Dave Chaffey: Preparing for Content Marketing 2014: Plan, Manage and Optimise.


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Dr. Dave Chaffey and Smart Insights: Plan, Manage, Optimise: Preparing for Content Marketing in 2014, B2B Marketing Annual Conference.

This presentation wasn't created by me but by Smart Insights and Dr Dave Chaffey I am just sharing it due to its useful content and insightful guides.


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  • Q. How do you communicate your OVP = Sell/Inform/Entertain balance?

  • http://socialfresh.com/best-worst-content-marketing/
  • Boxes in Orange relate to Lead Scores and triggers – this is basic and looking at total score rather than specific behaviour – the starting point for most people if they don’t have the ability to segment based on specific browsing behaviour (i.e. no WOW).
  • Boxes in Orange relate to Lead Scores and triggers – this is basic and looking at total score rather than specific behaviour – the starting point for most people if they don’t have the ability to segment based on specific browsing behaviour (i.e. no WOW).
  • Dave Chaffey: Preparing for Content Marketing 2014: Plan, Manage and Optimise.

    1. 1. 1@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Plan, Manage, Optimise: Preparing for Content Marketing in 2014 B2B Marketing Annual Conference November 7th 2013 Dr Dave Chaffey www.smartinsights.com/b2bconf
    2. 2. 2@DaveChaffey #b2bconf About Dave Chaffey About Dave Chaffey • A professional trainer in E-marketing since 1997 • Author of 5 bestselling marketing books now in their 4th and 5th edition • Manages SmartInsights.com a marketing advice site with paid members in over 50 countries • Insights Director at agency ClickThrough Marketing
    3. 3. 3@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Trend 1: A planned, strategic approach Questions  Plan?  Strategy?  Objectives?  Control through analytics? www.PRSmith.org Details: Smart Insights
    4. 4. 4@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Source: B2B Content Marketing 2014 US
    5. 5. 5@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Trend 1: A planned, strategic approach www.PRSmith.org Details: Smart Insights
    6. 6. 6@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Reviewing content marketing effectiveness using a TOWS matrix?
    7. 7. 7@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Strengths:  Defined strategy and responsibility  Amplification  Content quality  Contributors Weaknesses:  Gaining engagement … conversation  Influencer outreach  Limited organic reach Opportunities:  Niche social media sites  New content types  Targeted advertising SO Strategies • Getting existing contributors involved in social networks and other sites • Repurposing WT Strategies • Scaling outreach? Threats:  Generic competitors target niche  Niche competitors improvements ST Strategies • Niche partnerships WT Strategies • Own niche positioning • Strategic partnerships
    8. 8. 8@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Source: UK 2013 Content Marketing Survey Your content marketing challenges?
    9. 9. 9@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Research Findings Source: UK 2013 Content Marketing Survey
    10. 10. 10@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Trend 2. Integrating content into the brand experience Audience use of digital and social media > Personas Commercial goals > Customer engagement > OVP > Marketing Mix Branded Content Marketing Strategy Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy Integrated Digital platform tactics and tools Inc Social Media OVP = Online Value Proposition = Brand Adding Value to Audience = Brand Positioning  Help me do my job / live my life  Help me develop / learn  Help Make me look good  Help Entertain Me!  Help me Select and Use Products MAKE YOUR SITES A DESTINATION http://bit.ly/smartovp Not just campaigns….
    11. 11. 11@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Requires improved editorial planning… http://www.smartinsights.com/guides/editorial-calendar-spreadsheet/
    12. 12. 12@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Requires deeper marketing personas http://www.smartinsights.com/guides/customer-persona-toolkit/
    13. 13. 13@DaveChaffey #b2bconf http://www.smartinsights.com/guides/customer-persona- toolkit
    14. 14. 14@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Trend 3. Structured evaluation of content Criteria?  Rev/visit  Demand+ lead gen  Amplify  Brand fit  SEO  Longevity  Authority and Thought Leadership  Individual pain points?  Repurposeability  Risk/reward
    15. 15. 15@DaveChaffey #b2bconf
    16. 16. 16@DaveChaffey #b2bconf
    17. 17. 17@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Trend 4. New content formats http://www.smartinsights.com/healthcheck
