out of reach, including Blue Chip providers such as The Hartford Group, First Health, TransAmerica, BlueCross BlueShield and more.
  • We presented our customers with questions to test the integrity of these perceived strengths and differentiators. We also gained insights into our customers’ relationship with SOI . As you can see, we received a variety of different responses, but as we looked more closely at them, we started to notice some consistent themes.
  • … the essence of what we want to convey is Unity with our client, their worksite employees, our national partners and associates. That we weren’t just a vendor to whom businesses outsourcevarious aspects of their operations, but a trusted partner who is genuinely invested in their success, their employees, and their future. Our positioning claim clearly and straightforwardly expresses this concept of Unity—the intersection of personal concern and professional knowledge—is SOI’s unique strength.
  • So finally, what does all of this mean to our customers? Very simply, that we share their vision. That we embrace their future with equal enthusiasm, and that we’re dedicated to energizing and protecting their most valuable resource—their employees. This value proposition summarizes and best expresses the ultimate benefit of our customers’ relationship with SOI.
  • In identifying what defines us…
  • My sincerest thanks for your time today. I hope that you have a better understanding of SOI and what we can do to help you, your company and your employees. Thanks!
  • What We Do - Who We Are

    1. 1. When a business takes care of its people… its people take care of business.Working for you. Working with you.
    2. 2. Business ObjectivesProvide Richer Benefits PackageStabilize The Cost Of BenefitsReduce Employee Administration byadding improved technology
    3. 3. Overview 1. Business Climate 1. Business Climate 2. Why A PEO 2. Why A PEO 3. Who We Are 3. Who We Are 4. What We Do 4. What We Do 5. How We Deliver 5. How We Deliver
    4. 4. What We Are Seeing Rising Cost Active of Healthcare Enforcement Rising Unemployment Doing more with less HR Increasing Complexity Litigation Compliance Complexities
    5. 5. Managing TheWinds Of Change CO B RA ADA H ea l t hc are LA How Do I… FM Lead through the changes? Accurately track and report? Protect my business? r Labo nt me tireRe Benefits Un io n s
    6. 6. Economies Of Scale…  Our large employee base, coupled with our ability to manage benefit costs, enable us to purchase Fortune 500® benefits and services at a lower rate than small businesses could normally buy for themselves  SOI currently has ~1,600 clients, with ~65,000 worksite employees in all 50 states
    7. 7. Access to Experts…  We connect our customers to resources in the areas of payroll, unemployment, loss control, claims management & human resources  Our clients recognize the additional benefit of more time devoted to those activities, which grow and enhance their core business
    8. 8. Who We Are
    9. 9. Key Facts About SOI SOI founded in 1990. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Largest private Professional Employer Organization. National Platform - Long term relationships with blue chip vendors servicing all 50 states. $2B in payroll processed and more than 1,000,000 checks issued annually. Accomplished senior management team. We welcome you to learn more on our website: www.soi.com
    10. 10. What We Deliver To Our CustomersGuidance - Knowledge, direction, protecting our customers’ best interestsExpertise - Understanding our customers’ business, industry focus, insightAccess - Connecting our customers to the resources they need - Blue Chip providers such as The Hartford Group, First Health, TransAmerica, BlueCross BlueShield and more
    11. 11. Customer Insights How would you describe your relationship with SOI? - “Proactive. They really try to avert problems so you don’t have any issues to begin with.” - “Responsive. With SOI, nothing falls to the wayside.” My partnership with SOI makes me feel. . . - “Secure. If an employee comes to me with a question – I know I can turn to SOI. I don’t need to question the source.” - “Important. They act like I’m their only customer.” What would you say are SOI’s unique differentiators? - “Their partner relationships are better than what we could provide alone.” - “They understand my business to the best degree possible without being ‘in my business’.”
    12. 12. What Defines UsMore than just a vendor to our customers, but atrusted partner invested in their successConcept of Unity - We care about your business, livelihood, future - We understand your business, industry, challenges - Fusion of personal concern and professional knowledge reveals SOI’s unique strength
    13. 13. Our Value Proposition Your vision is our vision. We embrace your future with the same eagerness that you do and are dedicated to invigorating and protecting your most vital resource— your employees.
    14. 14. Broad Geographic Reach Headquarters Sales Office  405 total employees  23 sales offices  WSEs in all 50 states  Best PEO Environment: Texas, Florida, California, Colorado  Headquarters contains executive offices, corporate staff, data processing, training, and other back office functions  A backup and disaster recovery facility, and hot site is located in Nashville, TN
    15. 15. What We Do
    16. 16. Efficient incorporation of the following business components into oneOur Service Model… convenient and streamlined real-time solution. Workers’ Cloud Payroll Compensation Qualified Employee Retirement Benefits Plans (401k) Loss Control Human Services SOI Client Resources Support Risk Management Time Information Services Management System Tax Filings Employment HRIS Practices Liability Insurance
    17. 17. Efficient incorporation of the following business components into oneOur Service Model… convenient and streamlined real-time solution. Workers’ Cloud Payroll Compensation Qualified Employee Retirement Benefits Plans (401k) Loss Control Human Services SOI Client Resources How We Deliver Support Risk Management Time Information Services Management System Tax Filings Employment HRIS Practices Liability Insurance
    18. 18. How We Are Different… BenefitsHow our model works for you!Shared LiabilityShared RiskStabilized ExpensesClaims don’t spike premium Admin Workers Fee Comp
    19. 19. Improved Cash Flow and Cost Stabilization  No up front deposits  Pay-As-You-Go billing  Turn variable employment costs into one fixed, predictable labor burden  No year end audits on workers’ comp  No lease fee renewal period  Our economies of scale stabilize long term costs
    20. 20. Key Advantages Of Our Solution Comprehensive and Integrated HR and benefits solution. Attract and retain the most valuable employees. Improve employee morale and reduce expensive turnover. Provide Fortune 500 medical, dental & vision benefit plans. Preserve cash flow “pay as you go” workers’ compensation program. Transfer business risk of many employment related exposures. Gain access to expert competencies not present within your company. Focus on your “core” business; generate profits for your company. Contain or reduce overall employee related administrative costs. Proven service delivery systems.
    21. 21. Why SOI? Leader in the industry – 3rd largest PEO nationally Financial stability – Debt Free Workers’ Compensation plan provided by the Hartford – 13th renewal year. 9th Renewal with Aetna Transamerica 401(k) plan with match National healthcare platform Comprehensive benefits administration One-stop solution for multi-state exposures Tenured senior management team
    22. 22. Our Process Extremely simple. Free Human Resource assessment. Minimal information required. We will respond with a written assessment typically within 72-96 hours from the time of information collection.
    23. 23. Next Steps Investigate dates for implementation Gather necessary information and documents for final approval & underwriting.
    24. 24. Please contact me with any questionsJoshua Parnes – Professional EmployerConsultant720-480-2454 - josh.parnes@soi.com
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