Russia 2006


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Russia 2006

  2. 2. Outside Hotel with Pastor Peter Mitskevich
  3. 3. James and Translator-Kay
  4. 4. Underground Metro
  5. 5. Metro-James, Ryan, Shannon, Translator
  6. 6. Peter and Pastor of a Sister church in a small village, Zaprudnia, we helped invite people to a church event
  7. 7. Worship area of the small church. Peter giving us instructions
  8. 8. Inside this building is where we had a puppet show. Beyond the slot machines was a large meeting room with stage. Speakers were set up to announce the program.
  9. 9. Puppet Show in Zaprudnia
  10. 10. A different auditorium was used for a concert. We had a good turnout, more than what is shown. The singers were fantastic.
  11. 11. Moscow-Red stone structures are the Kremlin. About 12 million live in Moscow and 2 to 3 million in the suburbs.
  12. 12. We almost got wet! Me, Wes, Ryan, Shannon, Dennis
  13. 13. Street in Moscow – Notice the pink TV type advertising sign
  14. 14. Peter, Uri Sipko, Me – Uri is the President of the Russian Baptist Union (RBU) in Moscow. We visited Uri and toured the RBU. He thanked Lake Pointe Church for our consistent relationship with the churches. Peter is also the Assistant President to the RBU.
  15. 15. University of Moscow
  16. 16. Moscow-Christ the Saviour church
  17. 17. On the way to the metro – Dennis, translators, Ryan, Shannon, Wes
  18. 18. Golgotha Church in Moscow
  19. 19. Golgotha Church in Moscow
  20. 20. Area just outside Golgotha Church in Moscow – Notice mosque in background
  21. 21. Golgotha Church members and translators
  22. 22. Touring the Golgotha Church with Pastor Peter. There is still a lot of work to do inside the church.
  23. 23. The Golgotha Church’s kitchen is complete. Ladies prepared our meals twice a day.
  24. 24. Lunch is served!
  25. 25. This is upstairs of Golgotha Church – future main sanctuary. White boxes under windows are the heaters.
  26. 26. The rear view of the sanctuary showing a balcony area.
  27. 27. Leadership seminar on various subjects with church members. This front table was my group.
  28. 28. Saturday evening 15 year church celebration. Wes, Ryan, Peter’s son, and Kay.
  29. 29. Another picture of the evening celebration. We had about 300 present.
  30. 30. Sunday morning service – men’s choir
  31. 31. Church Choir
  32. 32. Children’s Choir
  33. 33. Not a good picture, but this little girl quoted a long scripture piece.
  34. 34. Sunday morning communion – Pictured, Dennis Jamieson
  35. 35. Couple who sang in small village church. Seated on right is Pastor Peter and his wife, Tatiana .
  36. 36. Young people in Golgotha Church.
  37. 37. Sunday morning church – Continuation of 15 year celebration. 300+ attendance. Lasted about 3 hours.
  38. 38. Dennis and Peter’s son
  39. 39. Visiting church members
  40. 40. Visiting church members
  41. 41. Taxi Service in the Suburbs!
  42. 42. Entrance to boat dock
  43. 43. ALL ABOARD! This is our cruise boat. We had about 100 people. Church young people were to invite someone who was not a believer. Others were Uri, President of RBU and a city official. Lake Pointe paid for this cruise up the Moscow river and was very well received and appreciated by the church.
  44. 44. Boat ride
  45. 45. Guest Singer, Wes, Me
  46. 46. Christian group hired for entertainment on the cruise. They were outstanding.
  47. 47. Amir, Music Director, with Peter’s church A great singer!
  48. 48. Cruise boat passing by
  49. 49. River cruise – Part of Moscow I did not know existed
  50. 50. Another view along the way
  51. 51. Last meal with the church/last day of the trip