    18. 18. 18@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Supporting prospects on a journey
    19. 19. 19@DaveChaffey #b2bconf The need for more evaluation Source: B2B Marketing report
    20. 20. 20@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Trend 5. Smarter Evaluation  Q. Do we have the right performance criteria? V Q V C Volume: Desktop/Tablet/Smartphone  Unique visitors  Visits  Page views Quality: Desktop/Tablet/Smartphone  40% bounce rate  5% conversion rate Value Desktop/Tablet/Smartphone  Number of sales or leads  Average order value or selling price  Goal value per visit > Page value  Revenue per visit (E-commerce) > Page value Cost Desktop/Tablet/Smartphone  Cost per thousand (CPM)  Cost per click (CPC)  Cost per acquisition (CPA)  Cost per sale (CPS)
    21. 21. 21@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Example - Linking goals to KPIs
    22. 22. 22@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Example B2B Dashboard Source: Michael Brenner
    23. 23. 23@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Use Google Analytics MCF to understand true value 2 3 Measuring assists in Google Analytics Google’s new social reports
    24. 24. 24@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Trend 6. Marketing Automation integrating IP, web + email scoring Source: WOW Analytics
    25. 25. 25@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Marketing Automation Flow Source: WOW Analytics
    26. 26. 26@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Source: WOW Analytics
    27. 27. 27@DaveChaffey #b2bconf https://www.salesforce.com/uk/form/sem/landing/sales-cloud.jsp Trend 7 Increasing mobile support
    28. 28. 28@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Trend 8 Expansion in paid media options  REACH
    29. 29. 29@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Effectiveness (potential sales volume) Investment(resourceneeded) SEO AdWords Remarketing Facebook custom audiences AdWords Social amplification Media related PR Influencer PR Integrated engagement campaigns Blog marketing Vertical niche campaigns  REACH Sponsored Tweets Instagram Which paid, owned, earned media should we target? FBX Retargeting Facebook Promoted Posts LinkedIn Sponsored updates LinkedIn Targeted Ads
    30. 30. 30@DaveChaffey #b2bconf LinkedIn example
    31. 31. 31@DaveChaffey #b2bconf
    32. 32. 32@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Trend 9. Scaling influencer and partner outreach – tools and process http://bit.ly/smartoutreach
    33. 33. 33@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Influencer outreach – key questions…  Do we invest enough time in this?  Who is responsible for this?  What is our process for influencer marketing?  How do we segment influencers?  How do contact priority influencers?  How do we measure success?  How do we scale this?  Tools to manage?
    34. 34. 34@DaveChaffey #b2bconf http://tprk.us/ukomblogs13 Co-Created Content - Lists
    35. 35. 35@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Influencer management with Group High
    36. 36. 36@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Social Networks Direct social messages Email Blog Search PDF Slideshare Long form interviews Single images Contribute Download Subscribe Share Attend Conference Example: Discover – Consume - Act All Content & Promotions Consider:  “Findability”  “Engagement”  “Shareability”
    37. 37. 37@DaveChaffey #b2bconf 1. Created Demand 2. Dominated SERPs 3. Event Awareness 4. Registrations, Sessions 43k ebook views - 6 days 1k+ PDF downloads 5k views interviews 500+ social shares 100+ inbound links
    38. 38. 38@DaveChaffey #b2bconf You're a secret agent on a mission and you're having a rendezvous with your agency contact after pulling a dangerous undercover operation. You now have a coveted secret. A content marketing secret. What secret for achieving success with content marketing will you share? The content marketing world depends on it! One Clever Question
    39. 39. 39@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Build in reasons to share + add
    40. 40. 40@DaveChaffey #b2bconf
    41. 41. 41@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Trend 10. Personalisation
    42. 42. 42@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Need to get the Sell-Inform-Entertain balance right in 2014!
    43. 43. 43@DaveChaffey #b2bconf Let’s Connect! Questions & discussion welcome SmartInsights.com  Blog www.smartinsights.com/blog  Feeds www.feedburner.com/smartinsi ghts  Email Newsletter www.smartinsights.com uk.linkedin.com/in/davechaffey www.facebook.com/davechaffey ww.twitter.com/DaveChaffey https://plus.google.com/u/0/10625135037962 2013691